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Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime

Yall act like the anime was already out and 10 episodes in.

And for people who are using screenshots to justify the animation quality, an animation is not captured in a screenshot or frame, its the overall movement. When you animate cartoons, you exaggerate and modify movements and faces in between to make a smoother, quicker flow. So of course Pikachu looks hella derp in that one freeze frame.

Plus, i like the new animation style, its refreshing! Kind of like digimon before vs digimom now. But that doesn’t mean I’m putting down the old style because that was awesome too. Also, it’s not like ash hasnt been aging much, he’s technically still really young. If we are really putting an age down, he’s supposed to be around 30 already.

Give it a shot and quit your complaining for now. Start talking when the anime has actually been out for a while now where you actually have things to base your opinions on.


Immortan Rose and her War Pearls!
War Pearls: Laura Uniacke and Lilly Kitten’s niece
Photography: Tentacle Spine and Laura Uniacke

The Rose Quartz cosplay is only partially finished so we have no proper shots of it yet. We wore it as fill in when it became clear Immortan Joe would not be ready in time for Melbourne AMC expo. The Immprtan Mask was on display in this silliness happened at the end of the con….

We may even custom make an Immortan Rose and her War Pearls cosplay and group to celebrate a certain follower milestone ;) 


                             Help me name my new kitten!                             

Hello Tumblr! A while ago, my lovely little Bugsy had to be put down because of a liver issue, which was a very difficult time for us, but even worse for my other cat; Lilly. She had lived with him for nearly 8 years, and has been very lonely lately, as she has had nobody to play of sleep with during the day. At night, she has been yowling and keeping us awake, and she has torn up all the carpets. We’ve spoken to a variety of vets, cat breeders and owners, and have come to the conclusion that the best thing is to get another cat (who is male, so she doesn’t get too territorial). Eventually, we found this little guy who is extremely calm and laid back, and he will be coming home on Sunday. I’m letting you all know because we need to name him, and have been struggling to come up with anything good.


Please reblog this with your ideas! They can be serious, silly, anything! I would really appreciate it, and, you never know, you could be responsible for naming an adorable little ball of fluff! If you, like me, can’t come up with anything, please reblog anyway, so that people see this, and my new kitten get the most awesome name ever!

Thanks for reading my rather long request ^-^


Kevin Henkes was just a teenager when he decided he wanted to write picture books. He landed his first book contract when he was still in college.

“People used to assume that I had kids long before I did,” he tells NPR’s Kelly McEvers. He eventually had children of his own, but that didn’t change his writing process the way one might have expected.

“When my wife was pregnant with our first child people would say, ‘Oh now you’re going to have so many more ideas,’ ” he recalls. “And it didn’t really happen. I think some of the greats in this field were not parents. I think it probably comes from some other place deep inside. I don’t think you have to have children to write for them.”

The Caldecott and Newbery award-winning author, who has won children over with his lovable cast of characters — Chrysanthemum, Wemberly, Kitten, Lilly — has a new picture book, called Waiting.

See the full interview here.

– Petra

A Little Help

|| @dark-blue-mondays ||

With the day of activating his portal drawing nearer, Sheldon was thankful for the distraction of the party planning. It was fun and all part of the new beginnings he was building. He’d just started to move him and Wayne properly into their new penthouse, but there was some work to be done to get it party-ready. Veda had offered to help after turning down his offer to attend the party and he was thankful for the extra hand. Wayne had been helping earlier but had headed out to walk Mets before his shift at the bar that evening.

Sheldon however, had gotten entirely distracted by the small kitten in his lap. He’d meant to be preparing for Harrison to come down, but Tiger Lilly, the kitten Emma had thrust upon him the day before had managed to derail his thoughts entirely. Sitting on the floor with his lap full of purring cat, Sheldon barely noticed Harrison enter.


This is my dog, Sasha.
It’s been 2 days since my cat Lilly had her kittens & this is the first time Sasha has seen them.
She hasn’t moved, nor taken her eyes off of them since I got home, which was about an hour ago.