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any chance for more in the sterek domestic series? Maybe with the kids a bit older (like Gil dealing with being a teen or something) idk I'm obsessed with the series

Hello! I’m so glad you like the domestic series so much!! :3

Yes, I’d love to keep writing in that universe. I haven’t thought much about writing one with Gil as a teen, but OMG I AM SO INTO THAT NOW.

Can you imagine, he’s 16, playing baseball and lacrosse (bc I always imagined him being super athletic and much more into sports than his siblings. He’s the one who really gets into baseball, much to Derek’s delight). He’s trained in self-defense, and like all the human cubs in the Pack, Allison and Chris have trained him with hunter training, so he can defend himself and be strong if faced with something supernatural. So he can match his siblings and cousins if he has to, and he’s totally not afraid to use some wolfsbane. It’s not cheating if the wolves don’t mind using their claws and wolf-strength with the humans.

Maybe Gil has a crush on a boy in his history class, and he’s really shy and quiet, so he’s not quite sure how to approach him. Patrick is zero help bc he’s terrible with girls, and the only reason he has a girlfriend now is bc he met her at that Alpha conference he went to with Derek. (Patrick would be 24! Omg he’d be an adult and out of college!) Evie’s had two serious boyfriends, and the one she’s with now is like The One, but she hasn’t had a lot of experience either. Nick was totally the one who dated around in high school, and Ryan and Emily had their fair share too, so Gil asks them for tips when they have Pack get togethers.

Everyone is off at college or lives on their own (Evie’s in her senior year at college, and Patrick is working on his masters, though he’s home a lot because he works alongside Derek now dealing with Pack business as the Alpha-in-Training), so it’s just the last kids left, Gil and Lily, because Nina just started her freshman year at the same college the rest of the Pack kids went to. Gil and Lily work afterschool with Stiles at the shop, and Gil thinks maybe after college he could start working for Stiles and help him expand the business. Emily already helps him manage all the website orders. Maybe the three of them could expand the business and serve more of the supernatural community.

Gil, Derek, and Stiles watch baseball in the evenings during baseball season, and though Gil is the only one still at home, they still have family dinners most nights. The sheriff, of course, comes over multiple times throughout the week, and he and Gil like to play cards while listening to music. Gil likes spending time with his grandfather, and when Derek and Stiles disappear upstairs while they’re playing cards, he’s thankful he doesn’t have wolf senses.

The house seems empty sometimes without Patrick and Evie around, and Gil doesn’t have to be a werewolf to see that Derek gets sad and still hasn’t adjusted. He overhears Stiles assuring Derek that the kids are okay and he doesn’t need to panic, and sometimes when he’s up late playing video games, he’ll hear Derek wake up from nightmares. He doesn’t really understand how his dad could be as old as he is and still have nightmares about things that happened when he was Gil’s age. They’ve told Gil about the fire, about Kate, about the bad things that happened to his Dad back before he knew his other dad, or what happened right around the time his dads met when Uncle Scott got bitten. Gil doesn’t understand why his dad still gets upset because things are good with them now. The Pack is big and thriving. If Gil’s honest, things are boring and nothing ever happens to them. His life is just like everyone else’s, except his brother, sister, and dad can turn into wolves. Big whoop. This kid in his class’s dad used to be a football player in the NFL. How cool is that???

Gil has one friend outside of the Pack, his best friend named Landon. They’re both on the lacrosse team, and Landon doesn’t make fun of Gil for his glasses like some of the other kids do, or give him a hard time because he’s the shy, weird kid with the really weird family. Even though it happened like a zillion years ago, people still talk about the Hale fire, and they sometimes ask him questions about it. Landon usually threatens to kick those ppl’s ass because how could Gil know anything? It happened like ages ago, years before Gil was born, so how would he know anything? And Landon doesn’t think it’s weird that Gil lives in a big house in the middle of the woods away from everything with two dads. He thinks it’s awesome, especially when Derek and Stiles take them on camping trips deep in the mountains where ppl don’t usually go camping.

…so yeah, i totally got carried away with this XD I’m creating all sorts of Gil headcanons lolol I should just start writing short fics about the family set all through the years :DDD Thanks, anon! You got my brain swimming with domestic ideas.