lilly pulitzer sorority print

sororitysailor  asked:

If you had a sorority time capsule for your daughter, what would you add?

I would put in a representation of all the popular sorority items of the day. While some things stay the same ~ the gifts, accessories and fashions change. Those would be the most fun to look at 50 years from now…..

Some of the goodies I would include in my VERY BIG sorority time capsule: 

  • Bid card
  • Chapter Bid Day photo with the lawn letters
  • Notifier
  • Bid day tote bag
  • Fanny pack
  • Sorority koozie
  • Assortment of small trinkets like a button, magnet, key fob…
  • Sorority magazine
  • Copy of the chapter composite or chapter portrait 
  • Paddle or plaque 
  • Big/little picture frame
  • Piece of sorority jewelry 
  • Bid day tee shirt
  • Greek stitch letter shirt
  • Photo of the sorority house 
  • Sorority headband and/or socks 
  • Songbook 
  • Favorite chants
  • Greek life mementoes ~ exchanges, greek week, derby days…
  • Piece of sorority glassware 
  • Philanthropy publication 
  • Keepsakes from sorority formals
  • Sorority awards, certificates, or trophies 
  • Weekly menu, price of dues and other “normal” things that will change over time
  • Sorority ornament
  • Lilly Pulitzer Sorority print item
  • Sorority water bottle or tumbler 
  • Assortment of fun sister photos 
  • Tickets, invitations, program books and other paper mementoes from special events
  • Panhellenic Recruitment Handbook 
  • Ritual & Initiation keepsakes 
  • Dried and pressed sorority flower
  • Mascot plush toy 
  • Sorority notepad or note cards 

And probably a few more things I’m not thinking of right now….. haha