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Neon: What a Bright Idea!

Although neon is a very popular decorating trend right now, you don’t have to go all 80’s on us to incorporate it into your home. The look this time around is much more subtle as it involves pops of neon color through select pieces of furniture and accessories. Take a look at how unexpected touches of neon can brighten up a dull room.

Photos via BrightNest blog



Back to Black

So you all know about my obsession with white when it comes to home decor. But I also have a very close second. Surprise! You guessed it, it’s black. Exciting, I know. There’s something about black paint that really warms up a room and actually brightens everything up rather than making a space appear too sombre. Furniture pops and is given a fresh backdrop against a black wall.

Photos via Four Walls and a Roof Blog



The weather is going to be gorgeous this weekend in Montreal so I definitely plan to take advantage  and walk around some of my favorite neighborhoods! The first photo reminds me of all my favorite local spots that I kind of lose touch with while hibernating during the winter.

The photos are by Montreal photographer Ginette Brosseau and her work is available at lili&gen!

Montreal Record Store: 8x10’’ 24$ /11x14’’ 42$

Balloon Trio: 8x10’’ 24$ /11x14’’ 42$

Chandelier Closeup: 8x10’’ 28$ / 11x14’’ 46$ /16x20’’ 76$

Red Cookie Cutter Heart: 8x10’’ 24$

Vintage Gas Station: 8x10’’ 24$

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This just in! New Jewelry at lili&gen

Photo 1: Alice through the looking glass necklace 40$

Photo 2: White Patina Verdigris Geometric Pyramid Metal Stud Earrings.
Surgical Steel Earrings Post 15$

Photo 3: Purple Iris Flower Beaded Kidney Earrings. Made with 12mm Tensha Beads from Japan. 20$

Photo 4: Pink ribbon charm bracelet 25$

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Magic Mike is trying to give lili&gen some competition. I’m sure we can beat him both on the dance floor and off: