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Some wonderful rp’ers to follow

((ooc: So I one of my friends ( @deerest-marauder) just decided to give hp rp a try (yeeey!). She wanted to know who she should follow so I made her a list with some of my favorite rpers and with a little bit of information that she needs to know about them. And I thought, whey not share it with everyone?

  • TT (Everyone has/should have a tumblr crush on them): @asktheboywholived
  • Kapitan (A cutie that must be protected at all cost, also plants and Arin): @kapitan5o 
  • Andy (Looks really badass and awesome, is in a relationship with KP): @siriusly-not-over-remus
  • Paige (Is TT’s Lily, TT wants to see Paige everyday but can’t because they live too far away): @potterdeer
  • AkumaPheles (My fav nonbinary frensh trash and THEY LIVE IN LILLE WHICH IS LIKE 2 HOURS AWAY OR SOMETHING): @akumapheles
  • Jess (Loves Great British Bake Off, too many Tonks feels): @sirussly 
  • Gia (My Veela feminist aunt): @femme-fatality 
  • Jamie & Becci (2 amazing people, they are really nice and sweet): @ask-themaraudersmap
  • Laina (Actual Helga Hufflepuff or a Disney princes, not sure yet): @ohtheclevernessofme1972
  • Arin (They film the dreams people dream of them, they are my fav Draco): @space-marauder
  • Emily Grace (better Pantsy than book Pantsy): @egdramaqueen 
  • KP (another cutie that needs to be protected, in a relationship with Andy): @whompingwillovv
  • Ara (Hates Snape, loves tea, is amazing and really sweet): @son-0f-a-snitch
  • Syd (Another cutie (we have so many of those), loves plants, needs to make a new Sam x James II thread with Andy asap): @lupinaesthetic 
  • Nay (Has cheeks for days, gilderoy lockhart): @gee-wizard 
  • Sam (Looks like a real life Disney princes who disguises herself as hp characters): @masksofmickey 
  • Tahlia (Makes the best fairybread, really cute Teddy, really nice voice): @a-smol-snake
  • Erika (My Veela mom, look how beautiful she is!): @positivity-and-possibilities 
  • Beth (A really friendly bro, makes wonderful aesthetics): @sadnessandteabiscuits
  • Elby (My platonic soulmate): @ravenclawsticrambles 
  • Tara (Go vote for her fanfic so it can win an award, she’s amazing and I love her new tattoo): @captofthesswolfstar

I probably forgot way to many rp’ers (I’m sorry). Also, I’m so sorry if I wrote someone’s name wrong. If, for some strange reason, someone isn’t following one of the rp’ers on this list I highly recomand you to follow them and all the other rp’ers in the community because everyone is really amazing and sweet and they are just all wonderfull human beings.))

Coldplay Surpasses Madonna for No. 5 Highest Grossing Tour of All Time

The British band’s continuing A Head Full of Dreams Tour has now grossed $412 million.

Coldplay has passed Madonna to claim the No. 5 highest grossing tour of all time, according to ticket sales data reported to Billboard Boxscore.

The British band’s continuing A Head Full of Dreams Tour has now grossed $412 million, pulling ahead of Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour, which earned $408 in revenue in 2008 and 2009.

The all-time highest grossing tour remains U2’s 360 Tour, which tallied a massive $736.4 million during its run from 2009 through 2011.

The A Head Full of Dreams Tour launched in March of 2016 at La Plata’s Estadio Ciudad de La Plata in Argentina. It is currently on a short break until it picks up on Aug. 1 at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. The trek is slated to end on Nov. 15 at the same venue where it started: Estadio Ciudad de La Plata.

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Quincy as taxi drivers

As requested by anon. :)

As we’ve previously done with the espada, we’re going to imagine that the Stern Ritter work as taxi drivers. How would they be rated by their human passengers?

1. As Nodt: 1/5 stars

Pretty sure this guy was *trying* to scare me, what with all of the “ooh I can make this yellow light!” and “hold on I’m gonna take this turn fast” and “oops I think the brakes just failed we’re probably going to die.” Kinda the worst ride ever.

2. Meninas: 5/5 stars

She was a great driver and all - very professional and friendly - but that’s not why I am leaving this review. No I just have to talk about how she lifted all THREE of our suitcases AT ONCE and lifted them ALL INTO THE TRUNK. It was AMAZING. She is SO STRONG

I think I love her

3. Bazz-B: 4/5 stars

I have to admit, when this punk guy pulled up I was a little nervous, but I shouldn’t have been! He was so wonderful! He told me he liked my hair and my eyebrows and my shirt and basically just made me feel so validated. I mean, it was kinda weird the way he only used one finger to drive and bragged about it constantly, but on the other hand he was such a sweet little punk dude

4. Giselle: 1/5 stars

There was blood in the back seat of her cab. I did not get in, but I did tell her. As I left, I am pretty sure I saw her in back seat licking it up. I think she’s a serial killer

5. Ishida: 5/5 stars

His cab was so clean! You know how I know? Well partly because it smelled really good, but mostly because the driver knitted seat covers for the backseat. Yeah, he knitted them himself (he told me). And they were white! White seat covers in a cab, and they were clean. I have no idea how he manages it. He must clean them so well.

6. Gerard: 3/5 stars

“Miraculously, I’ve never hit a red light,” he told me when I got into his cab. I started to ask how that was possible, but then he started driving, and I didn’t stop screaming for the next twenty minutes. It was a miracle we survived. As he said. While laughing.

But three stars because it was pretty fast I guess 

7. Bambietta: 1/5 stars

This driver is a totally f*cking rip-off!!!!!! I got in and she asked me in this sultry voice if I wanted to “help make her day really good” and I was like f*ck yeah I do and then she started driving around forever and racked up this giant tab and I had to pay like fifty dollars to go three miles and I was so f*cking mad and she was all, “thanks I feel great” f*ck that

8. Askin: 2/5 stars

Do not use this driver unless you’re okay with coffee fumes so thick that it’s almost poisonous. Only not poisonous because the driver “knows what sort of fumes it takes to kill a person” as he told me. Like wtf dude. Wtf

9. PePe: 1/5 stars

Look, I hate chatty cab drivers. I just do. I know some people like it or whatever, but I don’t. And frankly I think that if the passenger doesn’t seem to want to talk then the driver should respect that. But this guy kept going on and on about how love is the most important force in the universe and it was just so irritating. Certainly wasn’t feeling love by time I got to my destination let me tell you!

10. Mask de Masculine: 4/5 stars

There was a small man in the front seat who clapped whenever the driver did anything. Just sat there and clapped. A tiny man. Can’t make that shit up.

11. Lille: 2/5 stars

Look, buddy, don’t proselytize. I sure you are the messenger of god or whatever but also you’re driving a cab. So just give it a rest already. 

12. Haschwalth: 5/5 stars

I always worry when I have to take a cab in the middle of the night - will I be safe? Will the driver be awake enough to drive? Well, you don’t have to worry about any of that if you have Haschwalth as your driver! He was an excellent driver. Very alert. Very professional. He shares his cab with his partner, Yhwach, who drives during the day. Haschwalth then drives at night. From the way Haschwalth went on and on about him, I can tell they’re very much in love. So sad they work opposite hours. I gave him a big tip. I hope he finds happiness. He just, he had such good hair.

Ishida judges the Stern Ritter uniforms

As requested by anon. :)

Ishida probably has strong opinions about each of the Stern Ritter’s uniforms. Here’s what he might say about each of them!

1. Giselle

“Too many buttons, of course. Do you need six buttons, just to close one coat? I don’t think so! But I’m willing to let this pass because Giselle is a sadist. Of course she injures the eyes of those who look on her with her needless extra buttons.”

Ishida: It’s kinda cool that her bangs look like antennae, though.

2. Lille

“If I had arms and legs like that, I’d show them off too!”

Ishida: Although the hat is a bit….extreme. 

3. Nianzol

“No shoes and no collar? It’s like he left the house while still half-dressed.”

Ishida: This is why I always carry extra collars and extra shoes, myself!

4. Gremmy

“Gremmy can make his uniform look any way he wishes, and he chose THAT? A hood and a bunch of buttons?”

Ishida: Seriously, why is everyone in this army so into buttons??

5. Candice

“She ripped her coat. Ripped her coat! Why would she do that to her uniform? Doesn’t she have an extra coat?”

Ishida: At least she has a cool hat, though.

6. Mask de Masculine

“……I don’t have words.”

Ishida: But at least the mask distracts from the belt.

7. Meninas

“Not gonna lie, Meninas’s improvements on her uniform are true improvements! The ruffles, the bow, the belt - it all works together as a theme!”

Ishida: And i just - I have a soft spot for ruffles.

8. Gerard

“His pants are black. It’s like he doesn’t even want to be a Quincy.”

Ishida: He thinks his helmet will distract people from the pants. But he is wrong.

9. PePe

“His regular uniform is a bit….sloppy. But at least it isn’t a diaper.”

Ishida: I just don’t feel like sweatshirts or diapers have a place in the army.

10. BG9

“I’d be more excited about the armor if it weren’t for the giant codpiece.”

Ishida: Or whatever that large bulbous thing over his crotch is.

11. Cang Du

“Black gloves AND a black sash? What is he, a shinigami?”

Ishida: Also, I’ve just never seen the point of fingerless gloves.

12. Bazz-B

“I know Bazz-B is impetuous, but why crop your pants to show off your boots? Why don’t you just, I don’t know, tuck the pants INTO the boots?”

Ishida: He must look so silly when he takes his shoes off.

13. Liltotto

“She made patterned leggings herself. I support that.”

Ishida: Still too many damn buttons, though.

As Nodt


Ishida: But I guess he makes that spiky mask work for him. Not what I would have chosen, though.

15. Bambietta

“Fighting in a miniskirt must be hard. I love the hat, though.”

Ishida: Sure don’t approve of black stockings, though.

16. Askin

“Way too distracted by the Aizen-style hair lock to pay any attention to his uniform, tbh.”

Ishida: Which is exactly why hair is so important!

17. Ishida

“Sure, my uniform has a few too many buttons. But the cape is awesome. And I do look damn good in it.”

Ishida: Evil has a few perks.

Day 12 -A GW2 Giveaway!

Woop woop! Don’t think I forgot about you guys who aren’t here for weird sims shenanigans!

Wintersday is coming, so Gwyn even got dressed up like a candy cane for the occasion!

Now, what is there to win? I have 1 BL ticket to spare, so if nothing changes you can get either 1 Merciless Weapon Skin or 1 Plasma Weapon Skin or 1 Timekeeper Weapon Skin of your choice! And possibly random Wintersday stuff, if I get something nice. Will update once I know. Wooo possible random shinies!

To enter, just reblog or like this post and I’ll do the fancy random thing once it’s over. No need to be following me or anything. I just want to give people free stuff that’s not junk because fun things!

I’ll keep this open until 25.12.2015 and then contact the winner via tumblr, and deliver the prize asap, which means by the 28th/29th because that’s when I’ll get back to a pc that can actually run this game. And then you can have fancy things! WOO! Everyone is happy!

BRANLE BAS L’COMBAT les baguettes j’ai besoin d’aide

Pour des raisons alambiquées, mes parents ne sont pas au courant de l’existence de mon chat

cette bête-là.

Sans compter que ma mère est de toute manière allergique.

Ne retournant pas à Lille avant le 2, mais ayant un asile où échouer avec mon bébé à partir du 26, je ne pouvais pas le laisser chez moi, dans mon appart dans le Nord. J’avais donc trouvé une amie pour le garder, malheureusement, en toute urgence, je me retrouve à devoir le récupérer cette après-midi, sans trop savoir comment faire pour qu’il ait un toit de cet après-midi à demain matin!

Si une Parisienne ou un Parisien pouvait me dépanner par solidarité baguette-énne, je te serai extrêmement reconnaissante et je t’offrirai des rouleaux de printemps fait maison la prochaine fois que j’en ferai QAQ

s’il vous plaît, c’est la Nowel, il s’appelle Kafka, il a bientôt 7 mois, c’est un amour schlag, qui est pucé, castré, vacciné, identifié, propre, vermifugé et qui fait beaucoup de bisous et parle beaucoup.