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I emailed him over the summer but haven’t heard back. He’s probably super busy or something. I wish it was that easy too, he was my favorite teacher in hs ):

Yeah I did too, at the beginning of June. I get overly paranoid that things aren’t okay so I’m hoping everything is good on his end. I’m sending it to both emails I have of his. He doesn’t have any class pages online this year? This is me over thinking and getting nervous for no reason so ignore me. I’ve just been thinking about how much he really helped me become who I am today and how he pushed me and believed in me when times weren’t great. Okay sorry for the brief emotional trip down memory lane

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Its perfectly okay, he was always there when we needed him for sure. Ahhh, I hope you get through to him though. I’m sure he’s okay & everything is fine <3 let me know if you do get through to him!

Thanks man <3 I will definitely let you know if I get through. I’ve been wanting to go visit him and it’s been talked about many times but never actually planned