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Virgo - A Lilly Pad Love Letter 

The Virgo has an allure that blooms like subtle and seductive flowers, bright eyes and a bright mind that emit scenes of mystique, method, and magic. A Virgo at ease conducts a sweeping and saturating conversation. But Venus is at fall in Virgo, so the expression of love does not come so easily. They are detached enough to be serial heartbreakers. Their youthful and responsive spirit can even seem flirtatious, so people can misread signals. The purity of Virgo however, expresses love in its wholesome form, reflecting their cleansing Sheaf Bearer. Their natural labor is love. Energy is produced on behalf of other people, so they can literally live for lovers. Communication is their communion, and they know when you need advice, silence, or space. Virgo associates with the mind. Conversation can be as intimate as sex for Virgo. But their earthy nature generates intense physical needs, so there is nothing undemonstrative about Virgo. They desire to make lovers happy. They commit themselves to lovers sexually, often subordinately. There is a great respect for partners and diversion from drama or controlling behaviour. 

Virgos would rather have relationships acting as an addition to life rather than a requirement. They feel dependency is unfair to partners. Devoted and collaborative in love, Virgos rely on team work to maintain the partnership and enjoy watching the success story of loved ones. The sign of Virgo is renowned for its discrimination and perfectionism. They will prefer to sit back and patiently observe their object of desire before making their move. Their blind pursuit of perfection can paint unrealistic ideals of lovers, so Virgos can feel deeply betrayed when their loved one makes a mistake or hurts them. Emotion and love is intangible, and when Virgos cannot grab ahold of something it throws off their inner equilibrium entirely. The individual may feel a close physical, emotional, and intellectual attraction to somebody but regress when the moment comes. Love can be displayed through physical service and helpful acts like running errands, planning, or repairing. 

Virgos are easily swooned, and can become saturated by lust - yet they can be too shy to admit it. The inner hysteric in Virgo warns the individual of making the wrong move and exaggerates self consciousness. Every move they make will be deeply evaluated. Like they can spend hours internally deliberating on how to respond to a message. When partners think they are being ignored, Virgo has simply retreated into their own bubble, engaged in the comfort in the home of their thoughts, fearful, and often rife with self hatred. Within every Virgo is a heart that aches for love, yet they are not willing to compromise their order to fit that person in, that person must just ‘fit in’, and this proves its righteousness to Virgo. 


(art: Kukula - Growth & Creation, 2009, oil on board)

Theory: Book Title Significance

Hey guys, I thought I would talk about the meanings of the title for each of the books in the series so far. At first glance, it appears that the titles are chosen randomly but after some analysis, each book title seems to have its own significance that represents an aspect of the story. Originally, I was planning to only discuss the significance of the title of the most recent book, Silence Breaking, but after some encouragement from @blog-a-la-ambrose , I figured it would be better to discuss the meanings as they all tie together.

NOTE: This post will be updated everytime a book in the series is finished.

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a compilation of pos + scripps things as discussed by me and @hippocampers:
• both wear cardigans and knitwear Constantly
• this is partly because don knits on the couch of an evening
• also because david feels it’s his duty as a teacher to wear as many cardis as possible
• but, lbr, he’s been wearing wonderfully ugly and big jumpers since the 80s
• very much a “books as furniture” situation in their shared abode
• lots of large potted plants for their cat to hide in
• a lot of muttering romantic quotes into each other’s hair
• once when they were still at uni together david was a bit asleep and very enamoured with his boyf and Could Not be bothered with literary references so,
• long story short he called don a Hunk
• “Of what? Bread?”
• it has never been lived down
• for years, don couldn’t go an hour without remembering the incident out of the blue and laughing out loud
• this has earned him many Looks from old ladies on the bus in his time
• when they were in different countries to each other david would find the tackiest post card possible and write something like “you, sir, are a hunk” or perhaps just “arms” and send it off with zero (0) explanation
• alternately he’d scrawl a poignant but bizzare meditation on love. think that bit in the love letter in les mis that talks about magnetic rocks and sensitive plants and the human condition.
• he gets no response from don for ages, until suddenly a 15 page love letter arrives

My Sun/Moon Semi AU

This is going to be a long wall of text! You have been warned xD

All my future artworks for Pokemon Sun/Moon will be set in this semi-AU thus I will now set my pairings as well (so if you donโ€™t like any of the following pairings, please ignore this now.)

It states Sun/Moon for those who prefers Sun over Moon. (but I played the female character in the game so itโ€™s Moon for me)

Also, ASKS ARE OPEN~ so just send me some ideas to draw.ย 

Sun/Moon, Lillie and Hau are all 16 years old.
Gladion is 17 years old.
Guzma is 22 years old.


Gladion x Moon/Sun (mostly moon though)
Guzma x Moon
Hau x Lillie
Hau x Sun

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anonymous asked:

What do you think Gladion's reaction would be when he finds out that the trainer had waken up from a coma, only to find out that they don't remember him, or anyone for that matter

And we return with angst, the comatose thing is… surprisingly common? Idk why this is a trend. It is though so here you go. 


  • This could be the continuation of this but like Bad Ending version 
  • what is this an otome game? lol
  • Gladion has been by your bed side for days.
  • I mean, he’s not exactly the unreasonable type. He still goes home and changes clothes and visits during visitor’s hours.
  • But the nurses know his name now and they open the doors just a little bit earlier knowing he’ll be sitting there an hour early waiting for him to be allowed in.
  • When he is at home he can hardly sleep and only falls asleep after hours of staring at the ceiling.
  • The only comfortable sleep he gets is on the couch in your hospital room tbh.
  • Thank Arceus they moved you to long-term care or he wouldn’t be getting more than 2 hours of sleep lmty.
  • probably stares at the dragon memory and has violent thoughts tbh
  • It’s a typical day, another day of him falling asleep in your hospital room or maybe even filling out paperwork for Aether or something equally mundane when you wake up.
  • And!!! Gladion!!! Is!!! Stunned!!!
  • He didn’t think he’d make it this far.
  • I mean, of course you would wake up. He knew you would.
  • Didn’t expect it so soon. 
  • He should have because he knows you and you were stubborn enough to cut your coma short you probably yelled at it to be over and done with.
  • Anyway, his heart suddenly picks up speed and he’s bowling over to you with very little grace when he stops himself at the edge of your bed.
  • “It’s okay, [Y/N]. You’re in the hospital. You just woke up from a coma.”
  • He is not used to subtlety and gentleness, not from you, not when you both fought each other on a daily basis without holding back. 
  • When he hears those words though!!!
  • “who are you?”
  • It’s very likely that Gladion won’t be able to cope, so he calls your family and probably Hala to deal with it.
  • He’s still not as stable as he wants to be post-sumo having just recovered from losing his mother and sister. He’d still have doubts. It doesn’t change the fact that Gladion has lost his entire family once…
  • But the prospect of losing you is so foreign in his mind that he has to leave and let his brain process this without your confusion and panic clouding his mind.
  • “Let me lose everything but you, [Y/N]. I never thought I’d lose you. Not even once. Serves me right.”
  • probably kicks a lamppost in anger and sprains his foot
  • Locks himself up in his motel room.
  • Would be the type to bury his feelings under work.
  • The only person who can snap him out of it is you and you don’t even remember him.
  • But, they - *cough* Hau - probably tell you a bit about Gladion. It’s not everything, but it’s enough to make you go visit him.
  • “Go away.”
  • “It’s me.”
  • “[Y/N]- but, what are you doing-”
  • He forgets for a second that you don’t remember him.
  • He does not want you to get involved with him a second time. 
  • Sees this as a chance to spare you.
  • “I wouldn’t want you to go through the pain of being involved with me again.”
  • He also forgets that you don’t usually follow what he says and it’s!!! A pleasant!!! Awakening!!!
  • He falls in love with you all over again and realises that even without the memories you’re still you.
  • Is very patient afterwards and would wait for you to regain your memories, taking you through each step of your journey that he could with help from Lillie and Hau (Lillie via letters since she’s in Kanto).
  • If you ever remember him again, he’ll give you a full smile.
  • He’s content though, just to have you by his side again while you rediscover each other.
  • “Back then… before I lost my memory… were you in love with me?”
  • “… Does it matter?”

anonymous asked:

I just want all of your CT forever. In love everything from the letters between Lilly and Snape to Voldy and Harry cuteness, and Nagini getting a mother's day gift from Voldy! Can we get an Extra of her mothers day experience please?!? ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ

Perhaps. I like the idea. 😊💖💛💚💙💜

+White Lillies

the lily is a genus of flowering plants grown from a bulb. the flowers are large and can vary in color. the white lily is a symbol of purity, chastity, and virtue. it has been used to represent the virgin mary’s purity. the easter lily is used to represent the return of christ.


lokelani moved softly around the church as she gathered up easter lilies and other flowers. she had told father lantom that in addition to donating the flowers and setting them up, she would help with clean up. the church had looked beautiful for the holiday and kel had been all to happy to participate in the service, wearing a soft yellow dress and being a part of the community once again.

now she wore jeans and a burnt orange sweater as she moved about the church. the flowers she picked up were placed in a basket, and kel was happy for the mindless task. getting back into the church had been a struggle for her after everything that had happened, but father lantom welcomed her with open arms. that and going to confession a few times a week was incredibly helpful. 

gathering the last of the flowers, kel placed them by the door and went over to the confessional. chewing anxiously on her bottom lip, she wasn’t paying attention when she walked directly into someone as they were leaving the stall. stumbling back a few steps, kel got her footing and looked nervously to the man in front of her.

“oh my gosh i’m so sorry. seriously, i wasn’t paying any attention and i can be such a clutz. are you okay?” her voice was soft but still managed to move a mile a minute. seeing father lantom exit his own stall, the man gave her a small head nod and gestured that he would be back shortly. looking over the man in front of her, she frowned when she realized that she had walked directly into a blind man, some how it made her feel extra shitty. “again, i’m really sorry.”

Dear Lilly for Target,

Hello there. How has your day been? Great, I assume. You sold out your line in lightning speed. Congratulations.

Also, congratulations for losing me as a customer. Like many girls, I was more than excited for the Lilly for Target launch because I can’t afford $200+ for a dress. But you guys were going to provide a solution for girls like me. A chance to get Lilly at a fraction of the price. I’ve had the date marked in my planner ever since you announced the launch.

So April 19th rolls around. Unassuming me, you said the collection was going to be for several weeks. Why would I get up before the store opens, most brand launches are there for 3 weeks to a month. Target opens at 8 a.m. I call at 8:01 to see if the product is on the floor yet. And lo and behold, it’s sold out.

Sold out. At 8:01.

What went wrong Lilly? You of all people should know the epidemic of a shopping spree (After Party sale, Warehouse sale anyone?). So why wasn’t enough product provided to begin with? Why are there stories of items being ripped out of the hands of other people? Why are there stories of middle-age suburban moms buying things in bulk just to resell on Ebay?

You had the perfect opportunity to reach a demographic of people who can’t normally buy your products. Instead, you catered towards your elite, to those who will spend $200+ on a dress and not blink an eye.

You failed me, Lilly.

You had the option to create enough product or to create a limit per customer. But no, you didn’t heed such advice.

The worst of if it is the fact that you won’t even acknowledge the countless numbers of Lilly fans who have been asking for hours if there will be a restock. You haven’t acknowledged the numerous tweets with complaints, horror stories and questions.

I’ve been Twitter watching you. You have favorited the tweets of those who managed to get something and come out alive. You’re ignoring everyone else.

Is there going to be a restock? Do you even care?

So, congrats Lilly. All plans I had of ever being a customer with you are gone now. I will not grace your doors with my presence, nor your websites nor anything else.

To some, it might just be a clothing launch and if you snooze, you lose.

But for a company that marketed and advertised and hyped as much as you did, you failed to produce.

I for one do not want to partake in a brand that doesn’t prepare for its customers, that doesn’t care for them, that makes promises that fall through.

If we don’t stop things like this from happening again, we are just going to get overrun with madness.

I hope you eventually take into consideration all of the fans you could have had that you lost.