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is there anything in their charts that tells you about how they'd dirty talk or how loud they'd be in bed?

for this, i looked at general signs and also mercury-mars aspects, as mercury is the planet of communication and mars is the planet of sex, and quite a lot of the boys have them

jungkook - with a gemini eros, i think he’s a bit of a chatterbox. gemini rules communication, so he needs that in the bedroom to be satisfied. even if he’s not saying actual words, noises would come from him constantly. and with a virgo mercury, he may speak a lot due to nerves. lots of stuttering and choking on his words. a partner who talks to him, reassures him, and voices their pleasure is a major turn on. also with a smooth mercury sextile mars, even innocent sounds/phrases ooze sex appeal

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taehyung - with a mercury conjunct mars, he’s all about aggressive noises in bed. people with this aspect are known for being blunt and straight forward. with dirty talk, he’d sugar coat nothing: you’re getting all the dirty details. i don’t think he’d mind much if his partner does or doesn’t talk back – but if he expects an answer, i suggest u give him one. and his wild aries eros amplifies this

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jin - his sounds are as angelic as every other part of him. his mercury aspects not only his mars but also his venus, adding a romantic flair to his dirty talk. very eloquent and poetic about it. moans are high pitched and melodic 

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yoongi - his mercury not only aspects mars, but also many other planets like uranus and neptune, so there’s only one way i’d describe how he’d sound: wild. it would make your mind spin how he goes from praising you, to degrading you, to eerily quiet all in the span of 10 minutes. that tongue of his is versatile in more ways than one

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namjoon - his mercury square mars makes me think he’s inclined to degrading dirty talk. people with this aspect often come across as harsh or brusque, even when they don’t particularly intend to. he doesn’t really think before he talks (in emotional/sexual situations); whatever is on his mind just flows out. but if you’re into that kink, hey ;)

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jimin and hoseok don’t have any aspects between mercury and mars so let’s look at other ones:

jimin’s moon trine mercury leads me to believe that, despite his dark scorpio planets, his dirty talk would be quite soft and sweet. he’d love praising his partner, telling them how good they are. lots of “i love you”s. it might completely contrast his sometimes rough, aggressive style.

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hoseok’s mercury aspects with saturn and pluto make him control his speech in the bedroom. he thinks carefully about everything he says. this can make a master at dirty talk who knows exactly how to rile his partner up. and with his aries lilith and eros, the studio isn’t the only place where he can spit some aggressive verses

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Lilith is coming..


Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
I travel the world
And the seven seas,
Everybody’s looking for something.

Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused.


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Song: Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This), as performed by Emily Browning

Borderlands appreciation month-Day one: Favorite vault hunter-Lilith. 

No brainer at all here. When I first picked up BL1, I chose Lilith, I was only a few short hours into BL2 at the time, and I wanted to see what this Lilith chick was all about.  She was the first character I worked up to the level cap, with relative ease. Once I managed to get the class mod with SMG ammo regen, and picking the best skills for my playstyle, she became the bandit and monster roaster extreme, but then I’ve always had a affinity towards any character with a fire skill.

Lilith - The Vampire Unicorn

In a world where intimidation ranks ones social status, Lilith was set up for success from birth. Born to a noble family of Vampire Necronomicorns, Lilith was destined to continue the family’s legacy. However, Lilith is a shy and kindhearted vampire who more often than not, finds herself lost in a good fantasy novel. The qualities she possess cause her to not quite live up to vampiric expectations. This sketch set is part of a series that show each Necronomicorn’s personality.

This is all part of a new project! 

Comic is read from left to right.

One year ago, we introduced you all to our Alicorn & Unicorn Monsters, the Necronomicorns. We’ve decided to release a special 1-page teaser comic so you can see what the comic may look like! We plan to begin working on it full time very soon. There is a fun follow-up comic to this one that will be released in the next 2 weeks. We hope everyone had a Happy Halloween this past weekend!