I’m not satisfied yet, but here I am with another hiccstrid moment. When I draw this I thought to the last episode of season four, wheh, after the Viggo’s jump, Astrid takes Hiccup and give him a kiss that everyone could see.
Hiccup appreciates the gesture and he stretches out his arm to hold her to himself, but he looks so delicate :D So, I wanted to give a little more ‘passion’ at the moment.
Hope you like it!
I wanted to draw also the gang shocked, but I’m a little bit lazy in these days, I confess! :D Hope to make other works better than this! ^_^

Oh well :D Hello everyone! I’m back….ok, I’m not quite back yet, but I want to post this … 
Anyone encountered the tribes of the Hooligans …. mr. Risenfall was forced to try on the suite of Hiccup, while Miss Heartly tried Astrid’s clothes …. I think they will kill me one day :D … and no, I can’t stop drawing them: D 
Gobber is stunned … and even the little Hiccup: D
And I…I’m very crazy! :D

Well…In these days I’m little bit tired, so I can’t finish any works XD One of my most big trouble in coloring are the lights! Lights are so beautiful, but balancing them sometimes is very difficult to me. So, I used the Hiccup’s crew to study lights.
Hope you like it.
Rise of the Fever of Dragons.
Tomorrow the new episodes! <3

In the last two weeks I knew Percy and all his friends. And…  you thought that a new couple did not hit me?? :D 

So…a doodle from Sea of Monsters. I know, I know. Percy and Annabeth are thirteen years old…But I thought it was not so bad to make them a little bit older :D It’s really a fast sketch and fast colours :D

Hope the Percabeth’s fandom can like it ^^

I love Anne and Gilbert since I was a child. So, here a little fanfiction in comic (well in sketch :D)
Miss Stacy introduces Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, but she inverted the characters, so Anne plays Romeo and Gilbert Juliet. It was very funny for me to draw this little scene. It was a lot of time that I didn’t enjoy so much drawing! So, I wanted to publish it ^^ Hope you like it :)