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sierramisttwist  asked:

hi!! im going to be starting college this fall and I was wondering if you would share some preppy dorm ideas??

Hi, congratulations!! My best advice for dorm decorating is to mix crisp whites and clean lines with fun pops of print and color. I also suggest taking advantage of wall space as well as using lamps to create a more cozy and homey feel to the room. The point is to make the most out of the small space that you have to work with, so definitely make a plan with your roommate on organization and decorating so that things have a consistent and clean flow (you’ll both be happier that way)!


Your bedding is super important because it needs to be cute yet functional. Pay close attention to the care tag, because you need to be able to wash it when you want. Pottery Barn has some really great option, and typically has 2-3 good bedding sales over the summer. The Lilly Pulitzer bedding collection from Garnet Hill is also pretty popular if you really want to bring some color into your room (my favorites are the Tiger Lilly and the Lulu Multi). If you have a pretty big budget, I love Caitlin Wilson Textiles for throw pillows because of the fun designs and bright colors. Etsy is also a great place to find fun pillows and decor for reasonable prices. It may also be in your interest to look into getting a headboard for your bed. It makes the entire room look much more put together, plus you’ll have a comfy study space!


You can really take your decor and run with it in terms of displaying your personality in a cute and classy way. I love gallery walls and fun art prints to add color and interesting style elements. I also suggest buying an area rug to cover the majority of the floor in your room to add to the cozy/comfort effect (plus the floor is more than likely going to be a little gross, because you know, it’s a dorm). Additionally, I would suggest getting storage cubbies and a hutch for your desk, as well as a bulletin board for extra storage and organization. Baskets are perfect for the cubbies because they maintain organization while keeping up with the homey look. Mason jars are my other favorite storage container because they come in so many styles and colors, and can hold anything from food to nail polish. Lamps are the other big piece that I would encourage you to incorporate because they eliminate the harsh overhead dorm lighting, and create a more calm and cozy atmosphere in the room. (***Side Note*** be sure to bring a ton of command hooks/strips- they will be your best friend during both the decorating and decoration removal processes). Here are some of my favorite examples of room ideas on Pinterest! You can find my boards and similar styles linked here!