Art the main character for @palolabg comic The artist and the Machine which is coming back soon!

So we are all about the cute stuff and well we are adding a new cute style to our drawings! 

right now Lola is in her last year of college so as one might imagine she’s quite busy :P (and there’s been less content) But I think we found a good way to give you guys more content! so yaay!

Anyway hope you like it! and stay tunes for more cuties!

anonymous asked:

How about Lola and Jabra, I think he would be one of the few men who wouldn't turn down her marriage proposal since he seems to have an interesting taste in women. Not to mention I think he would make a good husband to Lola as well.

This is arguably the best ship ever™ tysm

- Mod Strawhat

  • “Marry me” “Eh, why not, I’m not getting any younger” “Wait, what?”
  • Its canon. That is now The Trafalgar Law
  • Terrible duets sung together
  • Their wedding would be so much fun to attend It would be the b i g g e s t trainwreck ever. I want in!!
  • He’d have a pink rose on his breast and Lola would be wearing the biggest, most froufrou dress to ever exist.
  • This would be super adorable?? Like, he’d be such a good paternal figure to prospective children because he’d be so high energy with them. I like it.
Mostly, I’m sorry I treated you like wanting things to be nice was small. Because I know that’s what it’s like in there. It’s this thing in your head telling you that you’re weak. That you’re small. But don’t believe it. Okay? Thats, that’s just the story it tells you. Tell yourself a different story. Cause you’re not small. Okay? You’re the biggest thing in my world.
—  Lafontaine bringing me to tears