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Headcanon: Alex and Lena actually manage to break the friendship ice.

Alex visits L-Corp every month. She was getting tired of asking Lena the same questions every month since Lillian vanished after the Daxamite invasion. She was even more tired of nodding to the same answers over and over. No she hadn’t heard from her mother. No she did not know where she was. Same thing every month. But J’onn wanted her to be diligent, Lillian was bound to reach out to her daughter again eventually and when she did he wanted to know about it. 

She didn’t hate it though. They had actually started to become closer. As close as one could get to their little sister’s best friend. Alex shook her head thinking of James and Winn. So maybe that wasn’t true, Alex had become close with her sister’s friends. But somehow her and Lena’s friendship had remained…. professional. The most familiar thing between them that had happened was when Alex had brought Lena a coffee at their last meeting.

Alex had made it all the way to the top floor of L-Corp before someone bothered to tell her Lena wasn’t in her office. Jess looking very confused when she told Alex that she had cancelled all Lena’s appointments for the day. She had left a message on her voicemail… Alex just nodded, that explained the phone call she had ignored earlier. Jess seemed to take pity on her though, telling her if she still wanted to see Lena, she was in the lab in the basement. 

The basement. Of course. Alex stepped inside the elevator a second time and hit the button closest to the bottom. If she hadn’t picked up that second coffee again today she probably would have just headed back to the DEO and rescheduled. But here she was standing under the bright lights of the most decked out lab she had laid her eyes on. 

“Agent Danvers. I thought Jess cancelled our interview for today.” 

“She did. But not before I had bought you coffee.” Alex held it out as she walked further into the lab staring at everything like a child at Christmas. 

“Is that the oscillator from the venture?” 

“After the last one exploded, at no fault of my labs.” Lena reminded, “we decided to rebuild.”

“The venture was going to change space exploration.” Alex nodded, she remembered the days she and Kara had ranted about how disappointing the launch failure had been. “You’re missing some math here.” 

“Please.” Alex took the offered marker as she wrote on the glass board in front of her nodding as she capped it again. 

Lena raised an eyebrow as she watched Alex write the formula she had been about to work through when she had been interrupted, “Remind me Agent Danvers, what is it you do for the FBI again?” 

Alex just laughed as she walked around the lab drooling over equipment.

“I’ve been begging J’onn for new equipment. But you know, government funds.” Alex sighed as she ran a finger over stainless steel. 

“Well, you’re welcome to come play in my lab anytime you want.” 

Just like that Lena was handing over her tablet as she told Alex about the breakthrough she had that morning that prompted her to cancel a day’s worth of meetings. The two of them laughing when they said something in unison. Kara had showed up later food in hand when Alex had called her saying she was working on something with Lena and didn’t want to leave yet. Beaming as she watched the ice finally break between the two women.


As Madeleine ambles towards the kitchen, her mind still hazy with sleep and swirling with memories of her nightmare, she fails to hear the low hum of conversation resonating from the bottom of the stairs.

“Well, well. Sleeping beauty finally decides to grace us with her presence,” Kit remarks, a thin smile creasing the corners of his mouth.

Startled, Maddie blinks in confusion for a moment, but her eyes immediately light up at the sight of her friend Lillian bounding over to greet her. “Hi, Lily!” she beams. “What are you-”

“Don’t tell me you forgot!” Lillian exclaims as she wraps Madeleine in a tight hug. “We were going to get our hair and nails done today, remember?”

“Oh of course!” Maddie laughs, savoring the warm, familiar comfort of her friend’s embrace. “Just let me go change and grab some breakfast, and we can-”

“Madeleine,” Christopher’s silky voice rumbles from across the room. “May I have a word?”

“Not now, babe!” she rolls her eyes impatiently. “Lillian and I-”

“No, right now, dear,” he snaps, and without waiting for Maddie to respond Kit grabs her hand and drags her down the hall, slamming the door closed behind them.

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The Man Who Started It All

Walt Disney is the man who got the ball rolling with everything Disney. Did you know that there is many interesting facts about him?

1)He grew up in Missouri but he was actually born in Illinois 

2)He dropped out of school to join the army but was rejected for being too young

3)His hiring of an ink and paint artist in 1925 was his best decision. It was the love of his life Lillian Bounds (Lillian Disney)

4)His original cartoon character was stolen by his animator partners but he quickly came up with the very popular Mickey Mouse and brought him to the big screen in the first animated short Steamboat Willie. 

5)Disney spent 17 million dollars to invest in the building of Disneyland and when it opened he near tripled in profits

6)He started the construction of Disney World in 1966 but he was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away shortly after. His brother Roy completed the construction of the park. 

7)He originally voiced Mickey Mouse 

8)He has received the most Academy Awards nominations than any other person in history. A whopping 59 times to be exact.

9)His last words were Kurt Russell. No one understands why to this day, not even the actor himself.

10)While many believe he was frozen after his death he was actually cremated and buried in Los Angeles

11)Just like his theme parks he placed hidden mickeys throughout his Beverly Hills home

12)He used to produce sex education films that were released in the 1960s and 1970s

13)His famous signature that is seen everywhere is actually not written by him

14)Disney inspired space travel in America with his 1956 space cartoon.

anonymous asked:

Did you know that Walt's wife was named Lillian Bounds Disney? Bounds was her maiden name. Just saw her full name at the Main St train station at WDW On a poster and I thought of you. Just coincidence? I think it's awesome. Thanks! I tried to put a return email address for your response but it won't let me. How can I find your answer?

It’s totally coincidental! ^_^ The name “DisneyBound” came from a time when I was literally heading to Disney World and this blog was just a Disney fan blog. 

The coincidence is my favorite coincidence, ever! <3

I’ll never forget the day that a follower pointed out a fact that will forever remain my most favorite thing about the blog that the universe gifted me with - as up until that day, I had no idea what Walt’s wife’s maiden name was, let alone, her first name.

On this day, in 1925, Walter Disney married Lillian Bounds. Happy Anniversary, wherever you may be!

Today in Disney History: April 11th

(1925) Roy O. Disney, Walt’s brother, business partner, and most sincere admirer, married longtime girlfriend Edna Francis. It was a family affair: Elias and Flora Disney and Herbert Disney came to the wedding, which was held at Uncle Robert Disney’s home. Walt was his brother’s best man, and Walt’s girlfriend, Lillian Bounds, an “ink-and-paint girl” that Walt had begun dating, served as Edna’s maid of honor. After Walt married Lilly only three months later, the four were nearly always together. In 1927, the Disney brothers purchased adjoining lots and built identical houses. 

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