lilith the demon

The Signs as Supernatural Demons
  • Aries: Cain
  • Taurus: Azazel
  • Gemini: Crowley
  • Cancer: Tom
  • Leo: Abaddon
  • Virgo: Tammi
  • Libra: Lilith
  • Scorpio: Ruby
  • Sagittarius: Meg Masters
  • Capricorn: Alastair
  • Aquarius: Demon Dean
  • Pisces: Samhain
How Women Should Be Treated

As I see more and more people interested or associating themselves with Satan in anyway, I grow more and more disgusted. Not with Father or real Satanists, but with these “edgy”, wanna-be “Satanists”. For example, extreme disrespect towards women and children. In this post, I will focus on women though.
Firstly, women are NOT sex objects. They are NOT property. ALL women (cis or trans, yes, I support that) should be treated like royalty. Unless they personally do something to you to be treated otherwise, they should ALWAYS be given your utmost respect. It is DISGUSTING to see the things people say about women. If you have a girl to call your own (dating or marriage) and you don’t treat her like a goddamn Queen, you DO NOT deserve her. She, regardless of her looks or past, deserves a person that makes her feel gorgeous and amazing 100% of the time. If you don’t do that, either she needs to leave your ass, or you need to change. And just because she is your lover does NOT mean you have the right to belittle her, bully her, or force her into something she doesn’t wish to do. Especially sexual. It disgusts not only me, but Father and ALL His Demons.
I hate that I have to give a goddamn sex talk, but you do not touch a woman without her consent. If she says stop (or the safeword) at ANY MOMENT at all, you STOP! If she does not say it is okay to touch her inappropriately, or at all, than keep your disgusting goddamn hands off of her. Always ask, and if she says no, that means no. No is a general term in almost every language, you are not a damn exception. I hate to be immature on this blog, but fuck off if you think otherwise. If you disagree with me on this, unfollow me this very moment. You are a disgrace.

Updated monster version of Lilith. She’s still as short as her normal form but it shouldn’t/doesn’t make her less intimidating.

Since Lilith’s true creator was a child who suffered from epilepsy, it was only fitting she was given a similar struggle. However, these ‘fits’/'premonitions’ (depending on who you talk to) are so different and strong that she needs to be held down/rendered still to prevent any wounds/skull cave ins. Warning signs: eyes turn white and Lilith freezes.

Life as a cartoon stunt double isn’t as great as it seems. Though all toons (unless what happens is fetal) will bounce back at the beginning of the day, their initial bounce back is determined by popularity and power given via the creative staff. Toons will get hurt to some extent & that’s why, though Bendy’s bounce back is quicker, Drew avoids using him for his own stunts in fear of hurting the star.

(Who knew angsty sketches would create character attributes)

Myths & Legends: Lilith

According to Jewish myth, Lilith was the FIRST wife of Adam and like her husband was created from the dust of the earth.

Believing herself to be Adam’s equal, Lilith refused to submit to Adam and subsequently left the Garden of Eden. It was after her departure from the Garden that Eve came into the picture, made from the rib of Adam and not the earth like Lilith.

According to one of the many versions of the legend, Lilith later married Samael, the archangel of death and destruction.


Many times people have inboxed me asking what Fathers Sigils are, so I thought I’d finally make a post for it. These are Father’s two Sigil’s, and during a ritual to Father, I would recommend using both. Draw them as large as you can, preferably in black, blue, or red ink, but a simple pencil will do fine. After the ritual, if you still have the drawn out Sigil’s, do NOT throw them away. This is seen as disrespectful. If you are too dispose of any sigil, the proper way to do so is to burn it. Be safe, my friends.

I asked Moricand about Lilith in my horoscope - the sexual, demonic Lilith, the woman-not-woman, the unpossessed, the one incarnate in “Djuna” in the novel.

He said: “Your Lilith is at the bottom of a well. She is one of the drowned, imprisoned personages in you, which Henry is exposing to full daylight in Tropic of Capricorn. He calls her June. He often writes about you only he doesn’t know it. He thinks it’s June.”

—  Anaïs Nin, Nearer The Moon: The Unexpurgated Diary of Anaïs Nin: 1937-1939 | Lilith conjunct IC in the 4th House in Capricorn

Admin Note: The demon in 12x12 was named Ramiel, and we learned that Ramiel, Azazel, and two other demons were made by Lucifer right after Lilith. These four demons were special because they were the “Princes of Hell.” Azazel was the only one who cared about raising Lucifer and starting the apocalypse, while Ramiel, his brother Asmodeus, and his sister Dagon, didn’t care, and wanted to be left alone.