Steve Argyle - Magic: the Gathering
Modern Masters 2017 Liliana of the Veil, card # 76/249

[Overall release #112] - [Reprint release #36]

Modern Masters 2017 Edition is the third release of that limited release product line for the Magic: the Gathering card game.  It releases on March 17, 2017.  The set is comprised of entirely reprinted cards, although some cards have new illustrations.  Steve had two of his cards reprinted with his original illustrations in the set (Urbis Protector was also reprinted but given a new illustration.)  This is the first of Steve’s two reprints in the set.

This booster pack reprint was a long time coming (although it actually was reprinted as a promo about two years prior).  The 2017 Edition of Modern Masters included cards from the Innistrad and Return to Ravnica blocks for the first time.  The inevitable reprinting of Liliana of the Veil, originally from the Innistrad block, was never really questioned.  It opened for presale on starcitygames at $70 for non-foils and $130 for foils which is thankfully a sharp decrease from what you can expect to pay for the Innistrad copies.

This card is a reprint.  For more information please see my post about the original Innistard printing.

my predictions for Hour of Devastation
  • Razaketh: Welcome to the Salty Afterlife, how tough are ya?
  • Gideon: How tough am I? How tough am I? I blocked a spear-thrust from Hazoret herself!
  • Razaketh: So?
  • Gideon: With my face!
  • Razaketh: Uhh, right this way, sorry to keep you waiting. Welcome to the Salty Afterlife, how tough are ya?
  • Chandra: *rips off Nissa's "ZENDIKAR" tattoo and puts it back on upside-down*
  • Razaketh: Wow, impressive. Go ahead.
  • Welcome to the Salty Afterlife, how tough are ya?
  • Liliana: *kills Razaketh with the Chain Veil and walks in*
  • Nicol Bolas: I guess this is my job now. Welcome to the Salty Afterlife, how tough are ya?
  • Jace: I played chess with Emrakul!
  • Nicol Bolas: Get outta here. This place is too tough for you, little man.
  • Jace: Too tough for me? That's downright ridiculous. I'll have you know I did something really heroic that I can't remember, and I only lost all of my memories and planeswalked by accident!
  • Nicol Bolas: Listen, kid. I think you'd be more comfortable over at that place. *points across the Hekma*
  • Jace: Weenie Afterlife Jr's? Are you saying I belong at Weenie Afterlife Jr's?
  • Nicol Bolas: Oh, no, sorry, I was actually pointing at the place next to it.
  • Jace: Super Weenie Afterlife Jr's?!?!?!

Have you guys seen this photo?  Like I said where I saw it on facebook…

“There is nothing about this picture I do not like. Yo, Steve Argyle… this is custom tailored Minion fandom gold!”

So… head count.  Here we have Jaclyn, Minion #486, and Christine, Minion #86 (… curious numerical anomaly) posing in front of Steve’s versions of their namesake planeswalkers Chandra Nalaar and Liliana Vess.

This photo was taken at GP Las Vegas 2015.

The Gatewatch Have Failed Each Task So Far

There’s been a lot of talk on my feed about how the Gatewatch are just waltzing through the challenges they face like a home-made banner at a pep rally. While they are all currently whole in body, and the perceived threat from each plane is no longer actively threatening, follow me down this line of thought.

The Gatewatch have failed at what they have set out to do, every time.

Their name is synonymous with failure.

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