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Happiness In Strange Places Pt. 2

Requests: Part two of this imagine was sent in on multiple occasions so here it is

Pairing: SingleParent!Leo x Nanny!Reader

Fluff | Smut | Angst

A/n: This is soo bad, I’m tired and I honestly couldn’t give two fucks about how well this is liked, peace out bitches, I’m going to bed.

“I’ll… I’m just gonna go. Thanks for hanging out with me, though.”

His warm and calloused hand entrapped your soft and reasonably small hand in his own, “Wait!” His mouth moved on its own and –he guessed– his mind was made up.

“I think I love you too.”

You stood motionless, did he just say he loved you?
No… he said he thinks he loves you.

“Don’t,” You managed to get out, “Please just… don’t.”

Leo looked up at you in bewilderment, his grip slowly slipping from your hand as he lost all the confidence he had collected earlier. A scoff escaped his lips as he looked away, his hand dropping from yours and finding its way to his curly locks. His mind now polluted with thoughts of negativity, why would you even confess to him if you weren’t going to accept him? Did you just prank him? No, you looked so sincere and embarrassed when you confessed. If this was a prank, then you were a damn good actor.

His blood boiled in anger the more he thought about the whole ordeal. This was absurd, you confessed to him so why are you dismissing his feelings like they were nothing; as if he were nothing. His emotions that swirled throughout his entire being confused him greatly, his heart ached with sorrow of a lost love, his pride bore a gaping hole from rejection, yet, he was furious.

“Is this seriously how it’s going to be?” His voice held a venomous bite that was entirely new to you. His hands curling into tight fists as he tried to control himself.

This new side of him had scared you more than anything, was he really not the man you remembered? You watched his knuckles turn white and small sparks ignite from his fists, hesitantly you placed your hand delicately on his shoulder in hopes to console him.

You retracted your hand with a hiss, his shoulder was hot to the touch and you could tell he was seriously upset.

“Leo,” You mumbled carefully, “You need to calm down, let’s talk about this–” Your speech was cut short due to the surprise grab Leo made for you. His hands wrapped around your forearms as he slammed his lips to yours in what felt like panic.

You could feel his nervousness and his temper as he kissed you, his lips trembling and hot as his lips danced across your own. The kiss itself was short lived due to the fact that he was still mad and when he was mad, he was hot. Not hot in the term of being attractive, but hot in the term of heat.

You shoved him away harshly and let out a rather loud yelp of pain as you doubled over.
Leo furrowed his brows in confusion, “What? Why do you keep pushing me away?”

You looked up at him with an angry glare, Holding your arms against your stomach while they stung with pain. “You fucking burned me that’s why.”

The deep regret and panic you saw in his eyes did not deter your mood in the slightest, still glaring hard at him while you made your way to the kitchen sink to cool off your burns under the water.
You let out a soft whimper as the cool water soothed your aching arms.

Leo hadn’t moved from his spot, sitting on the couch you had pushed him onto when he burned you. He burned you. He promised himself when he was just a child that he would never hurt someone he cared about with his abilities, not after what he did to his mom.

Noah padded into the living room clad in his black jogging pants, a red t-shirt with a white faded band name on it, and his mismatched striped socks. Leo turned his attention to the little boy rubbing his tired eyes, mentally cooing at his son’s “big boy” attire.

“Daddy? Are you mad?” Noah innocently questioned as he peered curiously at his father’s sitting form. His question took Leo off guard but Leo answered him nonetheless, “No, mijo. I’m just confused about some things, no need to worry.”

Of course, his son inherited his mother’s never-ending care for others and kept prodding at his father’s feelings, “About what? Do you wanna talk about it?” Leo grinned at his son, he was rather smart for his age and tended to repeat what others have said to him, he guessed he got this phrase from Y/n.

“I’m just confused about my feelings right now, I’ll be okay, though,” Leo reached his hand out to muss Noah’s hair, “It’s late, mijo, let’s get you back to bed.”

Leo stood up from the couch with a soft groan and a small stretch, he bent down to lift Noah onto his hip while he carried the sleepy boy back to his bed. Leo knelt down onto the small bed and placed the small child back into his comfy bed. He tucked Noah in gently, brushed back his curly mop of brown hair, and kissed his forehead.

Before Leo could say goodnight and go back to the living room to hopefully apologize to Y/n, Noah had called out to him in a timid voice, “Daddy?” Leo looked back at Noah, leaning against the doorframe as he listened, “Hm?” It was hard to see how much Noah’s tiny body fidgeted with nervousness as he asked ever so quietly, “Can I call Y/n mommy? She’s real nice and takes good care of me. She even kisses me goodnight when you can’t!”

Leo’s eyes widened and his mouth went agape, he could hardly fathom the thought of Noah actually WANTING to have a mom. Noah has been content with just having a dad for as long as he could remember, he’s always just wanted a dad and nothing more, or at least that’s what Leo thought. He’s imagined many different times and had many dreams that his and Noah’s small family were complete, but never once did he think Noah would want Y/n as his mom. Leo cleared his throat, “That’s up to you, bud. If you feel that way then it’s up to you, just…” Leo paused and looked down at his feet, rubbing the back of his neck in guilt, “Just don’t get upset if she doesn’t like it, okay?”

Noah slowly nodded and slunk back down underneath his Bob the Builder blankets– a gift from his Uncle Percy. Having said goodnight to Noah, Leo shuts the door and stalks off to the living room couch to once more slump down in his own shame.

Meanwhile, Y/n had taken a seat on the kitchen stools and contemplated her next move. You knew that you had confused Leo to the point of anger with your change of feelings, but you didn’t want a relationship out of pity. How could you approach him now that he’s upset? You mulled over these thoughts for a good while until you decided it was in both of your best interests to sort this out now. You nervously peek around the corner of the kitchen wall and make sure Leo is calmed down. Once you scan his body for any noticeable heat marks with your eyes, you make your way into the living room, sitting down on the couch and alerting him of your presence.

He didn’t look up at you and even moved away from you when you sat down. “Hey,” You muttered, “I know you didn’t mean to hurt me.” Leo shook his head and scoffed at your words, “Why is it always you?”

You furrowed your brows in confusion, reaching out hesitantly to touch his arm, “What?” You scooted closer, testing your limits. Leo didn’t seem to notice your movement but retreated away from your touch, “It’s always you,” his voice cracked in emotion, hurting your heart as he continued, “I always lose control around you, I’ve never hurt you before though and I promised I’d never h-hurt anyone with my abilities, not again.”

Leo hid his face in his hands while mumbling somewhat incoherently, “I didn’t mean to hurt you… I’m sorry.” Your heart drops and so does your face, “Aw Leo,” You croon, “It’s not as bad as it seems. It just shocked me that’s all,” Your hand reaches out shyly to smooth down his curls, not making a difference of his wild curls. He flinched away from your touch, looking up at you with a gaze that looked more hurt than a kicked puppy.

“Your arm is red, it’s scarred and it’s all my fault,” His eyes started welling up with tears, “I love you, Y/n. But all I do is hurt you. When I left, when I was with Calypso, when I lost contact with you… How could you still love me?”

Your hand slid down to his cheek, resting there and turning his sorrow filled face towards you, thumb wiping away the stray tears that fell without his permission. You leaned forward and kissed him on his lips, slowly to savor the taste of him. The faint taste of root beer he drank earlier in the day lingered on his lips, mixing excellently alongside the sweet taste that was none other than the original taste of Leo.

You withdrew from the kiss, answering his question before you dived back in for yet another kiss, “Because you’re Leo Valdez, my best friend and the only man I’ve ever loved. I will love you always”