lilo and stitch 2: stich has a glitch

fattyforlife  asked:

hey is there like a lolol and stich comic book or something or tv show cause I only knew there was a movie if there is any other LILO and stitch continuation pls share ?! thanks !(: #yourbiggestfan

There are actually several continuations out there, some good, others horrible abominations.

There is a dvd sequel called ‘Lilo & Stitch 2 Stitch has a Glitch’ which is MARVELOUS. It was originally intended for theaters but was pulled last minute back in 2005. It’s on netflix streaming and i highly recommend it. It was several years before i could get through it without crying. 5 stars all the way.

There is also ‘Stitch! The movie’ which was really just an extended pilot for the tv series that ran on the Disney channel from Sept 2003 until July 2006 and spanned 65 episodes and ended with the movie ‘Leroy & Stitch’.

Now I’ve got a real love/hate relationship with the show.

On one hand i love it cause it’s Lilo and Stitch and they got all of the original voice actors back. And Chris Sanders as Stitch is just hilarious, he’s actually a VERY decent actor. Plus some of the dialogue is very funny. There’s a bit in one episode where Stitch tells a scary story and it still makes me laugh. 

But on the other hand i hate it for being badly written and badly handled. These wonderfully complicated and three-dimensional characters are dumbed down into simple stereotyped caricatures of themselves.

Nani is never there except for when she’s darting through a scene yelling about how late for work she is. Because tv Nani apparently can’t tell time or wear a watch. Ever. And she’s late for work every single day. She also hates Stitch. Utterly. She tries her best to never interact with him. Even when she’s mad at him she’d rather yell at Lilo about him even though he’s usually standing right there and all Nani has to do is turn her head slightly to the right and address him directly, but god knows we can’t have that. I wish i could say that i was exaggerating, but in 65 episodes there is literally only 1 scene where she behaves affectionately towards him.

Lilo is a bore. She no longer takes pictures, she no longer surfs, at least not that we ever see and i think pudge is only mentioned, like, once. She is also obsessed with mummies and vampires and will usually mention this at least once an episode.

Jumba is only there to provide technology and to give exposition.

Pleakley is a buffoon. His job is to scream in high-strung panic over everything and wear over-the-top costumes. (he makes Jumba wear them too) I’m talking costumes like matadors, hippies, disco dancers, whatever the writers think will be funny that week. And no matter how long he’s there (Leroy & Stitch claims 3 years) he never understands earth any better at all. The original movie portrays Pleakley as being misinformed and in-over-his-head, but otherwise academic and intelligent. He worked for the Galactic Federation who we already know from watching the movie rewards failure with retirement so if he were really the idiot the show makes him out to be he would have been fired long before the movie even took place.

This goes double for Gantu. In the movie he was a top captain, hyper-competent, able to capture Stitch within minutes of arriving on earth. The only thing he actually did wrong was involving Lilo. Had he let her go immediately he likely would never have been fired. He did everything by the book. Stitch was simply stronger than the technology he had available to him. In the show he’s so ridiculous it’s amazing he’s able to exist without a chaperon. He’s whiny, he’s silly, he’s not intimidating in the slightest and Lilo, a 6 year old girl, can outwit him at every turn.

And Stitch. My poor baby Stitch. In the movie he’s shown as being very in control of his own body. He’s destructive, but deliberately. He knows what he’s doing when he does it. But in the show if he touches it he’s gonna break it. Half the time not even on purpose. It’s so bad that he gets kicked out of the house in one episode and Nani threatens to get rid of him in another because keeping him has become too expensive. Half the time he’s used as a background gag. Lilo and Jumba will be talking and Stitch is just in the background crawling across the wall and eating a plant or something. He doesn’t really contribute too much until it’s time for the final fight scene with Gantu.

The show as a whole is very repetitive. Disney wanted it’s own version of pokemon so the show is about Stitch’s ‘cousins’ the 625 other experiments that came before him. They are dehydrated pingpong balls that transform into a creature when they get wet and they have been scattered all over Kauai. (Stitch! The movie) Gantu wants them to send off to an evil scientist that used to be Jumba’s partner and Lilo wants them so she can name them and find them a new home. Every episode is basically this:

Theme song ends, we open on an experiment pod that is reeeaally close to some form of water (puddle, wine glass, whatever) will it fall in? No…no we’re good it rolled away…. no wait! It’s rolling back! Oh no! It fell in! Flash of yellow light and a creature appears! Back at the house Lilo and Stitch are involved in an activity. (creating a new hula dance, playing a game, creating a slug circus, whatever) Nani runs in yelling about how late for work she is, takes a second to remind Lilo to not get into any trouble, she’s now gone for the rest of the episode. Pleakley has just learned something new about humans and wants to try it out. (cooking, a new outfit, reality television, disaster preparedness, whatever) Meanwhile Gantu’s computer has just alerted him that a new experiment has been activated, gotta go search for it while new sidekick 625 makes sarcastic comments. At the same time Lilo and Stitch have left the house. See the new experiment, gotta chase it now. But oh no! Gantu sees it too! Now it’s a race to see who can get it first! Stitch for the win! Gantu falls on ass! Lilo figures out what power this particular experiment has (electricity, finding, cooking, possessing things, whatever) and gives it a corresponding name. (sparky, finder, frenchfry, phantasmo, whatever) Just like in Pokemon once you have captured an experiment it instantly stops being evil. Nevermind the fact that in the movie it took Lilo 3 days to win over Stitch, you chase down a wild experiment it respects the effort you put in and swears loyalty to you right away. For reasons. And now that Lilo has figured out what the experiment is for she and Stitch have to now use that experiment’s power for their own selfish gain. Even though Jumba warned them not to. Cause we gotta learn a lesson. Oh crap! Gantu’s back! He’s stolen the experiment! What are we gonna do?! Another fight scene with up-tempo theme music. Usually just Stitch though. Lilo is the brains, Stitch is the brawn. He usually just stands around until it’s fight scene time. Okay! Experiment is back, Gantu is defeated time to find the experiment a new home. Holy crap you guys! Guess what?! Remember when i said the episode started with lilo & Stitch involved with an activity? The experiment’s new home is in some way related to that activity!!!!!! If Lilo and Stitch started the episode at a pizza parlor with broken animatronics they are gonna find the one experiment that can fix that. It’s christmas? There’s an experiment for that. Halloween? There’s a coincidentally timed experiment for that too. Need a plant to enter into the big show? Guess what this experiment does. Experiment goes to new home and is accepted immediately and no one questions what this weird thing is and why it looks like it does. Everyone’s happy the end.

There is also weirdly no continuity at all between ‘Stitch has a glitch’ and the tv show. In Glitch the house is green and the bedroom is normal and has actual beds and toys and pictures on the wall. Stitch is childlike and no longer destructive (except for the glitch that is in no way his fault) and Nani loves him and treats him well. Jumba has to put actual time and effort into his technology and Pleakley, though still misinformed about humans, is nowhere near as high strung as in the show. Nani and David are also dating.

In the show the house is mysteriously blue for some reason, the bedroom looks more like a prison than anything (no toys, few pictures, cots instead of beds, everything in white) Jumba can create an entire new invention in like an hour and Nani and David are just friends.

All in all i’d rate the series and the movies that go with it at 3 stars. I really think they missed a great opportunity here. It should have been about Stitch figuring out who he is and how to be a part of a family. They also really could have done some touching things with the topic of adoption. But really the whole focus of the show is the other experiments.

Finally there’s the anime. ‘Stitch!’  It’s evil. Don’t watch it. -80 stars. There is no Lilo, only Yuna. Stitch has lost all of his intelligence and strength. There’s like 3 seasons each one more horrible than the last. It doesn’t just disrespect the original movie it bludgeons it to death with a blunt object, buries it in a shallow grave and then pisses on the grave. The less said, the better.

Wow, this really turned into a rant didn’t it? Damn, i’ve been typing for like an hour now.


‘Stitch has a glitch’ - masterpiece

'Stitch! the movie’, the tv series and 'Leroy & Stitch’ - passable

Stitch! anime - kill it with fire