lilly the deer

[[So many human mayors that have been transformed into animals lately… You could fill almost 2 towns with these fuffy animayors!!]]

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Lillian "Lilly"  "Branwen"

Name: Lillian “Lilly”  "Branwen"

Age: 38

Height: 5'9

Weight: 128

Sexuality: straight

Species: Deer Faunus

Appearance:  Lilly is a deer Faunus, have light tan skin, she also have whites freckles all over her cheeks and also have white freckles on her arms. Lilly have small deer ears, with little deer horns on her head.  Lilly have a long brown hair with a little bit of blonde at the end of her hair.   Lilly have scars, on her legs she have a  tattoo on her back. Lilly have a permit burn mark on her neck.

Eyes color: Dark Emerald

About Lilly weapon: Lilly weapon is call Floral Emblem. Floarl Emblem is Lilly weapon that is carrying dust arrow that she made.

Dagger: Lilly have a dagger that was in her family  generation.  Lilly hide the knife in her shoe and she self-taught as well.

Hand to hand to combat: Don’t let Lilly looks  fool you, she can fight without her weapons and very skillful fighter. Lilly been through many trainings and not easily to take down.

Lilly’s semblance : Trading wounds

About Lilly semblance: Lilly semblance is trading wounds, if she touch a wound from a another person she can used her semblance and place the semblance on her. However ever if Lilly only used her semblance only for emergency because some wounds can cause of death.

Aura Color :White lily

Personality: She is obviously an honorable warrior starting off, she doesn’t attack with blinded anger, she attacks when she’s on a mission or when she is forced too. She has mercy depending on the opponent, if it’s a mindless Grimm or warrior she wouldn’t, her words are like her fighting she chooses what words to say. Lilly have a cross bow with her dust arrow that she made and a dagger. Lilly is caring women and reasonable woman and seen easily  to be well like.

Family :

Antler- Father

Kline-Mother( decrease)

Qrow Branwen- lover (depending on the rp)

Ava Branwen- Daughter

Raven Branwen- Sister in law

Taiyang Xiao Long - Brother in law

Yang Xiao Long - Niece

Ruby Rose- Niece

Bio-  Lilly grew up on a island name Absolom  live in a different religion and and a Chief’s daughter. At the age of 6 Lilly island  was attacked by intruder, they force Lilly to watch her mother die whiling burning her neck.   Couple years later  Qrow crash on the island and he was hurt and that how Qrow and Lilly meet when they were young around thier early 20, Qrow was a little bit of a jerks to Lilly because she have this code but Lilly was nice and patient with him. When Qrow warm up to Lilly the two become  a good frends, Qrow visit Lilly when he have the time and sometimes a break from his team. Qrow bring Tai and Raven,  Lilly only met Tai and Raven she never meet Summer. One day Qrow and Lilly was walking , Qrow kiss  Lilly out of suddenly. The was slow and rocky, because it’s was all suddenly but slowly the two got together for long time. Qrow have to leave Lilly to sees Summer because she was having Ruby and Lilly understood but she didn’t tell Qrow she was having Ava (Ava is months older then Ruby) because she was going to surprise him. When Summer die Qrow wrote a letter to Lilly saying sorry because that the last time Lilly saw Qrow because Qrow didn’t want Lilly to get hurt because of his semblance.  When Ava was born,  Lilly  did her rise like any lovable mother can do. Lilly protect Ava, from people on her island because they didn’t like Ava being “half-blood or being Qrow daughter.  Lilly wrote a letter to Opinz about Ava and beg of him to take Ava safe.  Glynda was send to get Ava. Ava stay with Lilly at the age of six. That what Lilly last time see Ava, but she try to be in touch for Ava but it’s busy life for Lilly for being a  tribal leader and go on mission.


Qrow Branwen

Lilly and Qrow relationship was slowly and rocky because the two are different but Lilly was but patient with Qrow and away deal with him. Lilly did help Qrow in her own way. Qrow and Lilly were good friends,  when Qrow  keep seeing Lilly the to two became closest friends. I guess you can say the two went to friends to lover,  when Qrow leave Lilly of she was depressed but she did blame herself in way for Qrow leaving. After years Lilly didn’t see Qrow but she never hate him for leaving just disappointment for not telling her for person.

Raven Branwen-

Believe it or not Raven and Lilly are friends, when the two first meet Raven didn’t get along with Lilly at first and Lilly didn’t mind Raven when they meet. When Raven warm up was Lilly save Raven life, Raven respect  Lilly and see both of them are tribe leader for there tribe. Raven only trust Lilly for her as header and she talk to Lilly when the time is needed. However the two do deals to each other,  Lilly do mission for Raven for the place she can’t go and Raven check on Ava ( unnoticeable) to see how she doing and she tell Lilly about Ava and Lilly tell Raven about the mission.

Tai Yang  Long-

Tai is one Lilly closest friends and Lilly feel guilty because  she feels bad because of Raven leaving and Summer is dead and he is a single father taking care of his daughters from different wives and she feels bad that Ava is also being taken care off by Tai not Qrow.  Even though Tai say Ava was wonderful to have around with him and the girls making Lilly feel better.

Kali Belladonna

Kali is Lilly very closest friends all of them all. The two know each other when her father Antler help Ghira when his was the White Fangs leader. When Qrow left Lilly with the notes,  when Lilly have her break down she go to Kail to get herself better. Sometimes Kail, go to Absolom  and help Lilly with Ava when she was a baby and help Lilly how be mother. The two are still close, Lilly sometimes vist Kali when she have the time.

Winter Schnee

The two meet at a party the two talk very long , the two are good friends. Lilly thinks Winter, is good woman and strong one to. Sometimes the two go out to have tea when they have the time and they talk about work, or other stuff.


Tea: Lilly enjoy tea it make her relax and help her mind to think. Lilly mostly make her own tea because she make the best good tea.

Walking: Lilly just enjoy walking it’s seem relaxing to her

Archery : Lilly do archerying  when she was a child she enjoy it and her weapon is a bow she do archerying when she the time and she do enjoy being a little show off doing archerying but she won’t admit it.

Cooking: Cooking, Lilly like to cook she just enjoy cooking because she think it fun and enjoyable.

Poems: Lilly enjoy them because she think it wisdom and away have meeting to them.


Pity: Lilly don’t want pity because of Qrow any other pity she a grown woman and know her decision and she a strong person she don’t need any pity.

Fancying Party : Lilly just think fancy party is just boring however she like tribal party with dancing but with fancy party she just go outside or if they have a Garden she will go there. Sometimes Lilly leave early from fancy party.

Nuts: Lilly just allergic to nuts.

Her burn mark: When someone mentioned it or touch Lilly will get a PSTD attacked and will quickly leave away from others.
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I’m counting on Tumblr to get this out there! Save this poor dear (pun intended). They celebrate her birthday and she wore a birthday hat, GOD DAMN IT.