Mannish Water |

Chopped-up goat head, intestines and feet

Garlic, scallion, thyme, dried pimento berries, salt to taste

Whole green pepper, black pepper

3-6 green bananas

½ lb yam

3 small Irish potatoes

Flour for dumplings/spinners

2 cho chos (optional)

1 whole Scotch bonnet pepper


1. Wash chopped meat

2. Put in a large pot (pressure cooker best) with enough water to cover the meat.

3. Add three teaspoons salt, 8-10 seeds of pimento and let cook with five crushed cloves of garlic.

4. Cook on a medium/high stove till meat is tender.

5. Add more water

6. Peel and cut up potatoes and chochos and add

7. Peel green bananas (or cut off the top and bottom and slit skin)

8. Peel and add yam when bananas are almost cooked and lower flame so it simmers slowly.

9. When almost done, add black pepper, thyme, a few pimento berries, scallion, whole Scotch bonnet pepper (do not let it burst open) and let simmer

10. Serve hot

Try it! LL