Modern Deck Tech: Bogles

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Hello & welcome to this weekly deck tech! This week we jump into Modern with a somewhat budget deck: Bogles. I’ve gotten a few request recently to talk about Bogles since it’s a known archetype, but doesn’t see much play. The deck also has an archetype in Pauper by the way, since the main cards are commons and you can just switch out the rares for less good, but still viable commons. Let’s hop right into it.


Giving it’s name to the deck, this is the foundation of it. This slippery little bastard is a 1/1 Hexproof for 1cmc; all you need to do is dump a bunch of enchantments to pump it up and wreck some scrubs. The only problem you can run into is Liliana of the Veil and her sacrifice effect, which is why you should play a Dryad Arbor that you can fetch for sacrifice fodder.

Bogles 2.0

A somewhat functional reprint of Bogles came with M14 and is sort of the reason why the deck actually works. With only 4 hexproof creatures with 1cmc the deck was just not cutting it, now it 8 it’s really more constant. Some people also play a couple of Silhana Ledgewalker for that extra consistency & evasion.

Dancer in the Night

While this little Kor doesn’t have hexproof, it really gives the deck that edge it needs. Drawing cards each time you cast an aura prevents you from running out of gas and if your opponent is light on removal you can just dump a bunch of aura on it to make it HUGE really fast.

Smashing Armour

Funny enough that this card, which is supposed to be an armour, makes your creature a super huge face smasher. If it wasn’t for this card, the deck would most likely be “okay” at best, but with this ethereal threat, the deck can kill VERY fast, making it viable even in an aggressive format like Modern.

The Day is Broken

This crown is, unironically, the king of the deck. This card is the one that shines the most, even if Ethereal Armor makes your creature the biggest, this card is what makes your creature OH SO GOOD. Giving it +3/+3, first strike, vigilance AND lifelink! There is often no way your opponent can race you with this and you really pressure their life total as well as being able to have an amazing blocker. This card is just ridiculous.

Mi Umbra

This card, as well as Spider Umbra, are AMAZING, seriously. On top of being VERY cheap auras, as well as granting a nice little +1/+1 & giving a neat ability like first strike or reach, it has the Totem Armor ability, which prevents your creature from being destroyed, once. This protects you from Day of Judgment effects and can really put the nail in the coffin in the right match-up!

Evading Fights

You want your creature to hit your opponent, right in their smug face. To do that you need to go over, or under, your opponent’s creatures. Rancor is great for that, giving a nice boost & trample. You also have options like Griff’s Boon that gives you flying; Unflinching Courage, which gives you a boost, trample & lifelink; or Spirit Mantle, which gives you a small boost as well as protection from creatures! Since those auras cost a bit more than the others, you usually play like 2 of each instead of a full playset though.


Unless you live in a world in which Modern is not filled with aggressive decks, you need answers. This deck mostly relies on a playset of Path to Exile to deal with those threats. As sideboard you have amazing answers too like Suppression Field, Rest in Peace, Stony Silence & so on. 


There you have it! I hope you guys enjoyed this deck tech as much as I did. If I missed anything let me know, and I’ll see you guys next week for a Legacy deck tech!


Have some pictures of the cosplays I’ve done from the Innistrad block! Plus a bonus work in progress picture of one of the TWO new Innistrad ladies I will be cosplaying this month!
Liliana of the Veil
Gisa Ghoulcaller
Avacyn Angel of Hope
Tamiyo the Moon Sage

All made by me!

Have you guys seen this photo?  Like I said where I saw it on facebook…

“There is nothing about this picture I do not like. Yo, Steve Argyle… this is custom tailored Minion fandom gold!”

So… head count.  Here we have Jaclyn, Minion #486, and Christine, Minion #86 (… curious numerical anomaly) posing in front of Steve’s versions of their namesake planeswalkers Chandra Nalaar and Liliana Vess.

This photo was taken at GP Las Vegas 2015.

Had to join in the cosplay meme I’ve seen going around! 8 of me in cosplay and one of me out of cosplay + no makeup!

Clock wise from left corner: Liliana Vess, Nissa Revane, Elspeth Tirel, Tamiyo, the Moon Sage, Liliana of the Veil, Duel Deck Chandra, Teysa Envoy of Ghost and Emmara Tandris! I think I could make two more with Magic cosplay alone lol! And another three of non Magic cosplay!

All cosplays made and worn by me!



“Liliana Vess” by Aleksi Briclot
“Liliana, Heretical Healer” by Karla Ortiz
“Liliana, Defiant Necromancer” by Karla Ortiz
“Liliana of the Dark Realms” by D. Alexander Gregory
“Liliana of the Veil” by Steve Argyle
“Liliana, the Last Hope” by Anna Steinbauer
“Macabre Waltz” by Will Murai
“Demonic Pact” by Aleksi Briclot
“Innistrad Key Art” by Karl Kopinski
“Oath of Liliana” by Wesley Burt