• me:*breathes in* I lo-
  • everyone else:YES, you love, LOVE™ V. We know. You love Jihyun Kim so much. He deserved so much better. You want to save that man. You just love V. You cry over him EVERY DAY. We KNOW. You love V. You fucking love V. Okay we know. We get it. YOU LOVE V. WE GET IT.

Pokemon trainer Lilli… again.
Just this time not in ‘chibi’ style! :’D
Lilli is drawn with my old tablet & the pokemon are drawn with the new.
I still need practice with the new one tho

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So people who have seen/listened to The Last Five Years

In “The Next Ten Minutes” I find it so awkward when she’s like “whyyyyy jamie whyyy, I WANT TO BEEEE YOUR WIIIIFE, I WANT TO BARE YOURRR CHILDDDD”

Like that’s such a weird sentence to say let alone sing

Why not just say “I WANT TO BEEE YOUR WIIIIFE, I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIESSSS” because why not it’s just as weird