“Arabian Nights” - Club Dance Studio, mini musical theater super group, 1st place Competitive Level, Showstopper Phoenix, February 2015
★ Choreography by Alexa Moffett
☆ Dancers ☆ Alexis Adair, Anna Grace Bell, Olivia Bell, Bizzy Bendure, Kenzie Charboneau, Kylaya CoxAnthony Curley, Kendra Guest, Lilee Hadd, Kambria Jensen, Riley Knab, Ava Lopez, Elle McAuley, Cailey McNeice, Hailey O'Loughlin, Ava Reed, Brightyn Rines, Arie Russel, Chloe Slone, Mylee Stoltz, Ellie Tollefson, Chloe Wood
Arabian Nights ~ Aladdin, Original Broadway Cast Recording

There was this one time ! I was talking to my therapist abt body image issues n I was not having any at the time but talking abt my history w it and I said something abt not being a convential beauty bc , u know , im not , n she actually interrupted me for the first time ever and was like Hey What No ! She told me I was the perfect mixture between gorgeous and cute and I was just like in awe I was so flattered and fluttery like .. I know I always compare her to sara but not in a bad way just to show their differences … lile sara had a motherly energy so her compliments were warm and good but also felt biased whereas jane has a totally different energy shes .. wow and it felt completely heartfelt and I was just taken aback and so chuffed to bits I love jane


Yesterday I made a jokey post y’all seemed to like about Taylor sending the wrong track number to Stephen (from Hey Stephen) and how of course he’d have gotten the wrong message!!!!!!

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Stephen Barker-Liles (Love & Theft) actually wrote and released a song in response to Taylor, called Try To Make It Anyway.

Click to listen to full song