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This little girl discovered her first dragon fly today among the tiger lilies! Nestled in the safety of my sweater she made a significant discovery of the natural world. She was so mesmerized! She never tried to attack it, she just watched with delight ;) It’s a pleasure watching her discover the joys of the witches world! 

In case you guys were wondering how the two beans were getting along.

Lilly still doesn’t know what to do with a kitten. He comes running whenever she starts crying, makes startled noises when she pounces on him, and whenever we’ve put her down after holding her he sniffs and grooms her for a second before deciding we haven’t murdered her and walking away.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime

Yall act like the anime was already out and 10 episodes in.

And for people who are using screenshots to justify the animation quality, an animation is not captured in a screenshot or frame, its the overall movement. When you animate cartoons, you exaggerate and modify movements and faces in between to make a smoother, quicker flow. So of course Pikachu looks hella derp in that one freeze frame.

Plus, i like the new animation style, its refreshing! Kind of like digimon before vs digimom now. But that doesn’t mean I’m putting down the old style because that was awesome too. Also, it’s not like ash hasnt been aging much, he’s technically still really young. If we are really putting an age down, he’s supposed to be around 30 already.

Give it a shot and quit your complaining for now. Start talking when the anime has actually been out for a while now where you actually have things to base your opinions on.


Best buds🐾

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Tiny but Mighty! (Preschool AU)


Jeremy was scared, he didn’t wanna go to this new place!

The foster parents pushed him in and told him to be good, or else

As he cuddled his Piplup stuffie, he shivered and whimpered softly

Him only being four, he was scared easily, and nothing scared him more than being hurt or teased because of his ears

As he turned around, he knocked into someone, him squeaking and falling down, his little blue flower crown flying off

“S-Sorry!” He squeaked and went to help the little girl up


Kevin Henkes was just a teenager when he decided he wanted to write picture books. He landed his first book contract when he was still in college.

“People used to assume that I had kids long before I did,” he tells NPR’s Kelly McEvers. He eventually had children of his own, but that didn’t change his writing process the way one might have expected.

“When my wife was pregnant with our first child people would say, ‘Oh now you’re going to have so many more ideas,’ ” he recalls. “And it didn’t really happen. I think some of the greats in this field were not parents. I think it probably comes from some other place deep inside. I don’t think you have to have children to write for them.”

The Caldecott and Newbery award-winning author, who has won children over with his lovable cast of characters — Chrysanthemum, Wemberly, Kitten, Lilly — has a new picture book, called Waiting.

See the full interview here.

– Petra