mutuals love post ❇🌟❤

hey everyone, your local yoongi n taemin stan thae here :-), im back with a mutual appreciation post for the nye. just wanted to thank everyone following me, and especially my mutuals.
2017 was.. tough to say the least but being on here distracts and makes it all easier so thank you for sticking around this year even if we never talked and dont even remember following me lol i’m still so grateful to see you on my dash. and from the bottom of my heart i hope you all have an amazing 2018, we all deserve it! please take care of yourselves and let’s get through this new year with a more positive mindset. 
don’t think i have anything else to say other than have a great day hope you’re all feeling loved today bc you are!

(sorry if i missed anyone.. i know i did i had to rush to post this today:/) 

🌖 - thank you for making my dash such a beautiful place and my tumblr experience better. happy new year!
🌙 - i love love love love lov your blog!!! wow!!. happy new year!
⭐️ - you’re a very special person and i’m glad we’re mutuals. happy new year!

💎 - this is a especial emoji for the 2 people i talked to the most this year, i feel like i found two sisters and i’m forever thankful to u 2, my beans. ily.
💙 - this is also a especial one for my angel!, the literal light of my life!!. i will never find enough words in this world to express how much i truly love you, thank you for existing. te amo.


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