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But there is abortion storyline season 3

Oh yeah, it definitely appears that Miles and Lola are going to sleep together. So it makes sense that Lola is the one getting an abortion. 

My ideal scenario for this whole Triles/Lola mess:

Tristan is hurt in the bus crash/recovering. His injuries/trauma cause him to push Miles away and distance himself from Miles. Maybe Miles comes to visit Tristan in episode one and Tristan’s mom sends him away because he doesn’t want to see Miles. 

Miles has an emotional scene (that we know Eric filmed from that tweet a while back) - it’s with Tristan. Episode ¾ they finally talk and decide to break up.

Meanwhile Miles is growing closer to Lola as they work on the play together. Tristan is still recovering from the crash. Episode 306 Miles and Lola sleep together.

By 308 it appears that Tristan is in maybe a healthier place and is ready to see Miles again as he tries to make it to Miles’ play. I’m hoping for a least a talk here, aiming at friendship at this point.

310 - Tristan can sense that something is wrong with Miles. I’m hoping, if they are in a friendly place, Tristan could offer Miles support. 

And tahdah! There we have a Triles breakup. THERE IS NO LOVE TRIANGLE. Miles and Lola still hook up. THE ONLY BI CHARACTER DOESN’T CHEAT ON HIS BF. The possibility for strong character development for MILES, LOLA and TRISTAN. 

Like, it’s not impossible to do. So I’m staying positive and hoping for the best. It’s hard for me to see Miles/Lola working out long term. I’m thinking it’s either a fling or a casual kind of thing. Miles probably shouldn’t jump in another relationship right away, regardless of how Triles end.

Today’s Forecast: Scarves, Books, and a chance of Cuddles…

Honestly it still blows my mind every time I think of how many different versions of Perry we’ve gotten to see in Carmilla. Like we’ve got:

• Regular Perry (season 1)
• Shady Possessed Perry trying to act like Regular Perry (season 2)
• Backstory Hippie Perry (season 0)
• Alt!Perry (season 3)
• Dean Perry (season 3)

And Annie is so good at giving each version their own unique characterization while still technically playing the same role and I think that’s really cool