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“i’m the lawyer helping you get custody of your daughter and oops you’re all kinds of adorable with her and also i think she’s growing attached to me is this good or bad” Majorly Judging you w/Kara as the cute daughter :)

i love this prompt thank you so much

‘Should we go over it once more?’

Lucy sighs heavily, running her hand through her hair as she scans her notes again. She shakes her head. ‘It’s late, Alura. The best thing you can do at this point is sleep, probably’.

‘I’m just…’ the anxiety in Alura’s voice is clear, the fear behind her eyes burning, as it has been, more and more, as this day has approached, ‘I want to do everything I can’.

‘Hey’, Lucy reaches across the space between them to grip Alura’s hand, ‘we’ve got this, okay?’

‘And yet I can’t help but worry’. Alura grips her hand like its a lifeline, and Lucy’s heart aches. Alura has been so strong since this mess began, but she looks so exhausted. ‘It’s not that I don’t have faith in your abilities, Lucy, its just -’

‘You’re a judge’, she says softly, trying to soothe, and comfort, as best she can, ‘and you’ve seen cases backfire, I know’.

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“I want you to have it.”

Lillian frowns, her eyes darting between Madeleine and the stroller. “Why?” she demands. “What’s wrong with it?”

“Nothing! I accidentally ordered it in the black fabric instead of the black melange, and the company refuses to exchange it. Besides, I know how badly you need a stroller, Lilly. I’ve seen the hand-me-down garage sale junker you’re currently using, and I worry that poor Milo will fall right out of it!”

“Are you… Are you sure?” she breathes. “I won’t accept charity, Maddie, and it looks really expensive…”

“I’m positive! It’s all yours. I’ve already bought another one anyway, so if you don’t take it then I’d probably just end up shoving this one into a closet somewhere and forgetting about it. I would much rather give it to a friend who can get some use out of it.”

Lillian studies Madeleine’s face for a moment before bounding over to hug her. “I don’t know what to say!” she exclaims. “Thank you so much!”

“Thank you for taking it off my hands,” Maddie beams.

“How are you feeling?” Lillian asks as she fondly pats her companion’s swollen belly. “Are you ready to meet your baby?”

“I’m ready to not be pregnant anymore,” she replies with a laugh. “My obstetrician says it should be any day now.”

“That’s so exciting!” she sighs. “And you still don’t know what you’re having?”

Maddie shakes her head. “I think it’s a boy, but Westley seems convinced that I’m having a girl.”

“You’re still seeing Westley?” Lillian scowls.

“Yes. I don’t know why I shouldn’t.”

“Because you’re married!”

Madeleine rolls her eyes. “West and I are just friends, and you know it.”

“I know that you two would be a lot more than ‘ just friends’ if you had your say about it.”

“Maybe, maybe not,” she shrugs. “But it doesn’t matter. Westley has made it perfectly clear that he’s not interested in anything more than a platonic relationship. And besides, he’s dating some other woman now anyway.”

Lillian’s eyes widen. “Who is she?”

“I refuse to discuss it, but you can ask him yourself here shortly. We have dinner plans, and I told him to pick me up from your place at six.”

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honestly, that was the best episode of the entire season. it had everything. j’onzz being a protective space dad, winn and lyra being disgustingly cute (just get a room already), james as guardian capturing a lex luthor look-alike, alex beating the crap out of said lex luthor look-alike, danvers father-daughter drama, lillian luthor being an extra ass dramatic ass binch, maggie getting more than 2 minutes of screen time, brian, sanvers ride-or-die dream team, salmonella’s mommy and daddy finally arriving to drag his ass back to space, kara’s own character arch actually being developed, lena luthor and her lunch dates eyebrow raises and hearteyes, supercorp rising (literally and figuratively!), storylines that parallel troubling real life issues, and most importantly, the danvers sisters believing and supporting each other again

In Her Eyes You’re Everything

Lena watches Kara almost constantly. Kara doesn’t notice, she’s pretty sure, far too encompassed in whatever she’s doing (she doesn’t do anything halfway, putting her whole heart into everything around her). Also because the moment she turns to look at Lena, Lena glances away, hiding her face and her blush. But when Kara isn’t looking, Lena watches her and falls in love.

Lena knows all her mannerisms, the way she adjusts her glances with her thumb and forefinger most of the time, but if she’s been eating donuts she uses her palm to avoided getting powered sugar on them (it ends up in her hair instead, a light dusting like snow and Lena can’t bring herself to tell her). Her smiles often start out slow, just the slight upturn at the corners of her lips, as if she’s not sure she’s allowed to smile. But when she decides she is allowed (Lena would be crazy to forbid it) they’re so wide and bright that Lena’s heart races. She purses her lips when she’s thinking and scrunches up her nose, but her eyebrows only draw together into a crinkle if she’s actually upset.

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unwrapping a present. laughing with your friends. a Hershey’s kiss. hickeys. songs on repeat. when someone goes out of their way to show you they care. daisies, lillies and sunflowers. the colour yellow: overflowing with happiness, smiles and positivity. blowing bubbles. the thrill of being onstage. rainbows and unicorns. original grimm fairytales. jumping into cold water on a hot day. the very starting of summer.
—  name aesthetics: Lily/Lillian //requested by anonymous

Diana Bracken, the girl who loved music, who played along with the games of her master, who all of Rifthold knew.

Celaena Sardothein, the faceless girl, renowned for her crimes, feared for her fierce killings, the assassin stripped of everything to mine salt, stripped of everything to compete for liberty.

Lillian Gordaina, the frivolous competitor, the female in a ring of men, the newest girl of the prince, the opposition to the other champions, the opposition to the king himself.

Elentiya, the faithful friend, the companion of a princess, the hidden spirit made of iron and steel, the unbroken one, a secret keeper and a secret herself.

Fireheart, the girl of ashes and the heir, the heroine of the future, the flaming leader.

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, the passionate princess, the ruler of Terrasen, the Fae, the goddess, the queen.

Cinderella’s motorcycle

Summary: Lily can’t stand these parties. Good thing Jason has better plans. 

Pairing: Jason x OC

Notes: HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK @guns-n-lilies ! I am so glad we are friends and I’m sorry I couldn’t post this sooner! (but as we say in my family, it’s your birthday week!) 

Stand up striate

Walk slow


But not too wide

Be graceful

Take small bites

Speak softly

Lily quietly whispered these and many more directions as she slowly walked through the ballroom. Her beautiful crimson dress glittered in the lights of the chandeliers above her. Lights that glittered twinkling across the beautiful ballroom like stars in a golden sky above. The band played a graceful tune as several couples danced. Others watched indulging in only the finest of foods as they observed the world around them.

Everything was so beautiful.

Yet ugly.

Behind all those smiles and beautiful dresses was judgment. Looking down their nose at everyone. Their kind words were laced with double meaning and their sweet gestures were all had ulterior motives.  

A single Bible verse came to Lily’s mind as she walked around the room hearing the small murmurings of her fellow elites.

“Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own?”

It was all stifling. The fake smiles and the backhanded comments. The “did you hear this?” and the “you wouldn’t believe that!”

As the swam deeper into the ocean of sharks Lily felt like she was drowning. Swimming against the current of judgment that swirled around her. Her red dress like a drop of blood in the golden sea and the predators were hungry.

Their eyes seemed to take in everything stripping her down and building her up in their minds into the girl they wanted to see. Whether it was true or not was left to the unknown because suddenly Lily couldn’t stand it anymore.

Turning she ran. Ran as fast as she could without drawing attention to herself. Bursting into the dark unknown of the gardens that surrounded the large mansion. Clinging to the wall for support she slowly took a few deep breaths letting the fresh fill her lungs. Gasping for breath like a drowning man as she tried to calm the raising of her heartbeat. Suddenly her eyes flickered to a figure leaning against the wall hidden by shadows.

“Where are you going in such a rush Cinderella?”  Lily couldn’t help but smile as she straightened herself brushing away a few stray hairs from her one perfect updo. She could recognize that voice anywhere, “Prince Charming not as charming as you thought?”

“Why are you here Jason?” she asked putting her hands on her hips, “I thought you hated these things.”

“Because I knew you did too.” He said holding out his hand for her to take. She giggled lightly as she took his rough hand feeling his grip tighten reassuringly as he spun her around for a moment taking in her beauty. Her red dress sparkling in the moonlight sending sparks of dull light like flames into the night air.

“Run away with me Cinderella.”

“What about Prince Charming?”

“Screw him.” He said pulling her to him, “He will just lock you up in a tower. I will give you what you always wanted.”

“And what is that?” Lily asked looking up at him, her doe brown eyes meeting his blue ones. Gently he leaned down to kiss her. Soft and gentle, like he always did. Like he treasured her more than anyone else. Like she was made of glass like the slippers in the fairytale.

“Adventure” he whispered breaking away leaning forward his lips brushing against her ear.

The pulling away he started walking away, his grip still on her hands. “Where are you taking me?” Lily giggled as he lead her through a maze of walkways he just laughed turning down yet another corridor.

“You’ll see.”

Finally he slowed, Lily in tow slightly out of breath from their romp through the grounds. A red motorcycle hidden among the trees. “M’lady you steed awaits.” Jason said bowing his hand motioning toward the bike.

“I…” she paused eyeing the bike spectrally.

“Come on Cinderella, your adventure awaits.”

She climbed up behind him holding her dress away from the ground as he sped off.

They rode into the night. Through a city filled with a million colors, all vibrant and full of life. Loud noises and music that seemed to beat like a heartbeat of the city. Beating loud and fast matching Lily’s heart as they drove.

Drove fast and hard.

Finally they ended their adventure on the hills overlooking the city. Jason lead her to a small grassy spot pulling out a small blanket before helping her sit next to him. Gently she rested her head against his shoulder as they watched the bright lights of the city slowly fade as the looking at the slowly fading lights as the sun over took their brightest in the sky.

“Hey Lily.” Jason whispered his hand intertwined with hers gently playing her fingers.


He looked down at her, his eyes meeting hers as the morning sun’s lights cascading light across his face.

“Happy Birthday.”


Awesome Under-Appreciated Recurring Babylon 5 Characters

those wonderful characters that only appear in a few episodes, or only have a few lines, or who just need more love from the fandom at large

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Just wanna say I appreciate your blog; it's SO hard & scarce to find a blog that writes fics for black women. It's like we're not even thought of...

Yeah, I know that personally. There’s nothing like reading a reader insert fic and all of a sudden they’re talking about pale skin and turning red.

I will say that you guys are some of the greatest readers ever, you give feedback and you’re never rude when asking for a fic. I’ve written for other fandoms and just kept my writing race non specific but writing for black people is really nice because you’re grateful for the hardwork that goes into writing.

~Mod Lillian

i remember how initially uncomfortable i was with how blatant supergiant made it that sybil and the kendrells were gay, when the central story is the love tragedy between red an the boxer, and red and the city. but as the game progresses, it becomes apparent that the camerata aren’t the antagonists, not really – perhaps they are to red, but they aren’t the antagonists of the story.

they’re part of the love tragedy.

sybil, who, even processed, waited for red at the empty set, who filled her backdoor with red’s music, who could never be saved. grant, who lived for the city he destroyed, and who died for it. asher, who lived for grant, who tried to save cloudbank but followed grant to the country, who may even have drank the poison from the same glass. even royce, alone in fairview, the man who loved his vision of an ideal cloudbank so much more than the cloudbank he’d grown up in, who suggested the camerata in the first place and who killed for it. they’re all part of the love tragedy, and they’re all a love tragedy of their own.

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i voted for philosopheres and my face tag is tagged/vanity xx

tbh your whole blog is on point<3

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Really I looked at her and saw what I wanted to be. Same interests, similar looks, just somehow a thousand time better. And I wasn’t angry of jealous when I saw her, just utterly in awe. Because right there was my idea of perfection, personified in a slightly creepy, art-loving goddess.

a final farewell

(A crumpled note, written in shaky, spidery script. Some of the words are heavily crossed out.)

the monsters are said to come from the hubris of men, and is it perhaps the same sin again to drink their blood, to become something more than mortal, less than sane. there is no glory in this; no justification for becoming half-men.

(The script is unintelligible here, too scribbled to decipher.)

these days i don’t feel much besides pain, hunger. my dreams are as dark as they were when i first took the oath, and there are half-formed things lurking at the corners of my eyes. i see darkspawn everywhere. they told me I would know when the day had come for me to join my brothers and sisters amongst the ruins of the dwarven cities, to lay my bones down next to theirs.

i imagine i have discovered that day, and I may even be a little overdue.

i feel bloated with the sickness

I pray to sweet Andraste hope that this letter finds you well, love, dearest, heart, friend. may your feet ever be swift, and the youth never plucked from you.

a final farewell,
Rakol Cousland

(Cousland was the Hero of the Fifth Blight. This was written shortly before his death. It is unknown who the letter was for.)

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i voted for you to stay lonelycosima because it's cute af, and my face tag is /tagged/my face

shoot girl I don’t follow many blogs like yours but I love it, okay?

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I felt that she was the kind of girl I could rant to. She wouldn’t just listen, but encourage, and provide insight. I could scream about feminism at three in the morning and she would be there, nodding intently and probably screaming along. Building up our arguments together, we would be unstoppable. We could take conquer the world. It doesn’t sound like much, but to me it was everything. See, passion is what makes a person beautiful, and she exuded such pure passion it radiated from her skin like sunlight, illuminating the world for all who knew her.

you want?