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'It' Star Sophia Lillis Talks 'Shocking' First Encounter With Pennywise
Actress Star Sophie Lillis, who plays Beverly Marsh in new 'It' movie remake, talks friendship, photography and facing down killer clown Pennywise.

on working with bill:
“We actually weren’t allowed to see him until our scenes, because we wanted the horror to be real,” Lillis recalls. “Everyone had different reactions, but all of us were like, ‘Wow, what did we get ourselves into?’ One look at him, and… you know, he’s a really scary clown that wants to kill us. I was a little bit shocked,” she laughs. “But then he went up to me afterwards and was like, 'Hi, how’s things?’ He’s really nice, but I didn’t know how to react." 


I haven’t even scratched the surface of fashion yet. If you are not a clearly defined human being, it is very hard to define your image. And, it is such a difficult thing to navigate. What I’ve realized in my own journey in fashion is that I’m not that defined. I do feel like I am at ease in my own skin when I find an androgynous balance. It’s one of the things I love about my new haircut! I found the balance between masculine and feminine that I am always striving for and never getting.