TF - Masks

[Let’s start this new year off right. Here’s a little Tarn/Megatron to shake things up. *puts on cool glasses* Wanted to explore a little of my own thoughts on Megatron, and how they’d contrast with a character like Tarn.]

Rating: PG for Implied Sexual Situations.

Summary: Today, Tarn would see Megatron. He had to hold it together. Tarn must hold it together.


Tarn clicked off his mask and placed it on the side table next to his berth. 

One of the biggest mistakes that the Autobots made daily, was to assume that the Decepticons were a faction like their own: A group of individuals fighting for a single cause.

They were fools. 

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In the words of one of my favorite life-advice speeches: “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Today for me, it was physically walking into a comic book shop and ordering Windblade (#1 o 4), and putting the rest on subscription.

No one’s mean there in that shop, or intentionally unwelcoming, but the store intimidates me all the same for reasons I can’t quite pin down whenever I work up the nerve to go in (and why I buy all my comics digital). But I wanted a paper copy (or two) of this one for the gorgeous covers, and for what I’m hoping is a great mini-series.

So. I walked in, and ordered it, nerves eating away at my stomach and all.

I figured after all that, I might as well finish my chibi sketch of Windblade, who as rothinsel put it, was an: “Itty-bitty in charge~”

“What’s the matter?” Megatron sneered. “Why are you making such a face?”

He lifted a brow, and continued with that elegant way of his. The pitch of his voice rose in volume and ferocity as he continued, “I crawled my way up from the muck of Kaon. I tore through the arenas with spilled energon on my lips and hands. I ripped apart friend and foe alike.

"I screamed my name until it was echoed back at me by the masses crying out as I stood in the center of the deepest pits of Cybertron’s core.

"I am Megatron!” He roared.

He calmed, the slick smile growing back on his face. He chuckled, “You didn’t really think that I would be intimidated or embarrassed by a scrap of pink fabric, did you?

"Oh, so you did,” he said. “Well, allow me to correct that misguided daydream.”

Inspired by this comic panel.


The first set of Valentines is complete! And quite a few more to go. <3

1. Cyclonus & Tailgate for thatrobotgirl

2. Patricia “Pi” Spectre for moonbasearachnos

3. Tarn and Pharma for dataglitch.

4. Jazz and Windblade for orion-neos.

I hope you like them~ These are so much fun and I really hope I finish everyone’s in time for Friday. :D

Drabble #108 - Tarn/Pharma

dataglitch asked you: I hope I’m not late! May I request more Tarn courting Pharma?:3 Like Tarn ‘singing’ under Pharma’s window, or sending him 'gifts’(mech’s spark/body parts) or even writing him really corny yet romantic poetry to him? Please and thank you!<3

[Rothinsel kicked this one off with a suggestion for the first gift. Rated PG because I promised my next Tarn/Pharma would be fluffy…although considering this is Tarn, it might still be a little creepy? I don’t know. I think it’s cute. XD]

Tarn sent Pharma a T-Cog.

The doctor stared at the tiny package, the box sitting innocently on his desk and the top removed. A small tag had been attached to the precious part that read: “Saved you a trip.” 

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