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Iris: "look at that flower" ; Lillum: "You're my flower" ; Iris: "what" ; Lillium: "I said you should shower. ya stink" ; Iris: "That's rude"

Lillium that’s mean he’s wearing YOUR jacket after all

wait does this mean you are no longer making art of broganes? i apologize if you already made a post addressing this, i just kinda didn’t understand what you were saying in your most recent fanart of shiro and keith. sorry if i’m being a little daft, and thank you for your wonderful artwork and personality

Yes, I’m not drawing broganes anymore. I’ve made a thread regarding the issue and reasons why here

That is so surreal to me, but so awesome for you! I just started reading CTC, and I love it, but someone else likes it enough to make a fanfic about it? That’s insane, how do you even react? 

My heart swells and I am full of love and affection

was lillium secretly the leaf all along

X-file theme plays…