lilith's tears


[Reprint] Valentine’s Gacha 2015
Duration: 12/31 (Sun) 22:00 -  2/15 (Mon) 15:59

Chance to get 5☆ Cheria (Valentine), 5☆ Tear (Valentine), 5☆ Marta (Valentine), 5☆ Rita (Valentine), 5☆ Lilith (Valentine), 5☆ Suzu (Valentine), 4☆ Mint (Valentine), 4☆ Leia (Valentine), 4☆ Sophie (Valentine), 4☆ Chelsea (Valentine), 4☆ Pascal (Valentine), and 4☆ Colette (Valentine) from the special gacha.

※ The first spin for the event period will also only cost 3 Asteria Stones instead of 5.


the unofficial Card Evolve tumblr posted these and said they’d like to see the ladies in the suits, and I am attempting to deliver.

Not even going to lie, Richard is doing the boobs and butt pose, so I had to correct it a bit when drawing Cheria. WHO KNEW. I almost did Nova and Vel for Xillia 2, but I could not actually pass up an opportunity to draw Milla in a suit.

I am undecided on whether I should color them with their own outfit colors or not. Estelle would look interesting in black. Also, it was interesting drawing women in poses specifically picked with a dude in mind.


Blood and Tears/Mal&Lilith

Maleficent walked outside from under the castle and growled when she saw a army coming for Regina. Getting ready to attack she flow up into the sky and blow fire down on each and every one of them. The dragon flow around the castle making sure there weren’t anymore men. Just as she was ready to go back inside a arrow hit her arm causing her to look down. Her glowing green eyes watched as a solider was on a horse shooting arrows at her. This made her angry and so she went after the person.

But she lost them somehow and growled with angry. A sigh left her lips as she flow back to the castle and formed back into her human from. Once she did so she held onto her arm. “Did you get hurt?” Regina asked while she walked over to Maleficent. “It’s nothing to worry about. I can heal it..I have to since I had a party to tend to.” Regina nodded her head and watched as Maleficent walked away from her. Of course Maleficent knew that Regina cared for her and it meant so much to her since she was the first one to ever love the beast that she was.

The dragon got fixed up and ready for the party she needed to tend to. She’d go to these parties to make sure that no one were trying to make plans to kill Regina. Yes she went as a spy. Getting out of the cart she walked up to the castle and grinned a bit. Then she picked up her dress witch was a beautiful light purple and walked up the stairs. Slowly she walked inside fixing her hair that was half way up and rest was curled and down. “It’s nice to see you miss.” A older man said as Maleficent smiled brightly then bowed.


lxvexdxrkness  asked:

There was a small knock on Philip's door. When he opened the door little Lilith stood there, tears pouring from her eyes and hugging her kitten tightly.

{♚}—; Philip was sitting in a chair resting a bit until he heard a knock and opened it to see child Lilith standing there and instantly he hugged her upon seeing how sad she looked.