I remixed the full ‘Breaking Bad’ theme in my studio last week.  Gyayz.

Fender Strat guitar
Squier Precision bass guitar

Verse from 'Ball Chopper' - written & prod. by LILIGI

Kitch ho.
Cripple ditz.
Root witch.
Mind glitch.
Cold bitch.
Ladies and gentlemen hold your discretions if with this exterior I give the wrong impression then,
Just let me clarify it for a little bit.  Been a headcase for longer than just a minute.
Cause encased in my mind’s where I planned on living.
Reality drove the point in opened fission.
To my surprise angels and demons sprang out.  From my hands, my head, my mouth.
Talking to things unseen, trying to figure it out.
What part of it don’t the kids, the teachers understand?
Drawing worlds I’d rather live in, prayed I’d die when I was 7.
Not for lack of love, now let me be clear. But I feel a wall around me where others see air.
Night and day I begged for my secret escape.
Even when my foot gave out, crawled in agony for a decade.
Made me suicidal.  Made my hope abated. Made my rage inflated. All this syncopated.
Made me see our downward spiral and the people all sedated.
When my momma died it made me see all of me that I hated.
Delayed the end cause the irony was tasty.
Chatted up ghosts till they called me Patrick Swayze.
Human interaction make the sheeple call me crazy. 
To you I’m past lost just a spectre bent on being seen.
I zip my lips then disappear.  Tell the ignant back away, I’m a new species to fear.
Pass the message I don’t play.  Living on borrowed time my story could end today.
I take all belongs to me. Pass the message I don’t play.  
Living on borrowed time my story could end…

Mofoz bitchin bout they problems
While them bitches got a trust fund.
YOUR cash done?
Wouldn’t know a struggle if you was handed one.
I aint sayin that your shit is fun,
But everyday I pray to get me some…
Of what you got.
Just let it drop.
Charmed nigz, just spare a dime, you fop.

…No but seriously though. It gets old hearing people bitch about whether they wanna buy a Christmas tree or how they can’t buy some…ionno… belt that they want and bitching all over facebook and in my face about that shit. Niggaz I’m hungry. I’m sure I’m back down to my high school weight by now. If I gave a shit about my prom dress and didn’t throw it away in Korea, I’d try it on right now to see if it sags in the ass.

—  ~Me byeotches…. I can spit… Just not out loud cause I got a white girl accent.