Opening tomorrow, Tuesday (1.6.14) at Ace Hotel gallery in LA, a group show featuring Contemporary Psychedelia inspired by #InherentVice.. RSVP to: (cc: @thehaasbrothers @s_harrington @theotherfudge @alia_pop #johnvanhamersveld #lililakich #dustinstanton @aokcollective @juxtapozmag @slow_culture)

There are a million and thirteen reasons to check out the new #nastygalsantamonica mega-store this grand opening weekend, and the 30 foot sign I worked on in collab with LA neon artist #lililakich is only just of them. The others involve a shoe salon, @sophia_amoruso IRL, and @dakotasolt handing out scratchers on rollerblades with her butt hanging out. Congrats @nastygal on the opening!