Lilian /lilington Bio
⁃ Lilian
⁃ Male
⁃ Species: ???
⁃ Bi
⁃ 18
⁃ Single (but crushing on mars)
⁃ Tall
⁃ Skinny
⁃ Shy
⁃ Smart
⁃ Silly and fun
• Talking
• Playing games
• Mars
• Fruit
• Technology
• His friends
• None
• Spiders
• Snakes
• Rude people
• Spicy stuff
• Sports
Lilian grew up in a sorta broken home…his mom and dad where always fighting and yelling day and night. His dad was a asshole to him and Lilian’s mom
His dad is an alcoholic and would earthier come home drunk or just be drunk at home. And he would hit and beat Lilian’s mom and Lilian would try to stop him to protect his mom but that would lead to his dad beating him and making him it’s gotten so bad to the point where Lilian and his mom would go stay at his grandparents house for a long time, eventually his mom divorced his dad and they moved away and ended up moving to a block away from Felix’s house . Lilian was to shy to go meet anyone then he saw Felix walking down the sidewalk past his house and Felix saw him looking through the window and waved at Lilian to come outside and play…Lilian was hesitant but him mom told him to go out and play, Lilian did and they quickly became best friends. When lil went to school he was picked on a lot…but since Felix was there he would stand up for Lilian even to the point of beating up the guys who picked on him. Lilian’s life was slowly getting better and better a the years went by.