• Harry: Hey Neville, how are my kids doing at Hogwarts?
  • Neville: *flashbacks of James in detention for wandering the corridors after curfew, Albus in detention for being caught with his hand down Scorpius Malfoy's pants, Lily in detention for punching a boy who said girls are weak*
  • Neville: Haha, just peachy! No worries, Harry!

7. Lily Luna Potter was sorted into Slytherin, she’d felt suffocated her whole life and Slytherin provided her with a freedom that no one else in the family could experience. Slytherin house was her escape, the students welcomed her and she made friends with everyone in all years, she finally felt like she belonged somewhere and felt no pressure to be someone she wasn’t

Ginny does not react as well as she’d hoped she would when seven year old Lily Luna inevitably asks for a pretty diary for her birthday. 

After talking it over with Harry, though, she agrees to buy one. It’s pink, glittery, and purchased from a muggle craft store. Bill runs several Curse-Breaking tests on it before she wraps it and gifts it to her daughter, still uncomfortable with the idea, but not wanting to deprive her children of anything because of her own fears. 

After they got married, Harry and Ginny decided to fix up the old Potter family estate and make it their home. It was a little big, and in need of quite a bit of work, but the location in the country was far from prying eyes and afforded them the privacy they wanted so badly. They added a quidditch pitch for Ginny to practice on, which became a family favorite. When Teddy came to live with them for good, they adopted a cocker spaniel, which their new son named Altheda, after a character from The Tales of Beedle the Bard. A few years down the road, they ended up with three more children, another dog, and of course, Lily’s cat. What was once a desolate old manor was transformed into a warm, lively home. In fact, when massive family gatherings became too much for Molly, they were held at the Potters’.

A photo of the manor in Winter.

Taken by fifth year Lily while she was home for Christmas break.

Harry Potter Characters by Generation

Born pre-generational designations: Dumbledore, Grindelwald, Bathilda Bagshot

Lost Generation: Newt, Theseus, Ariana, Aberforth, Muriel

Greatest Generation: Tina, Queenie, Credence, Modesty, Merope Gaunt

Silent Generation: Hagrid, Voldemort, Minerva, Newt and Tina’s kids, Queenie and Jacob’s kids

Baby Boomers: Molly, Arthur, James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, Lily, Snape, Bellatrix

Gen X: Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Tonks, Oliver, Fleur, probably Rolf

Millennials: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Ginny, Teddy, Victoire

Gen Z: James, Albus, Lily, Rose, Hugo, Scorpius, Lorcan, Lysander

Albus + Scorpius • mood board

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Can we take a moment to appreciate how chill and nice the Scorily fandom is? I know that Scorose vs Scorbus is kind of the front lines for ship wars, but Scorily is definitely underrated as a ship for the next generation. Scorbus will always be my favorite next generation ship, but if I had to pick someone else for Scorpius, it would definitely be Lily. In my headcanon they are both adorable dorks, although Lily is much more outspoken and has a lot of fire to her. They would at least be friends, and she probably at least had a crush on him when they were younger. I’m sure she would back off once she found out Albus liked Scorpius and encourage him, which I think is really nice. I love Scorpius and Lily as characters so much, and I’d love to explore how their relationship would work.