Bad things are inside everyone,“ I said. "I don’t care how gentle or holy or sincere or dedicated you are. There are bad things in there. Lust. Greed. Violence. You don’t need a wicked queen to make that happen. That’s a part of everyone. Some more, some less, but it’s always there.”

“You say that you were this wicked from the beginning?” Lily asked.

“I’m saying I could have been,” I said. “I chose something else. And I’m going to continue choosing something else.

—  Jim Butcher - Cold Days

Midweek Birthday Brunch! is the solution when you can’t seem to find an evening time to cook a birthday dinner for a friend.

Kept the menu simple, Frittata with okra, spinach, cheddar and scallions, experimental scones with ginger and apple(they spread out more than expected, but were yummy), turkey sausage, coffee and tea.

Was planning to put a potted fern in the middle of the table but picked zinnias from the backyard instead. The weather was amazing, we enjoyed brunch with windows open.