Today I ran into a jolly little Lileo! I sketched this picture of him with an apple that he was not really interested in eating so much as he was playing with it. Haha. I could not resist catching him! Didn’t even have to battle him first! I think maybe he just wanted a play mate. I’m sure Shippo will warm up to him soon enough. (They are both fire types after all!)
The Fletchling on the right was a quick study. He flew away before I could catch him though. I sure could use a flying pokemon to travel between towns. :\

Happy #fanartfriday everyone!

Here’s a little doodle I have in honor of the new Pokemon and Sun Moon starters coming out. Popplio especially needs more love and I could totally see these two as friends in what I call “Lio-Leo time!”

So here’s Popplio and Litleo and to another great era of Pokemon!