lilium candidum


{The Lily Project/Oct 2013} ——Like any other tropical countries where the rains and sunshine intermingle, here in Indonesia during the wet season, mornings are generally very bright and sunny, and afternoon rain showers are common. And in this beginning of rainy season, white lilies (local name: Bakung) start to bloom gracefully in my garden.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Language of Flowers

The language of flowers is not a complicated code, and it isn’t intended to be a cryptograph. While composing sentence-long messages with floriography is possible, it is not particularly complex. For ease of reference, this guide is organized by meaning, not by flower. It includes bloom cycles, taxonomic names, pictures, and any other facts of interest such as typical clime or edible/medicinal uses.

This guide contains only European, North African and Eurasian flora (at least, I’m pretty sure. I may have fudged it up in some places).

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Bungou Stray Dogs' favourite flowers? :D (I don't know why this came to my mind XD)

Only a few characters tho, hope you don’t mind~

I almost died looking for the names of species, but eventually I had a lot of fun with this! ^_^

Atsushi Nakajima - Myosotis

Chuya Nakahara - Lilium Candidum

Doppo Kunikida - Morning glory

Edgar Allan Poe - Carnation

Kenji Miyazawa - Helianthus

Osamu Dazai - anything you can put on a grave Bird of paradise

Ranpo Edogawa - Papaver

Ryuunosuke Akutagawa - Ixora

Yukichi Fukuzawa - Lotus

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flower shop boys ! au 🌹🌹🌹

this is actually so adorable *^* flower store are my weakness cause i go in saying i won’t but anything but then exit with little plants in my hands :))))) thanks for requesting, have a great day/night!

- Admin em


  • okay so he loves his job so much my sweet baby 
  • jinhwan just suits this au so much
  • sings to himself when he’s watering the flowers 
  • likes to organise all the flowers in colour order and will smack a bitch if someone misplaces them
  • helps little kids find what type of flower they want
  • okay a little scenario, some kid wants to find flowers for his mom, he leads the kids around helping him find the perfect flowers
  • that little kid afterwards kept on coming to the store so that he can see his favourite flower boy
  • l his favourite thing to do is to water the plants with the hose
  • resident teacher in how to water the plants to the other guys
  • “Now everyone, setting one for the lilies or you will kill them, got it Hanbin??”


  • feels a deep emotional connection with nature and plants
  • “don’t talk to them like that, it’s not very nice”
  • friends to all bugs and plants, if he could he’d lay and become one with the earth
  • has a deep knowledge of all plants and the history and meaning
  • does little session where he matches your star signs and all that stuff to what type of flower you should by
  • some think its a scam, but he truly believes that this is what destiny decided
  • when no one is looking, picks the berries off of the fruit plants 
  • tries to be slick about it, but everyone knows because of the fruit juice around his mouth and teeth
  • “no no, its just lipbalms guys” :))
  • likes to take home the flowers that would help his spirituality 
  • puts music in the background as he read somewhere that’d help the flower grow and look beautiful
  • “hyung, I didn’t know sunflowers liked beyonce”
  • “of course they do don’t be silly!”


  • Why is working here?
  • No but seriously ………..?
  • he’s actually a pretty good worker
  • he knows his plans, gives advice to other on how to care of their flowers
  • But, he is a little clueless sometimes
  • He is trying to grow a durian plant in the back, but has not clue that in this environment, it is impossible
  • but everyone pretends that it’ll grow because he is just damn cute when he hears about durian
  • “My tree will be super cool and i’ll eat as much as i can”
  • When no one is looking, he finds out if cerian flowers are edible
  • “kinda chewy, but not a bad taste”
  • uses the quite space of the greenhouse to write down lyrics and feeling and talks to the plants to comfort him
  • “I like this girl, but she just doesn’t seem to notice me” :((
  • Uses the back to have naps to get away from his shifts


  • Talks to the plants
  • “are you ready for you drink today??”
  • Likes to give the flowers lil nicknames
  • “you are can Theodore and you are Asmodeus”
  • When you ask him what types of flower they have, he prolly has no clue 
  • “er, yellow roses?”
  • when he is stressed, he sits in the greenhouse and chills with flowers
  • overwaters the plant some times and gets upset think he might have killed them
  • Is scared during the summer as all the bugs front the 7th circle of hell come for the flowers
  • seeks shelter indoor behind the cashier (even though it ain’t his job)
  • “I swear i saw the biggest bee ever, it was bigger that bobby hyungs eyes!”
  • “oh shit that is big!”


  • Takes photos of the flowers and Instagrams them 
  • captions are deep like “you’re like a rose* *insert rise emoji*
  • chose to work there for the ~asetheitc~
  • but really its actually hard work
  • he likes to paint the flower pots and regularly wins the monthly competition of the best flower pot
  • uses the latin names for the flowers, so when you go into the store you might be like
  • “Do you have any lilies?” he’ll be like
  • “certainly Lilium candidum right?”
  • Has a small pot in the back where he is trying to grow some flowers next to Bobby’s durian plant
  • When no one is looking, he likes to take the flowers home fro aesthetic purposes


  • “hey, I see you’re looking at the daisies, but all I see is you~”
  • Really cheesy but i see customers just coming in to talk to him
  • he even flirts with the old ladies too
  • “my my what a handsome young man~”
  • practises his pick up lines on the flowers as well as the others
  • “How does this sound, Hey you are even more lovely than all the flowers in this store”
  • “Dude what the hell”
  • applies sunscreen 24/7  when he’s outside because he’s scared of sun damage
  • once tries to wear those sun visor to cover up but it was not in the 
  • scared of bugs and carries bug spray to when he’s outside
  • refuses to do any of the dirty stuff like weeding and digging up soil
  • sometimes poses in donghyuk’s aesthetic flower instagram posts


  • a bundle of happiness and sweetness
  • part time work after school so he can raise some money
  • still a bit clueless when it comes to the sort of flowers
  • makes mistakes on what type of order the customer wanted
  • “I am so sorry! I had no idea this was a cactus plant!”
  • Because the boss loves him, he can get away with it
  • some however believe that he does this on purpose to mess with the old lady customers which so happens he always gets the order wrong
  • maybe he doesn’t like old ladies??
  • low key flirts with some of the customers
  • “hey bby, you just as sweet as a rose”
  • say what you want, he has a little booklet with all the numbers of customers he’s flirted with
  • plays pokemon go during his breaks
  • gave bobby the idea to grow a durian plant