lill klingan

  • Tyler Seguin: Who's John? Klinger? Kling Dinger? He's a heck of a hockey player with a terrible tan. He's very pale.
  • Reporter: A lot of swedes thinks it's sunny in Texas, isn't it?
  • Tyler: I mean it is sunny, but when you are scared to go outside like some of the swedes on our team are, you stay pretty pale and white. It's unfortunate.
  • Reporter: Do you try to help him with this?
  • Tyler: No, I have never really invited him to hang out outside of the rink. Honestly I don't really like him.[laughs] I'm just kidding, he's a heck of a hockey player. The way he has matured as a player and off the ice in such a short time. He is gonna be an amazing hockey player and I'm happy I'm his team mate and to be out there on the ice with him.