Imagine an au where everyone survived and wolfstar was cannon

  • like imagine Lilly and James have a wedding to go to and everyone else is busy and Lilly is freaking out because “James we have no one to look after Harry and it’s been three months since I’ve had a night off dammit I’m going to this wedding!”
  • and James being like “well we do have two people we haven’t asked….”
  • and Lilly groaning bc last time they watched Harry, they came home to a sugar high baby with purple hair and the house looked like it had had a party of giants in it but Lilly and James need a break so she reluctantly lets him call them…..
  • not twenty minutes later Sirius and Remus burst in the front door shouting “PARTY AT THE POTTERS”
  • and Lilly just sighing bc she knew this would happen and to try and control the damage she gives Remus (the slightly more responsible one) a detailed list of all the things to do (put Harry to bed no later than 7:30, don’t give him more than 4 sweets please, make sure he brushes his teeth) and not to do (no teaching Harry any bad words, no dance party’s at midnight because damn boys we have neighbours and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO YOU INVITE OVER THE ORDER AND HAVE A PARTY AT THE POTTERS THANK YOU)
  • Sirius and Remus assuring them that all will be fine and practically pushing them out the door
  • then Harry appears at the bottom of the stairs with a devilish smile and asks “party at the potters”
  • and Sirius just picks him up and is like “that’s right Harry, party at the potters”
  • anyway they spend the next few hours teaching harry how to play gobstones and running round the house with pot-shields and wooden spoon swords playing battles
  • and when they’ve all calmed down THE TWO SPOIL HIM ROTTEN
  • like Sirius pulls practically the entire contents of Honeydukes out of his bag and Harry’s eyes just light up
  • and Sirius teaching him little spells as long as he “promises not to tell mummy and daddy because they’ll be very unhappy with uncle Sirius”
  • and Sirius suggesting they bake cookies and Remus is all “Sirius it’s nearly 9 o'clock! It’s already an hour and a half past Harry’s bedtime we can’t bake cookies now!”
  • and Sirius just grins at him and kisses him telling him to “lighten up Mooney, we hardly ever get to babysit!”
  • and Remus smirks like “this is why we never get to babysit” but the three of them bake cookies anyway
  • which actually turns into a food fight with Harry and Remus teaming up to see who can pour the most flour over uncle Sirius
  • and then it’s a full scale war and before they know it its 11:30 and Jesus Christ Lilly and James will be home soon!
  • so they convince Harry to be a good boy and let uncle Remus bath him and put him to bed while Sirius cleans up the massive mess they’ve made
  • and after half an hour Remus runs downstairs because “oh merlin Sirius this boy is too adorable come see!”
  • and Remus taking his hand and them quietly going into Harry’s room and their hearts bursting because their Godson is the most precious thing in the world
  • ten minutes before Lilly and James come home, Remus and Sirius are snuggled up on the couch with a blanked draped over them quietly talking about how much fun they’d had when Sirius just
  • “Remus I want one”
  • “hmm?”
  • “I want a kid. I want us to have a kid”
  • and now they’re excitedly talking about visiting an orphanage soon and arguing over the colours of the baby’s room because “goddamnit Sirius I will not subject my child to having orange walls
  • them falling asleep together, still smiling, and James and Lilly coming home to an unexpectedly tidy house, Harry in bed and no obvious signs of damage
  • however Remus and Sirius are woken up early the next morning by an angry Lilly in her dressing gown and slippers demanding how Harry managed to learn a spell to turn himself blue because “for Merlin’s sake you the the boy is only 6!
  • and Remus and Sirius just giggling because even an angry Lilly Potter couldn’t take away from their happiness right now

Sirius Black was the calm before the storm, that sharp intake of breath, the intoxicating feeling of euphoria as you throw your middle finger up in the air and scream fuck the world! He was leather jackets and bruised knuckles. The telltale muted thrum as you pass a concert venue. He was all about soft moans and gentle touches behind closed doors. The pale curve of a back against worn out sheets, innocent and challenging at the same time. Grey eyes that could burn your eyes and lips that could soothe the aches of a bad night. He was dangerously proud and confident but ridiculously understanding and loyal. Sirius Black was a contradiction in every sense of the word.

Remus Lupin was the smell of earth after rain, the warmth you feel when you hold a cup of cocoa on a cold night, the thrill that runs down your spine each time you enter a library and the comfort of sweater paws. He was also a hurricane when he was writhing in the sheets, silver scars glowing something fierce against soft skin. A mouth full of lightning that looks like sin but feels like heaven, with fingertips that drew lines of fire down a lover’s throat, thin hips with edges that could cut but instead, tasted of the sweetest things and a smattering of freckles in between his shoulder blades that spelled out hope, love and something that was a little too wild to comprehend. Remus Lupin was the boy who refused to give up on a world that gave up on him.

Harry now worked at the ministry of magic as an auror. He was down where Sirius had died, the room with the veil. He walked closer to it, hearing the voices once again, but this time, this time there was a voice, a much more more distinct one “Harry” It says “Help, hold out your hand” It says, curious Harry holds out his hand and someones hand shoots out of the veil, immediately Harry helps the strangor out, only to Realize it was someone whom he had not seen for nearly twenty years, Sirius Black. He stares for a second before hugging him, once again feeling like a young boy. Sirius hugs Harry, looking around “Wow. How long was I in the veil?” Sirius asks. Harry Releases him from the hug “Sirius… It’s been nearly twenty years. . we all thought you were dead… ”

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The Signs as Harry Potter Marauders Era Characters pt.1 (Fire)

Aries - Lily Evans

Lilys most notable features are her flaming red hair and her green eyes. She is a very vivacious girl and appears as sweet and kind as well as fiercely and independent and can take care of herself. Nevertheless Lily can be sarcastic, fairly stubborn and sassy. She is a bit of a book worm and over-achiever and is knowing as a talented witch. Her potion master Horace Slughorn even considered her one of the brightest witch he ever knew. Lily has strong principles, is insanely prideful and acts brave and loyal. She would do anything for a friend or person in need. As the Head Girls of Gryffindor Lily has many friends and is always looking for ways to help people.

Leo - Ted Tonks

Magic, to the Tonks family was something you watched on the television so it was a big surprise that Ted turned out a wizard. He loves the exciting new world he was stepping in but family and friends remain the most important things in his life. Ted is a playful, carefree and kind hearted person, not shy but modest. As he was often discriminated by pure blood families, it seems a wonder that he fall in love with Andromeda Black. Ted pours her with affection and attention. Being helpful is something he can’t help but be. Ted also is a fan of teamwork which is why he favors Quidditch. Moreover he has an enjoyable, easy going attitude and has a pure kind and harmless soul.

Sagittarius - Bellatrix Black

Bellatrix is a tall beautiful woman with long, thick, shining black hair, thin lips and dark eyes. As the eldest of the black sisters she learned how to lead and take control over others and she also knows how to take charge in tricky situations. Bellatrix is intelligent but could be easily distracted and has a fierce and dangerous temper. Because she was raised in a pure blooded family, she learned from young age to be prejudiced against non-magical people. Bellatrix shows loyalty towards her principles and the people she loves. Although she appears to be cunning and cruel, she is not incapable of feeling affection for others and she really cares about her younger sisters.

  • Lily: Did you turn the lights off?
  • James: Yes.
  • Lily: Did you turn the stove off?
  • James: Yes! Lily, we're on vacation! Let's just relax
  • Lily: You're right, I'm sorry
  • [One hour later]
  • James: So it turns out that I didn't turn the stove off.
  • Lily: How do you know?
  • James: Our neighbor called, our house is on fire
  • Lily:

All Of Me

Draco x Reader

anonymous asked:

hey! Could you do a Draco x reader imagine where the reader (aka dracos gf) has anxiety and /or mildly depressed? You can choose the rest, I just ask that you make malfoy loving and concerned, just anything positive really xx I’ve just been suffering with anxiety and I think I’m starting to become mildly depressed because of it, staying in the house all day. Your imagines have sparked happiness in me, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. It means a lot. Sorry if this is to much!

Y/N:Your Name

Y/H/H: Your Hogwarts House

I sat in the Y/H/H common room. Quietly. I knew Draco has been waiting for me in the Library so we could have our alone time to talk and study. I didn’t want to move from the table. Everyone avoids me usually because my anxiety and mild depression is ‘weird’ for them. 

“You should be fine.” Everyone says. But am I really? Don’t think so. I get told that I’m asking for attention when really I’m not. I’ve been this way for so long that I’m quite use to it. 

I got up and made my way to the library. I want to see Draco. 

“There you are love.” He wrapped his arms around me giving me a kiss on the forehead.

“Sorry” I looked down.

“There’s no reason to be love.” He lifted my chin so I could look him in the eyes. “We all have our off days. I do too. I know how you feel, I’m not upset that you’re late. I get to see you and I’m happy for that.”

“I know. I just feel like I’m always a Debbie downer.” I started tearing up. “I mean look at me. I’m always upset. I’m never smiling or talking to others or-” 

“Whenever I’m with you, you crack the most beautiful smile. It’s okay that you’re a little broken. I mean I am too. the damage you have can be mended. You just have to allow yourself to pick up the pieces. I will help you through it. I always have love. I love you and that won’t change.” 

I looked up again smiling. The tears were now flowing down my face. Draco wiped them away and kissed my cheek.

“Besides, crying releases stress. I cry too.”

“Well that’s when you’re being mellow dramatic.” I laughed wiping a tear away.

Draco laughed while pulling me in for a kiss. I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I’m so thankful to have such a loving boyfriend.

“I love you Y/N” 

“I love you too Draco” I pulled him in for a kiss.

A/N: I finished it. sorry if it was so short. To the anon that requested this, Please, by any means message me if you ever need someone to talk to. I’ve dealt with depression in the past and I’m still dealing with it today. Though I have improved so much now that you can barley tell. I’m here for anyone who needs someone to vent to. I love you guy’s and I pray that everyone who is having a rough time, that you get through this with ease.