“Muggles are so weird,” Sirius stated, looking around the room packed with people scowling at each other.

“Why’s that?” Lily asked, stepping in forward in the security line.

“I mean, they travel by packing themselves into a large metal blob that gets flung into the air. It’s not natural.”

Lily raised an eyebrow, “And traveling by broom or through the fireplace is?”

“Yes,” Sirius answered back immediately, pleased when James said yes with him.

Rolling her eyes, Lily chose to ignore them and instead pointed forward.

“See these?” She asked.

The boys nodded yes, signaling for her to continue. 

“You’re suppose to put your bag onto the belt and it goes through the scanner.”

“Why?” Sirius asked.

“It’s for security purposes.” She replied.

“Why?” he asked again.

“To make sure no one is carrying something in their bag they’re not supposed to be bringing onto the plane.” 


“Because - oh stop that!” she smacked Sirius on the arm, scowling as his snickering.

“Now,” she continued, “I’m going to go over to this one right here, because it’s open. You two go to that one over there. When you’re through, we’ll meet on the other side and continue to our plane.”

“Yes ma’am!” James answered dutifully with a goofy smile.

Lily answered back with a happy smile and bounced off.

Taking deep breaths as though they were about to face something terrible, the boys stepped forward to the place Lily instructed them to go and lifted their bags onto the black belt.

Sirius looked up at the sign and snorted, “Hey, look: Baggage Scan. Bet we’d see all sorts of baggage you’re carrying.”

James rolled his eyes, “Not nearly as much as you.”

“Oh really?” Sirius asked in challenge, “What about Tiffany?”

Rising to the challenge, James responded, “What about Jennifer? Or Abagail? Or Marlene? Or Sandra? Or Tyler? Or - “

“Okay, fine, you’ve made your point,” Sirius cut in, “Just - hop onto the belt.”


“Hop onto the belt.” Sirius repeated.

“I can’t hop onto the belt. Lily will kill me!” James insisted.

“Just do it.”


“C’mon - “

“I can’t just - “

“It’ll be so funny - “

“Why don’t you - “

“Just do it - “

“But - “

“Please - “

“Ugh! Fine.” James said finally looking around to make sure no one was watching.

When he was sure he was clear, he lifted his leg up and hoisted himself onto the belt.

“Lie flat on your back,” Sirius said, pushing him down all the way.

“You want me to actually go through it?” James asked.

“Yeah, it’ll be so cool.”

Thinking about it for a moment, James nodded in agreement, “Okay.”

The was already up through to his knees when a security guard stopped them. 

After an hour of interrogation, lots of insisting from Lily that this was their first time flying and they were a bunch of idiots, and a missed flight - the group decided to use the floo network.

  • Erza:Levy, congratulations, you deserve the best, and you’ve found it… Gajeel; don't you dare hurt her.
  • Gajeel:Haha I won't.
  • Panther Lily:Don't laugh she means it.
  • Gajeel:I-I wont..
  • Gray:Seriously, don't hurt her.
  • Gajeel:Ok, I'm not planning on hurting her.
  • Lucy:You better not be.
  • Gajeel:I'm not.
  • Happy:Gajeel, you best watch yourself.
  • Gajeel:Why would any of you think I would hurt Levy, you’re all my friends too.
  • Natsu:Meh.

Next Gen: Applejack

Meet the twins Crimson Delight and Autumn Glory.
And their father is…unknown!
Y'see, Applejack tried dating, but it didn’t work out and she felt she was forcing herself, because all in all, she was actually happy with who she was - a busy farm owner - and even though she wanted children, she didn’t want to end up in a relationship “just because”.
So eventually she went to Canterlot and got an artificial insemination from a sperm bank. (A bold move for what’s considered one of the most traditional ponies in Ponyville!) She doesn’t know who the father is cause she only asked for very broad criteria when choosing her donor: big, strong and healthy.
As you can see, she got more than just that, her children might as well be models. In fact I’m thinking that’s what they’ll become later in life. Perhaps it’s something in their genes, perhaps they get discovered by Trenderhoof, but something draws them to Canterlot, where their stunning good looks quickly get them into the model business. Momma Applejack of course follows them around, making sure they don’t get into any shady business. What a fussy pony… but she’s got her heart in the right place and her children’s best interests at heart and they know it.
Still, I see them conflicting with her quite a bit, especially when younger, cause even if they’re growing up in happy surroundings, they dream of the big city and look up to Rarity’s success and sophistication. They like hanging around her and learning her methods…and manner of speech. Poor Aj’s not gonna be able to understand her own kids! Kidding, but she might be a bit distraught at that. I imagine the twins themselves fall back into a country drawl when upset.
Anyway…all in all they’re still a happy family. A bit rougher than what Applejack imagined, but that’s how it goes. Mister or Misses Right can wait.

There wasn’t anyone I really wanted to ship with Applejack, so I went a different route that I could see Applejack taking. This is for my “main continuity”, i.e. Lavender’s.



Since I got so many request to do it – I am going to try and do all the badges!

here is gen 2!

Check out the Gen 1 badges HERE

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Request: can you do a one shot of being james potters sister and is dating Sirius and James finds out and flips out and everyone thinks its hilarious because they thought he knew because of how obvious it is? thanks!!

Pairing: Sirius x reader
Warnings: [N/A]
Characters: Sirius Black, James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Lily Evans

You and Sirius were currently making out in his dorm. Neither of you thought about what would happened if someone walked in. James did say he was going out with Lily today so whatever right? It would be so weird if your brother walked on you making out with your boyfriend who also happened to be his best friend.

Any who you two were so focused on each other you didn’t hear the door open.

“Bloody hell!”.

You and Sirius quickly pulled apart and looked to see James and Lily standing in the door way. James had a look of pure horror on his face.

“Why the hell are you snogging my sister mate?!”.

“Er… because she’s my girlfriend” Sirius replied.

Why did James look so confused? You thought he already knew about you and Sirius. You figured he didn’t bring it up because it was awkward for him.

“You didn’t know?” Lily questioned as if she was thinking the same thing you were.

“No!” James exclaimed “did you?”.

“Of course I did” Lily answered.

James stood there speechless looking at everyone in the room one at time. All of a sudden Remus came running into the room as well.

“What’s going on I heard shouting”.

“[Y/N] and Sirius are dating!” James shouted. Remus didn’t react.
“Did you know too?!”.

“It was obvious wasn’t it?” Remus said giving James a side ways look. Your brother threw his hands in the air with frustration.

“Am I the only one who didn’t know?”.

Everyone nodded.
“Yeah pretty much”.

With a sigh James slumped down on to his bed. You laughed then walked over and rested your head on his shoulder.

“Are you okay?” You couldn’t help but giggle a little bit when you asked the question.

“… No…”.

Out of the corner of your eye you could see Sirius gulp nervously.
“Look mate…”.

“Padfoot it’s fine” James cut in “just next time give me a heads up when your making out in the dorms. I don’t want to walk in on anything like this again”.

At this everyone laughed.

“Of course” you agreed kissing your brother lightly on the cheek.

Scorpius' sort of come out to Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy GONE WRONG

I need a fic where scorpius goes to Lucius for relationship advice seeing how he and Narcissa are still together after everything and are still very much in love, and he accidentally blurts out he has a major crush on Albus and gets really embarrassed and Lucius literally explodes. “I really don’t understand how anyone can say you aren’t Draco’s child, now ~you’re~ fancying a potter too!”

Narcissa laughs, her laughs have become more genuine after the war after all the chaos. “Don’t worry Scorpius,” she says watching him go red at the face. “I think it’s a thing for all malfoys to like a certain potter at one point in time. Isn’t that right dear?”

Lucius heats, “I don’t know what you are talking about sweetheart.”

Excited scorpius jumps at the chance of a story time, “do tell!”

“Nothing to tell—”

“Other than the fact you fancied James Fleamont Potter at some point in his sixth year.”


“I think the moral story here is a crush on a Potter is either a small phase or a largely obsessive phase like your father,”

“Who was dad obsessed with? Don’t tell me, Harry! Oh I’m so going to hold this over him, he’s been complaining about him all summer!” Scorpius laughed.

Not exactly surprising, the adults thought. “I only hope you’re not as annoying as Draco has been over Potter– although if you give him a taste of his own medicine wouldn’t hurt…”