lilmissjb  asked:

Hi! Love your blog! I just have a few questions. I have acne prone skin, it's combination (with normal and very few dry spots). I usually get whiteheads and I need a good cleanser and night cream/moisturizer that will get rid of and keep them away. Also regardless of whether I pop them or not they tend to leave behind either red or dark marks, any suggestions as to how to prevent that (I do use witch hazel btw if that helps)? Finally I'm not exactly sure what my complexion is (I think maybe beige or the lightest version of dark skin lol) and I can't seem to find a good concealer that matches my skin tone they usually don't cover what I want them to or are orange-ish, any brand suggestions that will match me and WONT break me out??
Thanks for your help and keep up the great work!

Hello dear! Hopefully I’ll be able to help :). First of all… Yay for using witch hazel! Its one of my favorite skincare items, and its definitely going to be something to help tone down the marks left by your breakouts. There’s not really much else you can do except wait foor them to go away - and most will, as long as you DIDN’T pop them, because when you do that leaves scars. The discoloration is your skin trying to treat the infection and bacteria that caused the pimple. Make sure you don’t pick at them and they will fade much faster. Look for a cleanser and moisturizer with acne fighting ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. Try Biore Ice Cleanser.. That’s one of my favorites that is good at toning down redness. Also look into Neutrogena Stress Relief cleanser, that’s another really good one (reviewed in my Thumbs Up). For moisturizers, Clean and Clear have a nighttime lotion that works pretty well, although if you’re looking for moisture, I’d go for a regular moisturizer, like Aveeno Ultra Calming (the soy in it will tone down redness and dark spots, as well as baby your face). Now for concealer - I would say that you have a tan complexion, you’re darker than beige and olive, but not incredibly deep skinned. Personally my favorite concealer is Revlon PhotoReady stick, but usually stick concealers are going to be heavier. Look into Neutrogena’s blemish or 3-in-1 concealers - they have yellow (not orange!) Undertones that will match your skin AND they work effectively :)