lilo & stitch the series

I wrote an essay to convince my teacher to let us watch Lilo and Stitch in class.

A few weeks ago in my math class everyone was really tired. So someone suggested we watched a movie instead of doing work that day. Then I immediately said that we should watch Lilo and Stitch (because why not). For the most part everyone in class agreed with me. But my teacher wasn’t buying that I was being dead serious about wanting to watch it. So he said as a joke that if came to school the next day and had written an essay on how Lilo and Stitch relates to math he would consider letting us watch it in class. I told him that if he wanted a paper, a paper he was going to get. But he still didn’t believe me. The next day I walk into class with this paper.

It didn’t work. We still haven’t watched Lilo and Stitch. I’m still salty.

Some of my best cartoons

This is just my opinion.

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“Stitch and Ai” series trailer in english!

TV shows for regressing

I don’t watch anything that isn’t a cartoon or kids show (other than The Strain and animal videos)

I love the colors, art, sounds, and characters so much more in them. Plus, no awkward romance.

So I’ll list TV shows that I love watching!

Age ranges will vary a lot because I love all types.

I will be breaking the list up, just so it’s not one huge continuous list, it makes it hard to read.

Let’s begin!


● Paw Patrol
● Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
● Peg + Cat
● Dinosaur Train
● Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
● Sofia the First
● Elena of Avalor
● The Lion Guard
● JoJo’s Circus
● Let’s Go Pocoyo
● Lilo & Stitch : The Series
● The Backyardigans
● The Wonder Pets
● Hamtaro

● Wow-Wow Wubsy
● Oswald
● Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch
● Little Bill
● Chloé’s Closet
● Clifford the Big Red Dog
● Rolie Polie Olie
● Clifford’s Puppy Days
● Bubble Guppies
● Dragon Tales
● Angelina Ballerina
● Bali

● Zou
● Kipper
● Ni Hao, Kai-lan
● Wallykazam!
● Miles from Tomorrowland
● Ruff-Ruff, Tweet & Dave
● Wishenpoof!
●Rainbow Brite!
● Shimmer and Shine
● Berenstain Bears
● Stella and Sam
● The Mighty B

● Max and Ruby
● Baby Looney Toons
● Care Bears
● My Little Pony
● My Friends Tigger & Pooh
● Molang
● Miffy
● Hey Duggee
● Lalaloopsy
● Terrific Trucks
● Robot and Monster
● Tinga Tinga Tales

Non animated:

● Sesame Street
● Lazy Town
● The Chika Show
● Bear in the Big Blue House
● Out of the box
● Mutt and Stuff
● Blue’s Clues
● H20


● Kinmoza!
● Is the Order a Rabbit?
● K-ON
● Himouto Umaru-chan
● Place to Place

Lilo and Nani lost both their parents when their Jaeger (Ohana King) fell in of the Kaijuu attacks.Due to a severe storm hovering over the area where Ohana King was at the time it had gone off the radar and was never found.

Nani was still a child herself when she had to take up the mantle and play both mother and father to Lilo. When given the opportunity to join the corps and train to become Jaeger pilots, Nani agreed if only to have enough money for food and a consistent roof over their heads. A few years after living on base Marshall Cobra Bubbles got word that a rescue team had news on the whereabouts of the wreckage of Ohana King. Upon finding it, they discovered something else, something worse. A remote team was experimenting on live animals with the remains of the Kaijuu DNA. Most of their creations died off, but one survived, a little french bulldog who had curiously turned blue during the experiments. His tongue and eyes sometimes glow and he is super intelligent.

After some extreme begging and persuasive talking Lilo convinced Cobra Bubbles to allow him to stay and named him Stitch. With the official title of a “Therapy Dog” he was able to live with them and became a sort of mascot for Nani’s Jaeger team. 

When Lilo got old enough she enlisted as well, and when Nani’s old partner David injured his leg to the point where he had to retire she became her sister’s co-pilot. David still helps by piloting one of the helicopters that bring the Jaegers out of the base. With it’s new jockey’s Ohana King has never operated so smoothly. 

5/?? of my Disney Jaeger Pilot Series 

“I love Disney Tsum Tsums, but I find it unfair that they’ve made Tsum Tsums of only 2 Disney Channel cartoon characters, which are of Perry the Platypus from “Phineas and Ferb” and Angel from “Lilo and Stitch: The Series”. I want to see Tsum Tsums of Disney Channel cartoon characters from the past and present. Two DC cartoon characters that BEG to be made into Tsum Tsums are Rufus the Naked Mole Rat from “Kim Possible” and Waddles the pig from “Gravity Falls”.”