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“i’m the lawyer helping you get custody of your daughter and oops you’re all kinds of adorable with her and also i think she’s growing attached to me is this good or bad” Majorly Judging you w/Kara as the cute daughter :)

i love this prompt thank you so much

‘Should we go over it once more?’

Lucy sighs heavily, running her hand through her hair as she scans her notes again. She shakes her head. ‘It’s late, Alura. The best thing you can do at this point is sleep, probably’.

‘I’m just…’ the anxiety in Alura’s voice is clear, the fear behind her eyes burning, as it has been, more and more, as this day has approached, ‘I want to do everything I can’.

‘Hey’, Lucy reaches across the space between them to grip Alura’s hand, ‘we’ve got this, okay?’

‘And yet I can’t help but worry’. Alura grips her hand like its a lifeline, and Lucy’s heart aches. Alura has been so strong since this mess began, but she looks so exhausted. ‘It’s not that I don’t have faith in your abilities, Lucy, its just -’

‘You’re a judge’, she says softly, trying to soothe, and comfort, as best she can, ‘and you’ve seen cases backfire, I know’.

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“I want you to have it.”

Lillian frowns, her eyes darting between Madeleine and the stroller. “Why?” she demands. “What’s wrong with it?”

“Nothing! I accidentally ordered it in the black fabric instead of the black melange, and the company refuses to exchange it. Besides, I know how badly you need a stroller, Lilly. I’ve seen the hand-me-down garage sale junker you’re currently using, and I worry that poor Milo will fall right out of it!”

“Are you… Are you sure?” she breathes. “I won’t accept charity, Maddie, and it looks really expensive…”

“I’m positive! It’s all yours. I’ve already bought another one anyway, so if you don’t take it then I’d probably just end up shoving this one into a closet somewhere and forgetting about it. I would much rather give it to a friend who can get some use out of it.”

Lillian studies Madeleine’s face for a moment before bounding over to hug her. “I don’t know what to say!” she exclaims. “Thank you so much!”

“Thank you for taking it off my hands,” Maddie beams.

“How are you feeling?” Lillian asks as she fondly pats her companion’s swollen belly. “Are you ready to meet your baby?”

“I’m ready to not be pregnant anymore,” she replies with a laugh. “My obstetrician says it should be any day now.”

“That’s so exciting!” she sighs. “And you still don’t know what you’re having?”

Maddie shakes her head. “I think it’s a boy, but Westley seems convinced that I’m having a girl.”

“You’re still seeing Westley?” Lillian scowls.

“Yes. I don’t know why I shouldn’t.”

“Because you’re married!”

Madeleine rolls her eyes. “West and I are just friends, and you know it.”

“I know that you two would be a lot more than ‘ just friends’ if you had your say about it.”

“Maybe, maybe not,” she shrugs. “But it doesn’t matter. Westley has made it perfectly clear that he’s not interested in anything more than a platonic relationship. And besides, he’s dating some other woman now anyway.”

Lillian’s eyes widen. “Who is she?”

“I refuse to discuss it, but you can ask him yourself here shortly. We have dinner plans, and I told him to pick me up from your place at six.”

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honestly, that was the best episode of the entire season. it had everything. j’onzz being a protective space dad, winn and lyra being disgustingly cute (just get a room already), james as guardian capturing a lex luthor look-alike, alex beating the crap out of said lex luthor look-alike, danvers father-daughter drama, lillian luthor being an extra ass dramatic ass binch, maggie getting more than 2 minutes of screen time, brian, sanvers ride-or-die dream team, salmonella’s mommy and daddy finally arriving to drag his ass back to space, kara’s own character arch actually being developed, lena luthor and her lunch dates eyebrow raises and hearteyes, supercorp rising (literally and figuratively!), storylines that parallel troubling real life issues, and most importantly, the danvers sisters believing and supporting each other again

Bumbleby Week Day 1: YIN AND YANG

Blake was the darkness, Yang was the light- on the surface there was no denying that.

The shadows seemed to manifest wherever Blake stepped. They clung to her- whispering, black whorls of nothingness and everything- little, cackling phantoms of her mind that sought to tear her down. They dwelled in the white noise and dark silence; fed off of her semblance; fed off of her fear, growing ever-so-slightly in size, but much heavier in weight. Of course, she tried stopping it- the darkness ripping through her heart, tainting her soul, her body, her mind. She tried the happy thoughts, the fake smiles- a forced romance, but it continued to ravage under the skin, bubbling in her blood- untamable. She feared herself and that darkness crawling within her in, growling. It drove her in circles, running from this, running from that- fleeing from one silence to another. However, the shadows persisted and Blake wilted, restless. The weight of the torment gathered on her shoulders; the white noise deafened her and she sunk to her knees, cradling her arms; craving silence.

Wherever Yang walked, sunlight filtered through leaves and parted clouds; the rooms she entered lit up and eventually even warmed. She emitted this comfortable warmth with her smiles; her voice dripped thickly like honey- sweet. There never seemed to be a time where there wasn’t a smile or a knowing smirk or some sort of goofy grin plastered across her face. She radiated this brightness that sent shadows scurrying away and laughed these laughs that would act like demon repellent- she was such a joyous bundle of eternal fire, burning at the fingertips. She was the light- warm; bright- a damn good source of happiness and horrible, horrible jokes. She was Yang Xiao Long, the bright, sun-shiney girl who wanted nothing more than to burn brighter than everything and anything else.

But then something happened.

Yang Xiao Long was not all happiness, warmth, and cheer, and Blake Belladonna was certainly not made of only darkness and shadows.

There trapped within the body of an eternal flame was a little girl who grew up too quickly, head held high, chest puffed out, dark circles under her eyes. She walked aimlessly in circles, searching for this, searching for that- haunted by those scathing, red eyes and a responsibility that was not meant for her. That little girl shouldered her way through deaths and abandonment, a wary smile on her face, chin leveled, the faintest trace of tears in her eyes; she continued still, until she couldn’t anymore.

Yang Xiao Long fell to her knees, defeated.

The other had a sense loyalty that couldn’t be broken, a sense of justice like none other- led astray at first, but it quickly found its footing. She shouldered the world, burdened by prejudices, and learned quickly at a young age that the world was hell, the people were hell, and someone had to fix it. So she decided, taking arms, that that someone may as well have been her, and that she might as well die trying to make the unforgiving world a more tolerant place for others like her- a place where love could just be love, and a place where war was just a bad dream.

Blake Belladonna smiled at the world; glared unflinchingly back at it.

Blake stumbled on, clutched friendships and family close- Lover even closer; her head dipped in a secretive kind of way, as if she were still hiding- and Yang, with a roar, ripped from the world, eyes blazing; fire burning in her belly; smoke drifting from her ears.

Blake was the darkness, Yang was the light- on the surface there was no denying that. But perhaps if you looked deeper- past the collecting shadows, amber eyes; past the blinding brightness, lilac eyes- you’d find a little bit of darkness corroding that fire, and a little bit of white purity seeping through blackened cracks.

In Her Eyes You’re Everything

Lena watches Kara almost constantly. Kara doesn’t notice, she’s pretty sure, far too encompassed in whatever she’s doing (she doesn’t do anything halfway, putting her whole heart into everything around her). Also because the moment she turns to look at Lena, Lena glances away, hiding her face and her blush. But when Kara isn’t looking, Lena watches her and falls in love.

Lena knows all her mannerisms, the way she adjusts her glances with her thumb and forefinger most of the time, but if she’s been eating donuts she uses her palm to avoided getting powered sugar on them (it ends up in her hair instead, a light dusting like snow and Lena can’t bring herself to tell her). Her smiles often start out slow, just the slight upturn at the corners of her lips, as if she’s not sure she’s allowed to smile. But when she decides she is allowed (Lena would be crazy to forbid it) they’re so wide and bright that Lena’s heart races. She purses her lips when she’s thinking and scrunches up her nose, but her eyebrows only draw together into a crinkle if she’s actually upset.

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unwrapping a present. laughing with your friends. a Hershey’s kiss. hickeys. songs on repeat. when someone goes out of their way to show you they care. daisies, lillies and sunflowers. the colour yellow: overflowing with happiness, smiles and positivity. blowing bubbles. the thrill of being onstage. rainbows and unicorns. original grimm fairytales. jumping into cold water on a hot day. the very starting of summer.
—  name aesthetics: Lily/Lillian //requested by anonymous
She was like something I had either dreamed or had remembered from some large, ornate book my mother had read to me as a child—a book of fairy tales or a biblical primer for children. In either she was virtuous and beautiful and perpetually in danger, too good for this earth, alien to ordinary people.
—  Tennessee Williams, referring to Lillian Gish, quoted in Follies of God: Tennessee Williams and the Women of the Fog

Will I be ready for that chapter?

Probably not


Lillian: “What is going on with you?! Don’t ever yell at me infront of my friends like that again”

Oliver: “Oh I’m sorry were you busy telling them everything about my personal life too?”

Lillian: “What are you talking about?”

Oliver: “I ran into Jenny today and apparently rumour has it I’m single??”

Lillian: “I thought you were, I’m sorry! I guess I misunderstood, why arent you staying at your own house then if you’re still with that girl?”

Oliver: “That is none of your business and thanks for waiting 2 days before throwing my ex at me .. Why are you still hanging out with her that is so wierd”

Lillian: “Oliver honey I’m just trying to help you and do whats best for you. You and … Awa … it’s not going to last. You’re too good for her and you come from different places” 

Oliver: “What the fuck mom its not the 1900s anymore?? And if anything she’s the one that is too good for me. I dont want your help, not now- not ever. And you know what you can forget about coming to the twins birthday party, I don’t want you there or anywhere near them again until you change your attitude. Goodbye” 

Diana Bracken, the girl who loved music, who played along with the games of her master, who all of Rifthold knew.

Celaena Sardothein, the faceless girl, renowned for her crimes, feared for her fierce killings, the assassin stripped of everything to mine salt, stripped of everything to compete for liberty.

Lillian Gordaina, the frivolous competitor, the female in a ring of men, the newest girl of the prince, the opposition to the other champions, the opposition to the king himself.

Elentiya, the faithful friend, the companion of a princess, the hidden spirit made of iron and steel, the unbroken one, a secret keeper and a secret herself.

Fireheart, the girl of ashes and the heir, the heroine of the future, the flaming leader.

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, the passionate princess, the ruler of Terrasen, the Fae, the goddess, the queen.

i remember how initially uncomfortable i was with how blatant supergiant made it that sybil and the kendrells were gay, when the central story is the love tragedy between red an the boxer, and red and the city. but as the game progresses, it becomes apparent that the camerata aren’t the antagonists, not really – perhaps they are to red, but they aren’t the antagonists of the story.

they’re part of the love tragedy.

sybil, who, even processed, waited for red at the empty set, who filled her backdoor with red’s music, who could never be saved. grant, who lived for the city he destroyed, and who died for it. asher, who lived for grant, who tried to save cloudbank but followed grant to the country, who may even have drank the poison from the same glass. even royce, alone in fairview, the man who loved his vision of an ideal cloudbank so much more than the cloudbank he’d grown up in, who suggested the camerata in the first place and who killed for it. they’re all part of the love tragedy, and they’re all a love tragedy of their own.

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hi so I didn't know who to ask but in my psych class we're learning about adolescent psychology, & there was this unit on developing interest in relationships. It went way into detail on how the brain changes during that time, which was interesting, but ofc my gay ass couldn't relate. at the end all it said was 'it's different for homosexuals.' I guess I'm wondering if you know of any way to learn about psychology relating to LGBT people? srsly im thirsty for anything in academia I can relate to

(same psych anon) that was a pretty specific question so I guess like do you have any info or know of any links/ websites/places to learn about lgbt history and lives and stuff like that in an academic way? bc I love school & learning but I’ve always wanted to learn more about myself and people like me, but they never teach that in schools.

Oh my gosh SO MANY THINGS! Okay, so, the psych stuff is pretty outside of my knowledge but I asked my gf (she does the science in this relationship while my gay ass just reads a whole lot of books), and she recommends Helen Fisher and looking at the researchers at the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality or the Kinsey Institute, as well as The Sage Encyclopedia of LGBTQ Studies (it’s an online resource a lot of universities subscribe to). But I’d also say that as far as thinking about developmental narratives, LGBTQ memoirs are a great place to start, especially since so many of them go through their own experiences of having to confront this heteronormative, cis-centric narrative that just doesn’t fit them and their lives. 

So some good queer history authors are: John D’Emilio (comprehensive, if a bit male-centric), Lillian Faderman (writing all about lesbian history, including more recent history; very well-respected; she’s got some issues in her scholarship that by no means discount it as a whole, but I’m happy to talk more about if you want), Michael Bronski (his Queer History of the United States is really accessible), George Chauncey (it’s just of NYC, but still fun), Estelle B. Freedman, Foucault (though it’s not quite “history,” it’s a kind of history meets theory of regimes of power and how sexuality got tied up in that), Martha Vicinus (I adore her), Valerie Traub (goes all the way back to the early modern period), and so many others who really focus more on niche history, so I won’t list them here. There are some web resources, but I know a lot of them are databases that are subscription-based. I’ll see what I can’t dig up in the next couple of days as far as free websites. I know they exist; it’s just a matter of having the time to look…

Okay, you didn’t specifically say you were interested in literature but bc I taught literature and think it’s a great way to learn about the history of a group, I’m gonna list some anyway and you can feel free to disregard!

  • Patricia Highsmith, The Price of Salt (or Carol, depends on the year it was printed) – you can also check out the movie! I find the two to be complementary (the book gives you Therese’s POV almost exclusively, whereas the movie shows much more of Carol’s story) 
  • Alison Bechdel, Fun Home is her graphic novel/memoir that’s really excellent, but the comic strip that sort of launched her as a public persona (at least within the lesbian community) was Dykes to Watch Out For, quite a bit of which is available for free online
  • Henry James, The Bostonians – one of the first recognizable depictions of a queer female character in literature (not really…I’d trouble that as a professor, but that’s how it gets taught in general, and it was one of the first books where even contemporary reviewers were quick to note that there was something “wrong” or “morbid,” which was 19th C. code for what would come to be understood as lesbian sexuality, about Olive Chancellor) – free online, though it’s James at his most….Jamesian, which means it’s not that accessible
  • The poetry of Emily Dickinson! It’s all free online. There’s a ton of it, though much of it isn’t obviously queer
  • James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room – gets into bisexual identity in a way a lot of works don’t do; on the sadder side…fair warning 
  • Virginia Woolf! Especially Orlando or Mrs. Dalloway – the former has been called “the longest and most charming love-letter in literature” (to Woolf’s longtime friend and lover, Vita Sackville-West) and deals with the fluidity of gender and time; the latter has quite a few flashbacks to the brief childhood romance of the protagonist and her friend. Both of them are great, but Woolf, as a modernist, can have a writing style that’s difficult to get into at first (for instance, time really isn’t stable or linear, which is something I adore about her, but definitely takes some getting used to). They’re both available free online through Project Gutenberg
  • Radclyffe Hall, The Well of Loneliness – it’s a classic, in the sense that it’s one of those books people sort of expect you to have read if you do lesbian literature. It’s certainly an interesting story and told well, but it’s not even close to a happy ending and is rather conciliatory to prevailing norms (though even still it was taken to the courts under the  obscenity laws) - free online, though!
  • Sarah Waters – a contemporary novelist who writes almost all historical fiction about queer women! Some of her stories are better known (e.g. Tipping the Velvet), but they’re pretty much all great. Varying degrees of angst, but definitely an accessible read
  • Maggie Nelson, The Argonauts – sort of experimental in form (it’s fiction with footnotes!); it deals with a lesbian woman coming to terms with her partner’s transition and her own identity during the process 
  • E.M. Forster, Maurice – even though it was first drafted in the 1910s, Forster edited it throughout his life, and, given the subject matter, which was also autobiographical, and the prevailing attitudes at the time, the book was only published posthumously in the 70s
  • Colette’s Claudine series – it’s long (multi-volume) but sort of a classic – they’re all old enough to be free online, though the English translation is harder to come by 
  • Eileen Myles – lesbian poet and novelist – I’d recommend Inferno but some of her poetry is free online 
  • Rita Mae Brown – Rubyfruit Jungle and Oranges Are not the Only Fruit are both quite good, though, especially the latter deals with religiously-motivated homophobia, so I know at least my girlfriend, who dealt with a lot of that from her family, opted not to read it for her own mental health. 
  • Tony Kushner, Angels in America – this two-part play deals with the AIDS crisis in America – it’s been turned into a TV miniseries, a Broadway play, and a movie, some of which are available online
  • Really anything by David Sedaris or Augusten Burroughs – both are gay authors who deal a lot with short stories (a ton of memoir/autobiographical stuff) – the former is a bit funnier, but they both have enough sarcasm and dry wit even in dark situations to make them fast reads 
  • Alan Ginsburg’s poetry 
  • Walt Whitman’s poetry (though it can be really fucking racist) 
  • Binyavanga Wainaina, One Day I Will Write About This Place – does deal with issues of sexual abuse as a warning 
  • Anything by Amber Hollibaugh (she writes a lot about class and butch/femme dynamics – quite a bit of her stuff has been scanned and uploaded online) 
  • Michelle Tea – was a slam poet; recovering alcoholic; fantastically funny and talented author and delightful human being if you ever get the chance to meet her or go to one of her readings
  • Randy Shilts, And the Band Played On – more a work of investigative journalism than anything, the work is a stunning indictment of the indifference of the US government during some of the worst years of the AIDS crisis, but it also provides a good bit of gay history 
  • Terry Galloway Mean Little Deaf Queer – deals with one woman’s experience of losing her hearing and navigating the world and the Deaf and deaf communities as a once-hearing person – she’s sort of acerbic and always funny;
  • Jeffrey Eugenides, Middlesex – grapples with intersex identity in a way that’s still far too rare in literature 
  • Theodore Winthrop, Cecil Dreem – just rediscovered about two years ago, this is one of the few pretty happy gay novels from the nineteenth century! Free online!
  • Leslie Feinberg, Stone Butch Blues – pretty clear from the title, but deals with a butch character’s struggles with gender identity (takes T to pass for a while, but then gets alienated from the lesbian community; eventually stops taking T, but still struggles with what that means for her) – Feinberg’s wife made it free online for everyone after Feinberg’s death (the book had a limited print run, which made finding copies both hard and expensive) 
  • Harvey Fierstein, Torch Song Trilogy – trilogy later adapted for film about an effeminate gay man (who also performs as a drag queen) and his life and family   
  • Oscar Wilde – his novels aren’t explicitly gay, but they often dance around it thematically, at least; his heartbreaking letter, De Profundis, which he wrote to his lover while imprisoned for “gross indecency,” is available online 
  • Anything by Dorothy Alison 
  • Audre Lorde, Zami: A New Spelling of My Name - great as a memoir and a cultural history  
  • There’s so many more but this is so my jam I suspect I’ve already rambled too long

If you’re interested in film, here are a few: 

  • Paris Is Burning (a film about drag ball culture in NYC) 
  • Fire – Deepa Mehta (it’s on YouTube in the US) 
  • Boys Don’t Cry – there is a lot of homophobia and transphobia in the film, so it’s definitely one you’ll want to be in the right mindset to watch (I, for one, have only watched it once) 
  • But I’m a Cheerleader – over-the-top mockumentary-esque film that satirizes conversion therapy and the Christian “documentaries” that claimed to showcase their successes (RuPaul is in it as well) 
  • Desert Hearts – one of the earliest films to leave open the possibility of a happy ending for the lesbian couple 
  • Hedwig and the Angry Itch – deals with gender identity and feelings of not belonging (also a fabulous musical) 
  • Philadelphia – about one man’s experience of discrimination while dying of AIDS 
  • There are plenty of lighter films, but I figure these tend to also talk more seriously about some issues as well

I don’t know if anyone but me made it to the end of this post, but there’s also so much fun queer theory out there that I won’t get into here, but I’m always up for giving more recommendations!


Awesome Under-Appreciated Recurring Babylon 5 Characters

those wonderful characters that only appear in a few episodes, or only have a few lines, or who just need more love from the fandom at large