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zombiesolace  asked:

duuude i just read your chapter of this familiar feeling and i died ,its fantastic i really like the tone you've taken with the promposal + all of Lance's dialogue is ace ,its a win and i can't wait to see how that Look - damn you've got me good - changes into actual ykno communication lol ,thank you for your awesome writing <333

oH JEEZ IM EMOTIONAL?? 💕💕💕💕thank you so much, this really means a lot to me!!! my chapter in ‘this familiar feeling’ is actually the 2nd thing i’ve ever written for voltron, and the first thing i’ve ever had published in any fandom, so i was v nervous at first… but luckily writing lance’s pov is so fun!!

anywho, i hope you’re excited to see what’s coming next, bc lilly @hajimestooru and i have been working hard!