lilo & stitch: stitch has a glitch

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Lilo & Stitch 2 “Touching me” fight scene in arabic. 

I think Steven is turning into Lilo Pelekai

I’m a Lilo and Stitch fan first and an SU fan second

But I’m a bit of an odd one (an L&S fan I mean). 

For starters, I like the series and Leroy and Stitch the best, don’t particularly care for how the concept of Ohana is portrayed, prefer minor characters over the main ones (Heat, Hammerface, and Kixx), and look at the original with a more critical view, particularly the characters (the main duo, Nani, etc.). I also defend the anime and criticize the fandom. (Yeah I’m…eeh-a bit weird)

So I’d like to share one of-if not THE main problem with Lilo’s character.

She’s a moral paragon, and constantly gets treated as such. Yeah-Lilo’s a kid and she is portrayed realistically for a kid character, but the issue is that she’s usually the one with the moral high ground, to the point where characters such as Nani take a backseat. The largest example I can bring up in the original movie is when she brings up Ohana to keep Stitch. This goes completely out of control in the series, where Lilo’s allowed to do ALL sorts of shitty things to people just because they’re antagonists or because they annoy her; to list just SOME of these things, she gives Felix and Nosy to Gantu as gifts, infects Gantu with Poxy (an experiment who’s a sentient bacterium), gives Gantu the plan to divide Heat, Hammerface, Thresher, and Plasmoid into 100 via Dupe (a cloning experiment who’s abilities create weak clones who’s power and bodily functions are divided based on the number produced-so for example, Plasmoid only had 1/100 of his power and functions-so you can imagine the health implications), constantly abandons experiments in season one, refuses to take responsibility for said abandonment, and literally only comes back for them after she has the topic SHOVED IN HER FACE BY NOSY AND STITCH. Bottom line-Lilo is the moral paragon of the franchise, and BECAUSE she’s the moral paragon, she gets treated like every single action of hers is justified and necessary-no matter how heinous and shitty it is. Nani gets portrayed as an irrational adult in favor of this, Stitch is portrayed as impulsive/selfish, Pleakley and Jumba get shown as weird-EVERY CHARACTER SUFFERS FOR THIS KID TO BE RIGHT. Her only moment of introspection is in Stitch Has A Glitch at the very end when Stitch has a fucking seizure in front of her. Even in Leroy and Stitch, Lilo only goes to Reuben because she needs a communicator for Stitch, not because she gave a fuck about him. When I look back on the English Dub of the anime and it’s explanation, I can actually see such a shit thing happening due to Lilo’s portrayal. 

Overall, Lilo gets treated as a holier than thou moral paragon who shouldn’t be criticized despite being a child with a lot to learn. She carries the Ohana message-and that’s perfectly fine, but her actions are almost always treated as right. She’s not allowed to grow as a character as a result of this.

Sound familiar?

This is basically Steven as of now-with the SINGLE difference being that some of the stuff he does still comes back to bite him in the ass (like giving Peridot his friend’s names for instance)

Steven-like Lilo, is allowed to treat the Rubies like shit, bubble Bismuth (with the Gems apparently having no issues with this AT ALL when it should’ve been their call), have the Gems listen to him ALL THE DAMN TIME, and can basically get away with whatever with little consequence. Like Lilo, Steven’s being stunted as a character because he’s always being portrayed as in the right as of now. 

I think Steven’s becoming just like Lilo, where the writers want to portray him as a moral paragon instead of still having him make mistakes and learn from them. Every action of his is now justified and no one really argues with him. Those that do are portrayed as being in the wrong.

And what’s truly sad is that in Season one, the writer actually knew what they were fucking doing. Steven MADE MISTAKES, he did stupid things, he did shit things and got to suffer the consequences of them. He was allowed to grow. Now? He’s the moral paragon and he’s stagnant. Just like Lilo.