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Somewhere in These Woods (I Am Found)

The forest is caving in on them with each step forward, Niall tries not to choke with it. Inky ravens crow above him as to warn him, pleading him to turn back. Whispering forests are the deadliest, Dad always said so.

A Beauty and the Beast Redux where Zayn’s a beast with the weight of the world on his shoulders, loving a simple farmer who shines like the sun, and Harry’s got bird puns to rule the world.

Written By: zayniemajik, sureashale and kendrawcandraw

chaptered + fantasy/au + angst

Note: I HAVEN’T BEEN THIS EXCITED TO READ A FIC IN MONTHS. I had to contain myself not to read it while it was wip or I’d be a goner. Also kendracandraw was not helping this situation. 

Ps. Beauty and the Beast is one of my personal favorite stories (not just the disney version). Cosmic Love on repeat while reading this made it more painful to read, thanks a lot. 

- Kendra

Fic Rec (again)

This is absolute perfection. 

Won’t Get to Space Because I Haven’t Got a Rocket by sunsetmog

  • Summary: Because the thing is: it’s silly, being grown up, and chasing a childhood dream. Liam’s almost eighteen, and he isn’t bringing a wage home, and he isn’t getting anywhere, and he’s tired of building everyone’s hopes up—including his own—when it’s clearly never going to happen. He isn’t worth it.

    AU in which Liam never goes back to re-audition for X Factor, but stays in Wolverhampton to become a mechanic instead.

I read this over the weekend and just died a little? Because this is my OT3, I guess, and this was wonderful. And they have superpowers.

- Only Because You Know (That You Wanna Feel The Same)

            Author: words_unravel.

            Harry/Liam/Louis (with Harry/Louis and Louis/Eleanor). NC-17. 34,200 words.

            Liam may be able to catch glimpses of the future, but he never saw this coming.

Today already seems like an ehh sort of day, so I’m going to respectfully disregard the fact that probably no one that follows me will really love this story and post it anyway because *I* loved it.

- It Hurts, But It’s Worth It

            Author: words_unravel.

            Harry/Liam/Louis. NC-17. 13,600 words.

            “Liam finds the shots of the three of them, rolling around and laughing, a week or so later during a late night. After a moment’s pause, she saves one of the photos, giving it some inane, boring name. She shuts down her computer after that and goes to bed. It takes a long time before she falls asleep.” (Girl!Liam and Girl!Louis.)