Oh well :D Hello everyone! I’m back….ok, I’m not quite back yet, but I want to post this … 
Anyone encountered the tribes of the Hooligans …. mr. Risenfall was forced to try on the suite of Hiccup, while Miss Heartly tried Astrid’s clothes …. I think they will kill me one day :D … and no, I can’t stop drawing them: D 
Gobber is stunned … and even the little Hiccup: D
And I…I’m very crazy! :D

I want to wish a very wonderful new year to all!This is only a sketch. This sketch inspired me for this fan art that you loved so much! Yep, I know…I promised a little surprise for the new year, but I need more time to make it. Be patient! you’ll like it! ^^

To everyone that loves dragons and Hiccup and Astrid and to the world, and much much more to all my wonderful followers, I want to thank you for your kindness and well…everything!

Thank you! And I wish this year will be happier than you ever get!

Love to all!!

Merry Christmas to all!
To the Dragons fandom and everyone in the world!
Hope you have a very Merry Christmas with all and everbody you love! 
And for the new year I hope to give you another little ‘hiccstrid’ (or hicstrid I don’t know XD) gift  :)

Love to all! ^^

yeah I know…for the Dragons it’s Snoggleton…but Hic and Toothless have adapted to the time XD

Hello everybody! ^^
Happy Easter to all!!
Today I wanted to celebrate coloring for fun. So, here’s to you Hiccup!
A new subject! :D But this time I’m trying to draw it exactly as it is in the movie and not my style :)
I like too much this character ç___ç Little Hiccup is grown up!!!
Hope you like this experiment! ^^ I enjoyed it very much to draw and color!
Nothing to do …. I just love HTTYD! XD

Another once Happy Easter (and chocolate! :D) to all! ^^

Hi everybody! I’m here again with a new sketches about…well.. .do you want to guess? XD

Finally I watched the movie…..I’m still crying….ç__ç and it’s so different from the first that I can’t make a comparison! I love it so much and that’s it….

But in a different way…I think more adult… I don’t know how explain my feeling. But well…I love it because our beloved characters have grown up and they are more more fascinating! ^^

Hope you like these sketches…I want more time to redrawing all the artbook! (yep it’s a re-drawing…but sometimes I need to study again and again and again ^^)

in this time I feel very romantic…so I took a old sketch for finish it…I don’t know if I can finish it (or when) but hope you like it ^^
Only two weeks for my country…then I’ll see Hic and Toothless, and Astrid, and Stoick and Valka me too! I’m so excited!
With this wip I want to say also ‘see you soon! ^^ I go on vacation! ^^ Relax! XD
And happy Holidays to all of you! ^^

Well…I promised right? XD And, quoting Valka, I never forget XD
So, there is a wip of my present to hiccstrid fandom for the new year! Sorry, I’m late, but soon you will see it completly.

Hope you like it!!! And the preview too!
See you soon dragons ;) and stay tuned….they will come…this year!!!!!! XDDD

Well …I’m trying….
#inktober begin :D I made this sketch yesterday ^^
later I will post the draw of today ;)
It’s a test…for me…I don’t have many skills in inking :D But I love so much sketching with pen :D
Hope you like it…and yep, this is Elsa…because…Let’s go! XD
Well…I need a doctor…a mad man in a blue box for sure! XDDD
My God…forgive my madness! XD

See you later ^^

Would you dance with me, my lady?

It’s a very long time that I don’t update. I’m very sorry. But finally I finished the pencils and ink of the first volume of Risenfall (now I’m on the colorous ^^). I’m waiting for some news…and I hope for good news.
Thank you to all waiting for me and love my project. Really thank you so much.

An illustration that I can’t terminate….There are many errors and imprecisions, anyway I hope you like it!! ^^


Well… These are first three pages of my comics or it’s better to say the comics that I want to draw. XD 
I don’t know if will be publisher (probably not XD), but it’s quite a six month that these three pages sleep into my pc. I think it’s the moment to post it! XD
If you like it, if you want to know the sequel, well…everything you think about that, please tell to me :) 
I would know if I really can to be a comic artist and if my stories (and my drawings too) could like to other people into the world! :)
As usual forgive my bad english (and the bad english in the pages too :D The translation is mine XD Sorry for that! )
And…well…thank you to everyone!

Each of us has within itself a special force. 
Since many years we have tried to grasp its essence, but it still eludes our control. 
That’s why we called it ‘Thumos’, breath of life. 
Not everyone feel its existence, 
and yet it is there and lives inside every man. 
From its degenerations are born Good…
And Evil. 
And monstrous creatures that, like in the old ballads, are called 'Fomori' 
the bravest among us were forced to degenerate part of their humanity and sanity to defend us, themselves, and their loved ones.
We called them Helwyr. 
And now, a Dark Force from an Ancient Time threatens the fate of one of them.