botfa grief fic rec list;

which nobody asked for, but because sometimes i just want to wallow in post-botfa despair. these all contain or allude to major/canonical character death, so expect angst and sadness.

May I suggest a Hobbit fan fic today? It’s Non-con, dark and I’m adoring it. It’s a WIP but It’s a twist on the Thorin/Bilbo pairing.

Pain-Bearer by lilithiumwords


In an alternate reality, Erebor was never taken by Smaug, and the War of Dwarves and Orcs never happened. The Orcs invaded the Shire, slaughtering hundreds and taking countless more as slaves. Bilbo is slave to Azog, the Dwarf King’s mortal enemy… until the Dwarf King rescues him.

anonymous asked:

Do you have any reversed situation fics, like where the Hobbits lost their home? They are my current guilty pleasure :)

i know some “role reversal” fics, yup! (these are all from my bookmarks on my ao3, there are surely more)

Yet Hope Remains by MurmuredLullabye (WIP), erebor never fell, the shire did, thain!bilbo

Here and Gone Again: the Dwarf-King’s Tale by psyche_girl, role reversal

The Company of Mad Baggins by Avelera (WIP), the shire fell, role reversal

Pain-Bearer by lilithiumwords (WIP), not a full role reversal but the hobbits did lose their home

The Unexpected Hobbit: A Journey by alkjira (WIP), species and role reversal

check this post for replies with more recs later :)