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A Challenge in Three

Picture of Me

This is one of the first pictures I took out on the porch of the Germaine House when Iann was just getting started on the renovations. He was at the back of the house working on something and I had showed up and announced myself by sending this picture. Also I think it’s just a nice snapshot to remember that we took the time to bring the house back to ‘life’ after so long.

Picture of Best Friend

Iann being a smart ass in all his glory. This is what happens when you go out to lunch together and he gets a salad. I’m pretty certain he did this mostly to embarrass me. that or he doesn’t know how to eat salad properly. He’s still my best friend regardless.

Picture of Significant People

It’s hard to imagine my life now without these next two people. They are my family after all. The first one is Lilo when those rune eggs we found in the house bombarded the nursery with more baby clothes and toys than we could ever possibly need. It took a while to get them all moved out and down to the local donation shop, and when we were taking a break Lilo decided to have some fun with it. I snapped the picture because it was too perfect to miss.

The next picture is one of the first times I brought Addie out to The Grove and the Germaine House. She seems really, really happy and comfortable out there. Much wasn’t going on that day, I had just come out for some fresh air and to keep Rags company. He was really excited to see the baby and brought over some flowers that had grown behind the house. I was showing one of them to Addie and she reached up and took it. I know it looks like she’s sniffing the flower, but she tried to put it in her mouth like five seconds later.

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In this scene in Lilo and Stitch where Nani is desperate for work and tries her luck at the local coffee shop, I always loved how nicely the owner is animated…she’s a minor character but her design is so lovely and idk I think she’s great :3