lilo and stitch cases

one of the best things about lilo & stitch, imo, is how chill both the family and society at large are with stitch’s overall stichiness. i mean, stitch pretends to be a dog throughout most of the movie, and even though no one really buys that, you know. at least he was making an effort to appear normal to human eyes, by hiding his extra pair of arms and not talking. but by the end of it? stitch doesn’t give a shit. lilo and nani and everyone else don’t really give a shit either. stitch dances with lilo and the girls, performs david’s number with him in public, is taken to school by lilo and scribbles his space travel route on the chalkboard, and everyone is like, ‘yep, that’s just lilo’s little…. something…. doing his thing, nothing to see here’


So me and a friend we thinking of some ideas and a Lilo and Stitch AU for Gotham was born
If Bruce got to house Selina for a while why can’t he house Jerome?


i doodled my experiment sona eating a sammich because why not!

(P)update of sorts

my family had an outdoor movie night last night. We have a set up that lets us hang a big white tarp over the front of our garage. It’s pretty awesome.

Tuna was ready to go right away. He immediately claimed his seat.

Vinny on the other hand was utterly uninterested. He found a blanket in a basket to claim as his own instead. Mozzi was jealous.

Vic was pretty chill about the whole thing.

Oh, and in case you were curious, we watched Lilo and Stitch and then Cabin in the Woods.


When I met Andrew Scott and Louise Brealey.

So, I had the most magical and perfect weekend ever. I travelled from the United Kingdom to Paris for the weekend so I could meet Andrew Scott and Louise Brealey on Saturday 16th April 2016. If anyone knows me well enough you’ll know that I am suffering with serve anxiety at the moment so it was extremely hard for me to get the guts to travel to Paris. I finally decided to just go for it and book the tickets because I never want anxiety to stop me from going to opportunities like this. With that out the way, I had the best weekend I think I have actually ever had.

Saturday morning I was waiting in queue to meet Andrew for an autograph, I was so incredibly excited and overwhelmed that I was going to meet my idol for the first time. After a short wait it was my turn to meet Andrew, it’s hard to remember what exactly happened because I was just so overwhelmed with what was actually happening in that moment so I may miss out a few things that happened, apologies. I remember seeing Andrew’s gorgeous smile when greeting me and my friend, I think he was rather surprised to hear our British accents as we were in Paris. He asked us where we were from and of course we replied with “the UK, London” his reply “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of London” in a jokey type way. He then asked us if we caught the Eurostar (which we did). We got to spend a little while chatting to him which was so lovely, I thought we’d only get a few seconds to see him but we managed to have a good 5 minutes or so chat. I congratulated him on his role in Hamlet and told him how I was super excited to see it, he thanked me and hoped I enjoy it. I then told him about a Twitter page which is run by my good friend, Immy. It’s a Twitter page dedicated to his trainers. If you’re a ‘Scottie’ you’ll know which trainers I’m talking about and for those of you who don’t know which trainers I am talking about, it’s the ones he wears constantly all the time. It’s nothing serious, it’s just a bit of banter between us Scotties! He was very shocked (in a good way) when I told him which I’m not surprised about, how could you not be surprised if someone told you there was a Twitter page dedicated to your shoes! I specifically remember him lifting his leg up while pointing at his shoe/trainer and saying to me “What these ones?” And I replied with “Yes, those ones!” Ironic really that he was wearing the trainers. Louise turned up at the table next to his at this point for her signing, Andrew leaned over to her and said “did you hear that? There’s a Twitter page for my trainers!” Louise paused and looked up Andrew “I’m going now, bye” she said sarcastically while walking off. We all laughed. I then turned to Andrew to tell him about a little group chat some of us Scotties have on Twitter and how I met a few Scotties here in Paris, he thought the idea was lovely and said “I hope you all get on well”. After the short chat about his trainers and Scotties, I got him to sign my phone which you can see from the photo I uploaded that he drew a telephone. It reads “Jess’s phone love, Andrew Scott x”. He had 3 or 4 different Sharpie coloured pens so he asked me which colour I would like him to sign in and I went with black, his reply “you sure? You don’t want the lovely gold colour to match your phone?” he was so polite. Andrew also signed my friend’s phone case for her, it had a Lilo and Stitch quote on it which said 'Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten’ Andrew thought it was cute and asked her if it was sentimental, she told him she just likes the quote and Andrew said it was really sweet. Following on from him signing mine and my friends phone, I asked him for a hug. I wasn’t intentionally going to ask for a hug but when I was in the moment the question sort of just came out! While I was hugging him I whispered “I love you so much” and gave him a little squeeze, I hope he didn’t mind! Once he sat back down he asked me if I wanted a photograph signed, he had 3 piles of photographs of himself laid out on the table for people to chose from (2 Moriarty ones and the 3rd one of himself) but he forgot to ask me which photo I’d like, he picked the photo himself and said “What’s your name?” to which I replied with “Jess”. He started signing the photo and soon realised he forgot to ask me which photo I’d like “Oh I’m sorry! I forgot to ask you which photo you’d like! Is this one ok?” he was very apologetic about it, bless him! I didn’t mind at all, I thought it was sweet that he chose the photo himself! Once he finished signing the photos for me and my friend it was time to say goodbye.

Roughly half an hour later, me and my friend Danielle were back in line waiting to get our pictures taken with Andrew. It wasn’t a very long wait thankfully so I was soon back with Andrew again. I let my friend Danielle have her picture taken with him first, he greeted her with “hello lovely, I hope you’re having a nice day!” they then had their photo taken together. It was then my turn for a picture, I was rather nervous thinking he might have forgotten me. As I was walking up to him he asked “It’s Jess, isn’t it?” At that moment I felt a huge burst of happiness, I couldn’t believe it, Andrew remembered my name! Shocked, I replied with “you remember me?!” we had our photo taken together, he smiled at me then said goodbye (again).

Unfortunately, me and Danielle didn’t attend the Panel that came with our Package. We weren’t sure whether we were part of the first 200 people who bought the package to go. So we decided to take a stroll around the convention while we waited until I next meet Andrew and Louise for a duo photo that evening. While we were strolling around the convention, I noticed that Andrew was doing some more signing in a different location after the panel, which must’ve been the other groups turn to meet him. Me and Danielle decided to hang around with some other people to wait for him to turn up. I managed to get a little glimpse of him while he was signing which was so incredibly lovely. I got to see lots of fans meeting Andrew and just seeing the happiness on their faces was wonderful. Andrew also looked incredibly happy to meet his fans, it looked as if he enjoyed every second of it.

Once we had a little glimpse of Andrew meeting some fans and had some late lunch, we returned back to where we had our previous autograph and photos taken. Danielle didn’t buy the photo duo to meet Andrew and Louise so I was queueing on my own. Not many people bought the ticket to have a photo with them both, there was only around 15 people waiting, maybe even less than that, I’m unsure. I didn’t mind of course, it meant I had a little longer with them! Soon, it was my turn in line and it was such a magical moment for me. As I was about to walk up to Andrew and Louise, Andrew shouted “here she is! There’s Jess!” Another burst of happiness elevated as I was walking up to them both. I couldn’t believe it! Andrew Scott remembered me again! After meeting around 200+ fans since we met, he remembered me! We had our picture taken and Louise turned to look at me and said “wow! You have such pretty eyes! What colour are they? Hazel or Brown?” Very shy and nervous I replied “I think they’re brown” then I looked up at Andrew who was on right hand side of me, smiling. My heart jumped around multiple times when I saw his gorgeous smile gleaming at me. I turned back quickly to Louise feeling rather star-struck by the fact that Andrew was smiling at me when I turned to look at him. Louise started speaking to Andrew asking him what colour his eyes were, Andrew was rather quiet at this point, I’m not sure what he replied to Louise because as I said, I was feeling rather star-struck and blanked out for some of it. Once we spoke about eye colour, Louise asked me how I was, I told her I was feeling rather tired since I had been doing quite a lot of travelling. Andrew replied with “yeah these things do get pretty tiring” again I was star-struck. After this it was my time up, Louise shook my hand and said goodbye to me, along with Andrew saying goodbye. That moment was rather sad for me because it was the last time I would be seeing them both for a while.

But overall, I had the best weekend ever. Not only did Saturday go better than expected but I also had two fabulous days on Friday and Sunday with my best friend, Danielle. I cannot thank her enough for offering to come with me, if it wasn’t for her this would have never had happened.

If you’ve got this far, thank you. I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience meeting the charmingly handsome, Andrew Scott and the beautifully sweet, Louise Brealey.