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Drom Launches Reproduction Of 150-Year-Old Sunken Perfume

Some might enjoy rotating scents to match their moods, but a 150-year-old shipwrecked perfume will never go out of style.

Luxury fragrance house Drom is now offering their reproduction of the sunken perfume through The Bermuda Perfumery’s Lili Bermuda. Marine archeologists originally discovered the shipwreck in 2011, unearthing intact bottles bearing the Piesse and Lubin London name—the now-defunct perfume house originally based on Bond Street. Its illustrious perfumer, G.W. Septimus Piesse, authored the first book on modern fragrance-making, “The Art of Perfumery.”

When the Mary Celestia—a Charleston-bound Civil War Blockade Runner—sank in September 1864, its secret cargo of scent must have been sorely missed. “This perfume was embargoed during the Civil War but there was such passion to own it, there was an attempt to smuggle it past Lincoln’s Navy and into the American South,” Read more.