LillithCosplay's Costume Piece Sale

My closet has gotten a tad full and I’m selling some cosplay pieces that need a good home.

Kingdom Hearts- Kairi’s shoes
Made 2 years ago, size can fit women’s 5-8 easily. Made of cloth and foam. Starting price $40.

Briar Rose- Grey Skirt
Elastic waist can fit most sizes. $10.
Bodice available if someone would like it, price negotiable.

Sasuke Uchiha - Full costume.
Includes shirt (Size SM), pants (32x32 with elastic waist), arm bands, shoes (Fits around women’s 6-7) and headband (if you want it) $40.

Attack on Titan Survey Corps Jacket
Size SM

No. 6- Shion’s Jacket
Made 2 years ago, Can fit sizes SM to Large. $30.

Homestuck- God Tier Jake’s Hood
Just the hood and cape piece. Made of cloth and foam. $18.

Starfighter- Abel’s wig $10.

Maka Albarn’s Formal Dress.
Size Small, additional photos available. Made for someone with a medium to small bust size. $30. 

Shoot me a message if you’re interested! And please, spread the word!

Maka Albarn’s Scythe! 

This was the first prop I’ve ever constructed! Made out of PVC pipe, insulation foam and latex paint. Total construction took about… 13 hours total, I’ve been working on it since January.

I learned ALOT from creating this, definitely won’t be the last weapon I tackle! 

Debuting as Maka from Soul Eater at Anime Boston 2013


Okay so in honor of cosplay appreciation day I need to show some appreciation.

This hobby legitimately changed my life and I honestly have no idea where I would be without it. It has strengthened, tested, and created friendships that I wouldn’t trade anything for and I would not be able to continue growing and improving in my costume creation and shell out the money to travel as far and as often as I do. I am so, so grateful for all of the support I have in this community and for all the opportunities I’m given to meet amazing people the world over just because we gather together to dress up in costumes. The photos here definitely don’t showcase everyone that matters to me in this community but they’re some people I’m especially happy to have in my life as fellow cosplayers and as friends.

Neelie (Sailor Moon) has been my friend for a really long time and she stepped into the cosplay community with me and has been by my side ever since. It’s so good to have someone I can travel with without stress and have support and companionship from that knows me as well as she does and it has been amazing to watch her learn and grow and I am so proud of the progress she has made in this hobby.

Katie/Finny (Zero III) is one of the closest friends I’ve made through just running into each other convention after convention until we actually started communicating in other ways. She’s fantastic at what she does and is a blast to have around!

Elliot (Aurora) is another friend met at a convention but we found out after a while that we actually lived near each other. Cosplay jams with him are really fun and even though he’s a more recent friend he’s a great support and an energizing presence!

Meaghan (Stocking) is the reason I got into cosplay in the first place, I’d say. If we hadn’t met on a Pokemon roleplay forum years ago and continued our friendship from there until we decided to meet in person at a Naruto movie showing and then go to Anime Boston together in 2008 I don’t know if I ever would have discovered this hobby. She’s a fantastic and creative person and is a constant reminder to me that this is about friendship and fun.

Gideon (Haruka) is someone I met here on Tumblr after recognizing him in photos from Anime Boston a couple years back. He and his fiancee Ellome (Rin) live far from me but are a wonderful cheering squad via the internets and when we do manage to get together and cosplay together it’s a wonderful feeling! Especially because Ellome is such a veteran and Gideon is a bit fresher to the scene than I am it’s great to watch them play on each other’s strengths.

And Vicky (Gou) is another very recent friend but a great example of what can happen when you meet someone cosplaying from the same series as you. She was a blast to shoot with at Otakon and I very much hope to interact with her more in the future!

Wow this kind of got away from me and I wish I could justify adding more photos and gush over more people but there’s only so much to realistically be done. ;u; Top four photos were taken by me, bottom photo was taken by Finny!

SO elliot just got out of the shower and was leaning on me and i wa slike “stooopppp” and they just go “wHY CAUSE ITS WET AND UNCOMFORTABLE?! You wanna know what else is wet and uncomfortable” they drop their towel revealing thEIR NAKED BODY TO ME AND SAYS “Grandmama, It’s me, Anastasia

and now im processing what just happened to me by making this post 


My Halloween costume this year: Peter Pan! 

Best thing about this holiday is that it’s all fun and no work. I made this in about an hour and the fun I had with my group running around campus and taking pictures was one of the best costume experiences I’ve had. 

It’s motivated me to re-make the costume for a convention later this year!

Thanks to Alex for taking the photos and being my Tinkerbell!