Promised I’d do this, and honestly this image was 100% about seeing how much I could butcher that original image for my geneticized skins and I’m really sorry about the comic sans, haha. Anyway:


SKINSET UPDATE: my genetic setup
added to the scale: Lilith’s Marigold

Now that’s all well and good of course, and me butchering that image is also pretty nice, but here’s the absolutely most important thing: I have geneticized and townified Marigold, but to work with **this** scale, NOT to work with Lilith’s Marigold defaults that she made. This is critically important because the Marigold skins (all 10 shades) included in this download are valued above and below where Lilith’s defaults are sitting – because her Marigold defaults use different shades than my Honey defaults, which this scale is based around. You can read all about why etc here.

Basically: Do not use these geneticized skins if you use Lilith’s Marigold defaults. Do use these if you already use the Honey defaults (or my entire setup) and want to make your scale even larger.

We good? We good.

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Between Elise and Sakura, I honestly prefer Elise as a little sister. BUT, I hated her so much in Conquest, but I loved her in Birthright and Revelations. Sakura, in my opinion is a much better character (please don’t kill me) and is a far more developed character with a much stronger personality. She’s strong willed and grows up in Conquest where she takes a stand against you willingly defending her country, while I’m sorry I love you Elise but really? You stay a troubadour the entire path in Birthright and doesn’t mature in personality that much more. She was always childish, kindhearted and brash, so her death somewhat made me doubt her growth. But honestly…

Lilith best imouto.

myth moodboard list

Greek Deities:

Other Greek Figures:











Watching TWD with a 3yo
  • Lilith:Press play!!
  • Me:Okay, okay. Hey? What do zombies do?
  • Lilith:Eat mommies!! Woahhhhh lotsa zombies! *points*
  • Me:They eat mommies?! Oh no! What sounds do they make?
  • Lilith:*acts like a walker* Like dat.
  • Me:Wow. That was actually impressive.
  • Lilith:I know! *skips off*
NA TERA | Spellbound Update Coming Oct. 25

Spellbound is a major update to TERA releasing on October 25. This expansive update features a total revamp of the sorcerer class, two new dungeons, and more.

New Dungeon: Lilith’s Keep 

  • Required Level—65
  • Recommended Number of Players—5
  • Minimum Item Level—Normal: 410 / Hard: 417
  • Daily Entry Limit—2 (4 for elite players)
  • Daily Entry Limit (Hard)—1 (2 for elite players)
  • Loot (Normal)—Guile weapon and gear crates, materials for crafting Guile gear, Imperator weapon and armor designs, etching designs and materials, accessories and accessory designs, Tier 10 enchanting materials
  • Loot (Hard)—designs and materials for crafting Ambush weapons and Ambush boots, Quatrefoil Brooch designs and materials, Manorborne and Estateborne accessories, materials for crafting Guile gear, Tier 10 enchanting materials

New Dungeon: Ruinous Manor 

    • Required Level—65
    • Recommended Number of Players—5
    • Minimum Item Level—Normal: 417 / Hard: 422
    • Daily Entry Limit (Normal and Hard)—1 (2 for elite players)
    • Loot (Normal)—Ambush chest and glove designs, Quatrefoil Brooch designs and materials, materials for crafting Ambush and Guile gear, Guile chest armor pieces, Manorborne and Estateborne accessories, Tier 10 enchanting materials
    • Loot (Hard)—Ambush weapon and gear designs, Quatrefoil Brooch designs and materials, materials for crafting Ambush and Guile gear, Manorborne and Estateborne accessories, Tier 11 enchanting materials

    oooh it’s unbearably lagging…and I’ve never pushed my laptop this much, I didn’t think this through.


    Seducing Quinn was a challenge and lord Il’Lilith accepted it. She held back her fury, seeked his approval in everything she did. And then an incident happened… May be it was the way he said “my lord” that made her keep him alive after what he has done. But how could that asshole expect her to say “yes” when he proposed her after that??? Not gonna happen, Quinn! She got what she wanted and it’s time for revenge. She can’t kill you anymore, but there’s Pierce on board… How does it feel to be betrayed, captain?

    I’m just having fun playing SWTOR ^^,

    anonymous asked:

    OMG, my Lilith is in Scorpio, I really don't like it, it makes me feel evil. T^T

    Yeah, people really enjoy demonizing Scorpio Lilith. It’s not evil though, it’s just very powerful, and some people are scared of that so they make it look like it’s your fault or like it’s a bad quality. As long as you’re conscious of it and you put a lot of energy into making sure it expresses itself in a healthy, safe way, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that placement.

    October 20th Asteroids

    Most of these were already included in my previous read. I didn’t bother explaining a lot  of them. I’ve reorganized all of the child asteroids into a group for easier reading.

    For those who missed it, we had a confirmation of a second ‘baby’. Also timed to attract attention to a movie release. What a goddamned coincidence that is.

    Oct20 Celestechild   18 Scorpio 58 conjunct Benedict’s Lilith  18 Scorpio 36

    <Lilith is the dark mother.>

    <To me,  Lilith is the asteroid and Dark Moon (this one is the asteroid) that best sums up the entire fake baby situation. Lilith is the mother of all monsters and the dark side of motherhood. Celestechild is the fake baby. When  I saw this combination I cringed. My previous read was all about a fake baby reveal so this time I looked for the movie related asteroids instead. Who would have thought they’d try to outshine the  premiere with this nonsense. Must be click-bait.>

    Oct20   Child   7 Pisces 34 Rx inconjunct Benedict’s Child   7 Libra 22

    <An inconjunct is an always-on difficult energy best dealt with by behaving instinctively. One will feel like there is something they just HAVE to do with this transit.>

    Oct20   Born   0 Scorpio 48 conjunct Benedict’s Swindle   1 Scorpio 55

    <Obvious. This is exactly what we’ve got..>

    Oct20 Tyche  7 Libra 30 conjunct Benedict’s Child  7 Libra 22

    <Tyche is a good fortune asteroid so let’s hope it grants him some luck in this venture.>

    Oct20  Dejanira   0 Cancer 43 conjunct Sophie’s Celestechild   1 Cancer 40

                                                                                Hazard  1 Cancer 44

    <Sophie’s vulnerable point is the imaginary baby.>

    Oct20 Moomintroll  27 Libra 43 conjunct  Oct20  Sado   28 Libra 12

    <Expect the trolls to be especially vicious.>

    <This information is a troll. It’s a very nasty thing to do to the fans.>

    Oct20  Pappos    19 Cancer 43 conjunct Benedict’s Achilles 19 Cancer 39

                                                                  Oct20  Opportunity  20 Cancer 20

                                                                  Oct20  Machiavelli   20 Cancer 51

    <A manipulative opportunity for the paparazzi to strike Benedict in a vulnerable place,>

    <The above was what I wrote before. Benedict is using this Machiavellian opportunity for himself, to deal with his weak spot. But he’s still  vulnerable to how the press will react.>

    Oct20  Zero   21 Taurus 43 conjunct Benedict’s Ohno   21 Taurus 34

                                                                                Rebekka   21 Taurus 38

    <Rebecca is a character who faked a pregnancy and ruined everybody’s life in the process, including her own.>

    Oct20 Lie   15 Cancer 16 conjunct Hal 9000  15 Cancer 48

    <A lie involving a computer.>

    <Lie is in Benedict’s tenth house of public career, just past his Midheaven. The Lie is public, it’s obvious,  and it will impact his career.>

    Oct20 Records   13 Leo 22 conjunct Oct20  Skepticus  13 Leo 49

                                                              Benedict’s Pappos  13 Leo 27

                                                                                Moriarty  13 Leo 34

    <Manipulative use of the paparazzi to  influence the Skeptics.>

    Oct20  Ursula   28 Cancer 1 conjunct Benedict’s Echo   28 Cancer 20

                                                                                Debenedictis  28 Cancer 33

    <Echo on Ursula gives me hope she didn’t have any say about what they’re doing.>

    Oct20  Pandora   9 Libra 3 conjunct Benedict’s Tape    9 Libra 25

                                                                              Labs  9 Libra 33

    Oct20 Eugenesis   9 Scorpio 11  conjunct  Oct20  Probitas  9 Scorpio 23

    <Truth about procreation.>

    Oct20 Sophia   27 Aries 47 Rx conjunct Benedict’s Veritas 27 Aries 47

    <These last two mean the truth is going to leak out about this.>

    Oct20  Potato   21 Sagittarius 23 sextile Benedict’s Sylvia  21 Libra 32

                                                        square Benedict’s Juno  21 Virgo 27

                                                        opposing Oct20 Veritas   22 Gemini 27 Rx

                                                                                  Truth   23 Gemini 4 Rx

    <If we have a doubt, Potato opposes Truth. Twice.>

    Oct20 Lie   15 Cancer 16 opposition  Sophie’s Potato 16 Capricorn 4

    <Not a good position for Sophie.>

    <Here Lie has just entered Benedict’s tenth house. This is a very public Lie.>

    Oct20  Briede  16 Virgo 27 conjunct  Oct20 Yoko   16 Virgo 57

                                                                           Bora-Bora   17 Virgo 52

    <At this point, Bora-Bora means to us an unbelievable baby bump.>

    Oct20  Aletheia   8 Gemini 7 Rx conjunct Benedict’s Crane  7 Gemini 35

    <Aletheia is a reveal of something everybody already understood from wisdom: Crane is the inventor of the pregnancy test.>


    Oct20 Bleeker    13 Sagittarius 54 conjunct Oct20  Reiki  14 Sagittarius 20

    <The Sanctum Sanctorum is on Bleeker  Street. Some of the energy involved with it will be healing.>

    Benedict’s TARDIS  6 Cancer 51 conjunct Benedict’s Bleeker  6 Cancer 56

    <Both of Benedict’s dimensional access asteroids closely conjunct each other. Expect his Sanctum Sanctorum to share some TARDIS like qualities. Perhaps it will be bigger on the inside, or have dimensional pockets used for storage. Perhaps it will be blue. Both of them are occupied by a dotty doctor.>

    Oct20  Valentine   11 Sagittarius 27 conjunct Benedict’s  Neptune   11 Sagittarius 30 Rx

    <This is an imaginary love affair; Strange’s love interest.> <An imaginary real relationship with his ‘wife’> <Illusions about true love.>

    Oct20  Chiron   21 Pisces 26 Rx conjunct Oct20 Chapman   21 Pisces 28 Rx

                                                       opposing  Benedict’s Juno  21 Virgo 27

                                                                                          Poe  21 Virgo 35

    <I don’t like this one. I’ve been observing Benedict’s stalker asteroids all year and they were very busy right before he disappeared for weeks.  I was SO happy nobody,  including his cyber stalkers, could find him. Chapman is the guy who shot John Lennon. Here it’s conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer.>

    <This is in close aspect to Juno, regarding marriage, and Poe,  one of the Gambles asteroids. Interesting Juno and Poe are closely conjunct in his natal chart.>

    <Chiron on Chapman could be the extra care they are taking against stalkers. The oppositions indicate who they are guarding against.>

    Oct20  Stevens   12 Virgo 12 conjunct  Oct20 Occidental   10 Virgo 54

                                                                  Oct20  Debenedictis   10 Virgo 52

    <This one is interesting. Occidental refers to the Western world, as opposed to the Oriental. Steven Strange is being perceived as being aligned with the West.>

    Benedict’s Sun  26 Cancer 53 opposition Oct20  Lova   25 Capricorn 16

                                                                                Destinn   26 Capricorn 8

    <Crossed in love.>

    Oct20  Geisha    12 Libra 39 conjunct Benedict’s Briede  12 Libra 21

    Oct20 Hambach   3 Leo 44 conjunct Benedict’s  Talent   3 Leo 02

     <He’ll be good in the movie.>

    Oct20 Athene   29 Leo 9 conjunct Benedict’s Medusa  29 Leo 48

    <Athena was responsible for two of Medusa’s transformations. First she changed her from a blond haired girl into a snaky headed gorgon. After Perseus beheaded Medusa, Athena took her head and made it part of her Aegis, transforming her again into a protective power.>

    <There may be parallels in the Strange origin story.>< A transformation in his real life.>

    Oct20  Psyche  5 Virgo 9 conjunct  Benedict’s Fortuna   5 Virgo 48

    <General attitudes will be favorable for Benedict.>

    Oct20  Laertes   23 Virgo 27 conjunct Benedict’s Moomintroll   23 Virgo 20

    <Claudius/Laertes has been a long series of conjunctions having to do with sockpuppets giving bad advice on tumblr. Some of the gullible will likely be functioning as unwitting trolls.> <Making a bad decision based upon erroneous information provided by a manipulator.>

    Oct20  Couturier   27 Cancer 11 conjunct Benedict’s Sun  26 Cancer 53

    <Benedict mentions a willingness to dress like Tilda. Presumably this would include wearing a dress.>

    Oct20 Damocles   20 Aquarius 43 Rx  conjunct Sophie’s Sylvia  21 Aquarius 14

    <The trouble hanging over her head is being Sylvia.>

    anonymous asked:

    i made myself sad cause you saying Lilith turning Jack made me think about how, maybe Jack had a different name and just one day goes to work while Angel is it school and then never comes home and the cops think he was killed but Lilith just turned him ( so technically he is dead??? ) so he changed his name and every once in awhile Jack will check in with Angel to see how she's doing but he can never actually greet her cause she thinks he's dead.

    awwww no thats super sad too D: poor jack. doesnt get to see anyone cause a) everyone thinks hes dead and b) hes become a bloodsucking monster

    anonymous asked:

    What Lilith is most common when talking about Liliths? Because isn't there three? What would one mean if they just said Lilith

    Usually people are talking about Black Moon Lilith because that’s the one that most calculators show you by default. Unless you specify that you’re talking about a different Lilith, everyone’s going to assume you mean Black Moon Lilith. They all have pretty much the same energy anyway; they simply represent the “stages” of the same archetype.

    woomyhitsu  asked:

    info about Lili

    01. Full name: Lilith Talamaur 
    02. Best friend: Gareth Daymon
    03. Sexuality: Lesbian 
    04. Favorite color: Turquoise 
    05. Relationship status: In a relationship with Anje Acqua
    06. Ideal mate: Someone she can generally get along with and love them for who they are
    07. Turn-ons: That’s her own secret. 
    08. Favorite food: BBQ type meats
    09. Crushes: Her current gf
    10. Favorite music: She does enjoy a lot of rock
    11. Biggest fear: Being alone
    12. Biggest fantasy: Raising a family of her own along with her mate
    13. Bad habits: She gets confrontational with anyone who ever so much gives any of her friends/gf a dirty look
    14. Biggest regret: None, Lili accepts life’s lessons and appreciates learning from her own mistakes
    15. Best kept secrets: Well it wouldn’t be a secret if you knew now would it?
    16. Last thought: Calling Anje
    17. Worst romantic experience: She got flat out told that she was the worst by her ex for “trying too hard” to be a good gf
    18. Biggest insecurity: If she is being a good enough partner or if she’s being too clingy at times.
    19. Weapon of choice: 96. Gal
    20. Role Model: Anje herself. She admires how calm and collected Anje is in battle and outside.               

    Lilith - The Black Moon

    Our Deepest Fears (x)

    Aries: Fears unworthiness and can be prone to compare themselves to others. To overcome this, they should not measure their own success by other peoples, but to value themselves and others as unique individuals.

    Taurus:  Fears scarcity and can be prone to indulge in compulsive consumption. To overcome this, they should not fill the empty void they feel with ‘things’ but should stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones in the material world by tuning into their spiritual nature.

    Gemini: Fears rejection and can put too much emphasis on what other people think of them. To overcome this, they should express their own individuality instead of projecting their insecurities onto others, or accusing them of not doing the right thing.

    Cancer: Fears abandonment and can be prone to feelings of loneliness and lack of support. To overcome this, they should learn to do things for themselves and practice unconditional love, instead of detesting other people that come across as needy or clingy.

    Leo: Fears change and can be arrogant and self-centered, they are prone to project this part of themselves onto others that come across as overbearing or vain. To overcome this, the should give credit to others where credit is due and welcome the opportunities that present themselves by embracing the change that these opportunities may create.

    Virgo: Fears failure and can be prone to self criticism and therefore projects this criticism onto others, feeling that they are not performing well enough, or are incompetent. To overcome this, they should not focus too much on flaws or errors and not to do everything in excess, it is not their responsibility to have to fix everything.

    Libra: Fears loneliness and isolation and has issues forming boundaries. They are prone to criticize others, particularly how they appear, or seem. To overcome this, they should not have to have things so perfect and to find solace and comfort in being alone.

    Scorpio: Fears loss and always has to win. They are prone to having a tremendous need to rescue others at any cost. To overcome this, they should learn how to accept closure and not be so competitive.

    Sagittarius: Fears dishonesty and dislikes people that lie or come across as naïve. They are prone to doubting the things people say and always need proof. To overcome this, they should not get too caught up in persistently seeking the ultimate answer, but accept that the ‘truth’ comes from many different perspectives.

    Capricorn: Fears neglect and is prone to controlling and attention seeking behavior. To overcome this, they should learn how to be comfortable when not in charge and to stand up for themselves in a 'self controlled’ way.

    Aquarius: Fears powerlessness and are prone to reacting negatively when they don’t get their own way. They have issues with power struggles and have a great distaste for people that come across as weak or undisciplined. To overcome this, they should stop being so detached/stubborn and learn to control their need to overpower others.

    Pisces: Fears vulnerability and has issues with trusting people that come across as too nice, they believe these people must want something from them. To overcome this fear, they should find the appropriate people to confide in and focus on themselves as much as they do others.