lille 2

BRANLE BAS L’COMBAT les baguettes j’ai besoin d’aide

Pour des raisons alambiquées, mes parents ne sont pas au courant de l’existence de mon chat

cette bête-là.

Sans compter que ma mère est de toute manière allergique.

Ne retournant pas à Lille avant le 2, mais ayant un asile où échouer avec mon bébé à partir du 26, je ne pouvais pas le laisser chez moi, dans mon appart dans le Nord. J’avais donc trouvé une amie pour le garder, malheureusement, en toute urgence, je me retrouve à devoir le récupérer cette après-midi, sans trop savoir comment faire pour qu’il ait un toit de cet après-midi à demain matin!

Si une Parisienne ou un Parisien pouvait me dépanner par solidarité baguette-énne, je te serai extrêmement reconnaissante et je t’offrirai des rouleaux de printemps fait maison la prochaine fois que j’en ferai QAQ

s’il vous plaît, c’est la Nowel, il s’appelle Kafka, il a bientôt 7 mois, c’est un amour schlag, qui est pucé, castré, vacciné, identifié, propre, vermifugé et qui fait beaucoup de bisous et parle beaucoup.

Non-combat uses for the Quincy powers

As requested by anon. :)

Sure, Quincy powers are good for fighting. But what if the Quincy wanted to use their powers in more…trivial ways? What else might each of their powers be good for?

1. Pernida’s Compulsory is also good for…Packing!

Having compression powers means that you can get a lot of shit into your suitcase.

Lille: Really? A ziplock bag is all you need for a three-week vacation?

Pernida: Well, I could only fit fifteen extra cloaks, but I figure that’ll be enough.

2. Lille’s X-Axis is also good for…Hole-punching!

You know when you have a document that’s like fifty pages long and there’s no hole punch that can pierce that many pages so you end up trying to do like four pages at a time while crying? No? That’s just me? Well, having a gun that can pierce anything would make that so much easier.

Lille: And that is why I am everybody’s go-to Binder Guy.

Askin: You really shouldn’t sound so proud of that.

3. Askin’s Deathdealing is also good for…Water Filtration!

You don’t need to buy a water filter with Askin around. He can just decrease the amount of impurities in your water, using his power!

As Nodt: Please decrease the amount of fluoride in this glass of drinking water. I heard it’s dangerous. I’m afraid.

Askin: You gotta stop looking on conspiracy sites, As Nodt!

4. As Nodt’s Fear is also good for…Spicing Up Horror Movie Night!

You know those people who watch so many horror movies that they just don’t get scared anymore? Well, with As Nodt’s help, they can experience that deep, nameless fear once again!

Quilge: But did you have to use your fear power on the Muppet Movie?

As Nodt: Yes.

5. Quilge’s Jail is also good for…Taking Your Cat to the Vet!

He can form a reishi prison around anyone. No more trying to coax your cat into the cat carrier - just ask Quilge to make a cat cage around the cat!

Mask: The vet was perturbed by my “glowing cat sphere.”

Quilge: I don’t see why.

6. Mask’s Superstar is also good for…Karaoke!

The cheering make his dance moves even more on point.

Bambietta: Why is Mask singing “All The Single Ladies” and why do I…like it?

James: It’s really not your fault.

7. Bambietta’s Explode is also good for…Making Popcorn!

‘Cause if it can make things explode, why not popcorn?

Liltotto: Or the microwave is literally right there.

Bambietta: Just because I exploded the first three bags a little too hard…

8. Liltotto’s Glutton is also good for…Winning Petty Cash!

Mostly through eating contests.

Candice: That is both disgusting and so not fair.

Liltotto: Say that to this sweet, sweet $50.

9. Candice’s Thunderbolt is also good for…Recharging a Dead Cell Phone!

Not for very long, perhaps, but long enough to make a phone call if you need to.

Giselle: We’re such a good pair, Candice. You can bring electronics back to life, and I can bring the dead back to life!

Giselle: Mine is admittedly a bit more impressive.

Candice: Shut up, Gigi.

10. Giselle’s Zombie is also good for…Making Funerals Awkward!

Look, if there were a non-creepy use for Giselle’s power, I would have gone with that. But there really isn’t.

Giselle: Humph. And they said they *wished* their grandmother could have said goodbye.


11. Gremmy’s Visionary is also good for…Cheating At Cards!

Gremmy seems like someone who would be petty.

Meninas: Please stop imagining that your entire hand consists of Draw-4s.

Gremmy: Hey, you’re the one who suggested Uno.

12. Meninas’s Power is also good for…Helping People Move!

She can basically do the whole move herself in one trip.

Meninas: Sometimes I feel like people just pretend to be my friend so that I will help them move.

Cang Du: That is absolutely true.

13. Cang Du’s Iron is also good for…Camping!

He can make his skin impenetrable, right? That would so keep mosquitoes from biting him, which would make camping so much less sucky!

Cang Du: Another bonus is - no stinky bug spray.

Bazz-B: You know, I wouldn’t have come camping with you if I’d known you’d spend the whole night bragging!

14. Bazz-B’s Heat is also good for…Roasting marshmallows!

This is why he and Cang Du like to go camping together.

Cang Du: You incinerated my marshmallow again.

Bazz-B: Oops.

Day 12 -A GW2 Giveaway!

Woop woop! Don’t think I forgot about you guys who aren’t here for weird sims shenanigans!

Wintersday is coming, so Gwyn even got dressed up like a candy cane for the occasion!

Now, what is there to win? I have 1 BL ticket to spare, so if nothing changes you can get either 1 Merciless Weapon Skin or 1 Plasma Weapon Skin or 1 Timekeeper Weapon Skin of your choice! And possibly random Wintersday stuff, if I get something nice. Will update once I know. Wooo possible random shinies!

To enter, just reblog or like this post and I’ll do the fancy random thing once it’s over. No need to be following me or anything. I just want to give people free stuff that’s not junk because fun things!

I’ll keep this open until 25.12.2015 and then contact the winner via tumblr, and deliver the prize asap, which means by the 28th/29th because that’s when I’ll get back to a pc that can actually run this game. And then you can have fancy things! WOO! Everyone is happy!