“Such noise, do they know how loud they are? Precious we should find something to throw at them, throw to shut their big gobs—yes good.”

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The girl, whose height had been leaning towards a measly 5' would stare up at the giant of sorts, eyebrows knitting together and mouth hanging open.

He had assumed that the young girl hadn’t seen someone tall Like him before, Then again that was always what happened especially with how lucky he was to achieve such heights. “Hm?” He looked down to see her as though it was a monster she saw.

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[Flops out of nowhere, hanging right in front of his face, FROM THE CEILING] You will become a fashion designer in the future. Dressed head to toe in luxurious furs, clicking your tongue after every damn sentence and speaking like a sassy gay man. [Intense stare]


I should have you crucified.

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The girl props a box on the ground, although a stick holds it upright-- unknown to the man a string is tied to the stick, and leads to where Misaki is heading near-by. A mac n cheese box sits under the box. SHE WAITS.

Cheese spies a box of mac n’ cheese. “Oh, yum!” he says to himself. He crawls right under the very large box to get at the food. Then he sits there, holding the mac n cheese in his hands with a grin.