A little project from the last week: Njomza’s newest cover! 


One of my finals for one of my classes is to take pictures of 25 Strangers. I shot the assignment back on October, and I’ve finally edited the 25 I will use for the assignment. For those of you that have asked me for their portrait, I’m sorry, but I still am not done editing all that I took, and therefore will not be putting all of them up quite yet. But here is a taste for you guys! I had so much fun shooting this. I luckily had 2 people helping me out big time! I call them my wranglers, Aimee and Jess helped me pull people and get them to sign the model release, which was quite a huge help! I can’t thank them enough. I also was lucky to have a beautiful location with all the fall colors. I’m still not sure how I’m going to present these images, but I’m workin on a few ideas. I hope you enjoy these! And to those who are still waiting: Patience! They’ll be here soon, I just need to get through finals!

RAW un-edited photo VS. Edited retouched photo
This is one of the more complex edits that I’ve done, as far as the truck removal haha. I usually don’t edit out things that big. I can remove zits all day long. but something that big and with such a complex background I usually just don’t bother! But today I figured why not! And since it was so complex I really wanted to post it! I debated posting the liquefaction (making her legs skinnier) because sometimes people get all up in arms about that kind of thing. But when I edit these photos a lot of times I DO edit them, so I figured I would be honest about it! Let me know if you like seeing this kind of thing! Maybe I’ll make more of them in the future!?


I saw a post on facebook a few days ago that had similar content, but it was super simple and was really visually un-appealing. I decided to make a graphic of my own on the subject. This is super important to me. It really is a big deal in the photography industry. It’s important for clients to see what they’re paying for. I hear so many people complain about how much photographers charge (especially when it comes to wedding photography) but if they realized just how much time and effort we put into making beautiful photographs for you, they might better understand the price tag. It also is an issue when new photographers sell themselves short. Many new photographers do jobs just for “experience” or “exposure”. But they don’t realize that they’re not only hurting themselves (because down the line they’re going to want to start charging and people aren’t gonna want to pay it, you can get stuck being known as the “cheap photographer”) but they are really hurting the entire market. People won’t want to pay for a professional if they know they can just find someone to do the job for free. This is something that I’ve definitely had to learn in the last few years. Know your worth.


I did some work with a really awesome band called The Oarsman this weekend! Here’s the first video of many! We were on the Chicago CTA Brown Line!