lillies nyc

Let’s Dine

New York, USA; May 2014


Photo by Danger In Design [Erica & Elly Ang]

Why would I do a Hannibal burlesque show?

My answer is always “because i love it and I think other people will too.” And that’s certainly true in this case but it’s still an odd choice. Hannibal is sensual and, at times, funny but it’s not overtly sexual or or funny in the way that burlesque is usually funny. Hannibal is such an amazing work; so beautifully made, so staggeringly well written and acted, inviting comparison by paying tribute to it is a pretty overwhelming challenge.

But it deserves tribute. And such a beautiful and sensual show should have some beautiful, sensual, naked people in it.

Lewd was the first person to convince me that we could do a Hannibal act at least once. And then I loved the act so much, we had to do it more.

That was just a preview of this amazing show. I hope you’ll join us for more.