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Your fill for the Beckett stripper prompt was amazing. You are such a talented writer. I really hope you consider adding to it because I would love to read more. Thank you for sharing it. Xx

This is so sweet omg, thank you so much!

I’m definitely considering adding a follow up chapter at some point, so it’s a possibility! :)

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When I read "the secret life of Marilyn Monroe" Randy Taraborrelli wrote that for the first 7 years of her life Norma Jean lived with Ida Bolender and her husbad. But now I've just started "Marilyn Monroe" by Maurice Zolotow and he writes that Norma Jean lived with a whole range of foster parents during these years, not just the Bolenders. I was wondering if you knew which author is being more accurate? Did Marilyn live with a lot of foster parents in those years? Or just the Bolenders? Thanks x

I haven’t read those bios. I read an excerpt of Randy and from everything I read he writes complete and utter bull. But from Adam Victor’s The Marilyn Encyclopedia (it’s the only book beside me and my cat is sleeping on me and I don’t want to disrupt him) he writes that Marilyn lived for the first seven years with the Bolenders and then the foster homes and orphanage came. 

She doesn’t mention how long she stayed there (as far as I remember) but a good documentary-style film is  Marilyn on Marilyn, which is her speaking (from her last interviews): Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3, Part 4