Steve Argyle - Magic: the Gathering
Modern Masters 2017 Liliana of the Veil, card # 76/249

[Overall release #112] - [Reprint release #36]

Modern Masters 2017 Edition is the third release of that limited release product line for the Magic: the Gathering card game.  It releases on March 17, 2017.  The set is comprised of entirely reprinted cards, although some cards have new illustrations.  Steve had two of his cards reprinted with his original illustrations in the set (Urbis Protector was also reprinted but given a new illustration.)  This is the first of Steve’s two reprints in the set.

This booster pack reprint was a long time coming (although it actually was reprinted as a promo about two years prior).  The 2017 Edition of Modern Masters included cards from the Innistrad and Return to Ravnica blocks for the first time.  The inevitable reprinting of Liliana of the Veil, originally from the Innistrad block, was never really questioned.  It opened for presale on starcitygames at $70 for non-foils and $130 for foils which is thankfully a sharp decrease from what you can expect to pay for the Innistrad copies.

This card is a reprint.  For more information please see my post about the original Innistard printing.

The Gatewatch Have Failed Each Task So Far

There’s been a lot of talk on my feed about how the Gatewatch are just waltzing through the challenges they face like a home-made banner at a pep rally. While they are all currently whole in body, and the perceived threat from each plane is no longer actively threatening, follow me down this line of thought.

The Gatewatch have failed at what they have set out to do, every time.

Their name is synonymous with failure.

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Have you guys seen this photo?  Like I said where I saw it on facebook…

“There is nothing about this picture I do not like. Yo, Steve Argyle… this is custom tailored Minion fandom gold!”

So… head count.  Here we have Jaclyn, Minion #486, and Christine, Minion #86 (… curious numerical anomaly) posing in front of Steve’s versions of their namesake planeswalkers Chandra Nalaar and Liliana Vess.

This photo was taken at GP Las Vegas 2015.

Hey, so I know I haven’t quite finished up Amonkhet Bingo, but it’s time to start brainstorming for Hour of Devastation

I’ll start:

  • Razaketh is an 8/8
  • Liliana uses the Chain Veil
  • Bolas is all five colors
  • We get more straightforward information on the three destroyed gods of Amonkhet.
  • Djeru sparks
  • Samut sparks

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Hascon Card Ideas

I have so many ideas for these cards, I had to share my troll designs with you.

It’s Nerf or Nothing - An equipment that gives your creature +0/+0. Equip Cost is spending ten minutes finding things on the ground.

Go Directly to Jail - Reskinned Path to Exile.

Robots in Disguise - A vehicle with a crew cost of folding it into Origami.

Drizzt - Legendary Creature. Your deck can contain any number of cards named Drizzt.

Whats a Heroscape? - The card is almost completely redacted, with artwork of the box for the Kaladesh expansion of Arena of the Planeswalkers that should have been. It’s take from you before you’re allowed to leave the building.

Clue - It was Liliana on Shandalar with the Chain Veil.

Friendship is Magic - Your My Little Pony Custom Card is now real.

Play-Doh - Who cares? You’re going to eat this one anyway.

Littlest Pet Shop - This card is a choking hazard for children under 3.

Star Wars and Marvel - Oh my god we wish.


Who Needs Snap, Goyfo’s Or LilianBae?
Looking to Pickup some Stuff!

Scalding Tarn EXP, Steam Vents EXP, Watery Grave EXP, Verdant Catacombs EXP, Mox Diamond FTV, Karn Liberated (Any Foil), Dark Confidant (Any Foil), Gideon Jura (Any Foil), Kefnet (Foil, not Invocation).


Alright, so I know I only finished this at the eleventh hour, but it is in fact completed. So without further ado, I give you the AMONKHET BINGO CARD

Thank you to @livefromtheloam, @gamvaq, @werewolfpresbyterian, @elvish-memesmith, @char7es96, @onlymostlydead, and @flavoracle for all of the awesome speculation.


My Top 10 Steve Argyle cards

  1. Bloodbraid Elf:  The colors of this card are stunnning.  The bloodbraid elf may not be as savage as the name implies, but it is just a pretty card.
  2. Sunseed Nurturer:  When I first started collecting cards illustrated by Steve, I can probably say that this card wasn’t really on my radar.  As I have purchased more and more cards, this is one of the ones that has moved way up my list.  I love how it transitions from simple paint strokes to detailed lines and wrinkles on the rhino/beast
  3. Mayael’s Aria:  There is a lot I like about this card…the colors, the movement…the feel.
  4. Bonds of Faith:  This is an interesting card.  What is going on in it?  Who is she and is the demon a pet or slave?  What do I love about it though?  Look at the detail in her dress (I mean all of the parts of the dress) and check her hair out.
  5. Thalia, Guardian of Thraben:  There isn’t much to say, but it is a very pretty card.  One of my favorite aspects is the symbol of Avacyn on the sword.  Avacyn glinting in her eye is also a neat touch.
  6. Jace’s Ingenuity:  Although I don’t think Jace is really the water mage anymore, I like the movement of the water.
  7. Liliana’s Caress:  This is a card I just like.  I think it is the look of excruciating pain on the man’s face, but it could be her delight in his pain too.
  8. Dawnglare Invoker:  This card is interesting.  I like the details in the dress, but my favorite part of the card is that it shows that Steve can do a great landscape too.  WotC, we need a set of Steve Argyle lands.
  9. Night Revelers:  Another interesting card on a list for a different reason.  This card shows that Steve is very adept at trying different techniques.  The background on this card is what makes it interesting.  I actually don’t care for the people in the forefront.  The background is what excites me.
  10. Illusory Ambusher:  Actually this card barely wins above Chandra’s Phoenix and Liliana of the Veil.  Why?  A sweet cat illusion that I think is really fleshed out and well done.

circlesmadeofglass  asked:

Which incarnation of Liliana Vessel is your favorite? It could be play wise or even design wise.


I can’t choose between these two wonderful versions. 

My gut reaction is to say @steveargyle ‘s Liliana of the Veil. The meticulous incredible artistic detail her clothes. Look at the chain links in her hair, her chest, hips, and the Chain Veil itself. Whoa. The folds of the skirt. The three trillion laces on her gloves, corset (?), and boots. Such detail! Look at the background. How many skulls are there? Each of them is defined, too. Nose holes, teeth, everything. The eerie fog in the background. The creepy and unnatural lighting from beneath. The terrifying necromantic flames in her hands. Let’s not forget her mind-melting body the way the light reflects off her skin. Even the tilt of the image, one that isn’t straight up and down, provides its own perspective- one I would say adds an air of lethality and mystery. You get all of this AND a super powered card? How could she not be my favorite?

Then again. Anna Steinbaur’s Liliana, Innistrad’s Last Hope is just as spectacular. She looks like someone I could actually be blessed enough to meet in my life. Look at the way the lighting highlights her collarbones and her forehead, the tip of her nose even. The way that the light bounces off the clouds so softly. Even her hair. While it’s a tiny detail, I think it’s important. You don’t walk in Thraben to save Jace’s life and fight the Eldrazi with your hair down. Seriously, what fool would do that? You gotta either have it in a power braid (Nissa), on fire (Chandra), or tied back (Liliana). That’s just a no brainer. What a fantastic image. Her card is pretty great on top of all of that!

So which Liliana is my favorite? Unfair question. With such fantastic artists like these how could I? (We can’t discount Chris Rallis either. He’s worked with her a lot. His art just didn’t happen to line up with a Planeswalker Card, but that isn’t to say he’s not grand.)

I just can’t choose. Great question though @circlesmadeofglass. Went right for the hard questions in life.